dont forget.. (zayn malik)

ciara and zayn had been bestfriends since grade6.. (they were 13) when zayn left he promised not to forget abt her.. will zayn forget about her??.
find out!!


3. What!!

chloe's pov

after playing, we ate in the food court. we were just laughing the whole time. she still didnt know what i was planning.. heres my plan: since zayn was her bestfriend, and shes been upset because zayn forgot her(maybe), and 1d is going to be here to have a meet and greet show and i got 2 vip tickets! i dont know how to say it to her...


ciara's pov

"hey! what do we do after we eat??" i asked her. "ummm...." she said and got sumthin from her bag. "hey.. whats that??" i asked and got it from her. When i saw it, i almost died.. "what the hell were you thingking??!!!!" i screamed at her face. "come on! u should come.. give it a chance.." she begged. "NO!! i am not going to mee my old bestfriend who forgot about me!!" i screamed. "please!! do it for me.." she begged. "no" i said. "do it for me.. come with me.. u know i have a crush on niall right?? please come!" she begged with her puppy eyes.. "ok! but im only gonna do it for you." i said giving up.. "yay!!! ilove you!!" she screamed and jumped.




hey guys! pls tell me what u think about it.. lov u all!!


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