Love at first sight

Becky was sitting in a cafe when all of a sudden a mysterious man stood in front of me, staring at me as if he was going to kiss me, when i found out it is Zayn Malik from one direction and in the end we have a happy family with bumps alone the way made up of anger, hate, love and forgiveness.





I woke up with a big head ache but it went away after a while, i decided to go and see if i can find Zayn Since this is his house. I look in the kitchen because i could smell breakfast. "Good morning Zayn" i said, he looked at me so excited about something. "babe i was wondering do you wont to come to a concert with me and the other boy, you can invite two friends to come alone" he said with a expression of joy, he stood there waiting for a answer i said yes, "of course i will go i will bring jazz and miki with me i am so excited". After Zayn asked me to go to a concert with him i decided to call miki and jazz and tell them to start packing there bags *ring ring, ring ring, ring ring* "hello, Jazz speaking" "hay jazz its Becky i was wondering if you and miki wont go to a one direction concert we are getting in for free" i screamed into the phone, "sure, but who is paying" " ohhh have to go sorry talk later just pack we will you two up in one hour, bye" "bye" jazz said concerned.





Miki and i were so excited to go to London for a concert with one direction, we were waiting out the front of our apartment and about a minute after we got out side Becky pulls up in a hummer stretch and walks out and tells us to get in but when i get in the hummer i notice one thing Harry Styles my dreamy Sexy idol and we both looked at each other like we were about to kiss. and we both get out of the hummer and get into my little orange car and drive to the airport so we can go to London. harry stops the car on the side of the road and tells me how beautiful i am, brown hair, gorgeous eyes and the body of a goddess. The way harry said those words turned me on a little and i kissed him and i felt him kiss me back. Harry stopped kissing me and asked a question "J-Jazz do you wont to be M-My girlfriend" he said nervously, "yes of course, maybe we should tell everyone when we get in London okay" i said confidently. Harry nodded at me like he understands, he then drives off towards the airport.





when we were on the jet and were putting our luggage away the pilot told us w need to be sited and put our belts on. i looked over at Zayn, he was so casual, so i tried to be the same but i cant help it i was so excited  i was that excited that i lent over and kissed Zayn passionately for at least 5 minutes. While we were kissing i hear louis and liam in the background, "get a room you love birds" they both said at the exact same time. By that time we were in the air and as i looked around Jazz and Harry weren't in there seats.



When jazz and i went of we went into the bathroom, we were both kissing when all of a sudden the jet turned and we both fell over and jazzy was on top of me. then again the jet turned and i was on top of her and i started to help her up after that er were kissing again and i went down to her neck and that made her moan, "ohhhh harry" jazzy said. i took of her shirt and unhooked her bra and and i messaged her right breast, she seemed to enjoy it as she was still moaning and making me create a boner. she took off my shirt and pants and slid her hand down my back. we were both kissing passionately and she put her hand down pants and throbbed back and forth, i took her pants off and panties. i then rubbed my two fingers agents her pussy, i told her i didn't have a condom so she said we will finish this later at the hotel. we both put on our clothes and decided to go and sit down again.


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