Love at first sight

Becky was sitting in a cafe when all of a sudden a mysterious man stood in front of me, staring at me as if he was going to kiss me, when i found out it is Zayn Malik from one direction and in the end we have a happy family with bumps alone the way made up of anger, hate, love and forgiveness.


6. Love Is NOT Easy...

Zayns POV

You know how you wake up some mornings and you have a song stuck on repeat in your head almost instantly, well today that was me. The song- if this is love. 

I kept playing around with the lyrics in my head still with Becky on my bear chest. 

*if this is love, love is easy, it's the easiest thing to do, if this is love, it is Becky, she's the easiest thing to do*

I chuckled at the last bit. That's when becky woke up. 'Becky, you know how we aren't actually dating yet?' I asked her. 'Let me sleep.' She suggested. 'Yeah ok, but what if...' I didn't finish before she spoke to me. 'Zayn, if you don't shut the fuck up I will personally go through your house and break every single one of the mirrors here so you can never look at yourself again. I will also never sleep with you again and you will die sad and lonely. Let. Me. Sleep.' She said sternly. 'You know what? I think you need your rest.' I said before carrying her head under a pillow to replace my chest before leaving the room. And finding new homes for my mirrors. I was singing if this is love when Niall came down with Harry. 'Guys, I want to ask Becky out but I don't know how. Help meeee!' I begged. They thought about it for a bit. 'Well you can always do what I do, tell her your a vampire and say you need to change her into one, but you can only d it after you fuck her' Harry told me in a serious tone. Niall and I looked at him like he was insain. 'Harry, I want to ask her out, not sleep with her.' I advised him. 'Yeah hazza. And by. He notices they make at night I'm pretty sure they're doing fine on that subject.' We all thought for a bit longer. 'Guys, I need your help. I have an idea.'

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