Love at first sight

Becky was sitting in a cafe when all of a sudden a mysterious man stood in front of me, staring at me as if he was going to kiss me, when i found out it is Zayn Malik from one direction and in the end we have a happy family with bumps alone the way made up of anger, hate, love and forgiveness.


3. Fun at the hotel


we all got into a taxi (don't ask how we managed) but then we realised we didn't have any money. So when we got there, we just ran and where like, LOL Nope! Yeah buddy. So anyway, when we did finally get to The hotel in Ireland for the first time, we where al buggered. I went straight to mine and Harry's room and collased on the bed and fell asleep. Dreaming about Hazza Sexy Styles! 



i was eyeing Miki the HOLE time. She was SO beautiful. Harry roomed with Jazzy, Zayn roomed with Becky, Liam roomed with Louis, and that left me and her to share a room. Together. Alone. Excitement! I walked up to her when we where settled and decided to break the ice. 'So miki... I have to know. Are you a directioner?'i asked while laughing. 'Well honestly, the biggest! We all love one direction. It's really funny how things turned out because Jazzy loved, and I mean LOVED, Harry most and Becky loved Zayn most.' We laughed together. 'Who was your favourite?' I asked her desprit to hear my name escape her plush kissable lips. 'Well don't laugh, but you. I mean, your blonde, cute, handsome, sexy... Oh god. I said that out loud didn't I?' She had a really worried look on her face. 'You think you would be the first teenage girl to call me cute, handsome and sexy? I don't mean to sound big headed, but I am an international popstar... So yeah.' We laughed and made small talk for ages. It felt so natural. So right. 


Zayns POV

i walked into mine and beckys room at the wrong time. I went into the bedroom and she was half dressed in just a bra and short short. Mmmm I want some of dat!! The way her hips would move and sway as she sung along to kiss you... By us. She finally put a shirt on and she didn't even notice I was standing there. 'Take a picture. It'll last longer.' She said. Shit. Maybe she did notice. 'Ummm, well I'm not associated with porn-tography, so it'll be bait inappropriate to have that sexy body in a photo frame.' Man. Idiot. I was way too far forward.. What where u thinking?!?! 'So Zayn, when we head out to the concert, where do we sit?' She totally ignored me!?!? 'Um, side stage so I can look at you all day, not only in my dreams.' She walked right past me and walked out of the room. 'You know, the more cheesy you get, the more I'm falling for you?' She said with a wink. Gosh. This is going to be fun.

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