dont forget.. (zayn malik)

ciara and zayn had been bestfriends since grade6.. (they were 13) when zayn left he promised not to forget abt her.. will zayn forget about her??.
find out!!


2. i dunno what to name this chapter.. but here we go!

cira's pov

so, it has been 2 1/2 years since i saw zayn.. when he left for auditions he txted me for 1 year and the more he got famous the more he forgot me, i think.. i missed him so much.. hes my bestfriend.. "hahahahha" (thats my tone when sumone txts..) it interupted my thoughts.. the message was from chloe.. my bestfriend.. it says: "hey sleepy pants!! wakey wakey!! lets go to the arcade! meet u there at 10 am! luv ya!! hahaha!!!".. "ugghh!!" i groaned and looked at the clock. "what the heck! 9;00" i screamed then went to the bathroom to wash my face.after that i went downstairs and saw my mom and brother in the table. "goodmorning baby" mu mom said.. "mornin" i replied and smiled.. "mom, im going with chloe to the arcade at 10 ok?" i told her while eating. "yeah sure, ill be at the mall wth some friends" she said and smiled. "ill be in my friends house" my brother said. "i dont care" i said playfully. we all laughed. after breakfast i got ready and just wore a black tshirt and pants. i went to the arcade in the mall  and saw chloe already playing.. "hey chloe! ur early!" i said and hugged her. "hey! im not early ur just late!" she said. we laughed and laughed...



hey sorry for leavin u here ill be updating soon.. ull see whos in the mall!! hahaha!! too much clue.. hahaha!! keep reading.. btw this is my 1st fanfic.. haha.. luv yal!!

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