dont forget.. (zayn malik)

ciara and zayn had been bestfriends since grade6.. (they were 13) when zayn left he promised not to forget abt her.. will zayn forget about her??.
find out!!


4. confused...

ciara's pov

we were already lining up to meet and greet one direction.. chloe was in front of me. we were like still 13 people away from 1d(liam was the first one then louis then zayn then niall then harry). "hey are you ok?" chloe asked because i was blank starred and didnt notice we were almost there. "i dunno what to do or say to him.. will he remember me??" i said teary eyed.. "awww.. just calm down RARA" she teased because she knew that only zayn calls me rara.. "how dare you?? im like crying here and you tease me??" i said. "sorry i just thought it was funny.." she replied with a smile. "ha.ha.ha.. very funny.." i said with a poker face.. before i knew it i was already in front of liam.."hi love!" he said with a smile. "hi liam" i gave him a smile too. next was louis "hi louis" i said loudly. " hey pretty girl that looks familiar.." he said with a face that looks like hes trying to remember something. "my name is ciara.." i said loud enough for zayn to hear.. "ciara?" louis and zayn said with surprised and confused looks..



im gonna update soon.. tell me what u think ok? 


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