The Right Path

sequel to Into the sky from branch 3


1. The Plan

I closed my eyes and held my breath. I heard footstepsand saw shadows surround me. I felt their breaths on me and then, silence. I didn't dare open my eyes so I kept still. I then felt hands caress me and a very familiarr voice. I felt hands around me and I reealized I was being carried away. The lights in my room wer e bright , I could see orange with my eyelids closed. Then, everything turned black.

Whispers, whispers everywhere. I heard some soft, some a little louder. I was not paying attention to it, my hands ached, my back ached, I had a huge headache.

"She knows too much, she can't stay alive!"

I heard someone yell. I quickly opened my eys but my vision was blurry. It took a moment for my eyes to re-adgust but when they did, I wanted to be blind. Not just blind, I wanted to get out of there, I wanted to die. What I saw wasn't pleasant.

"Don't like what you see?" a lady with black hair asked. I turned and looked at her, expressionless, dumbfounded. She laughed and I just stared. A few more people gathered around while I was there, laying on a hospital bed, looking at the ceiling; looking at my father's dead body. I quivered and goosebumps rose through me.

"Look now, she already knew too much and now she has seen too much too!" exclaimed the man who wanted me dead. I heard the other ones laugh,

"she's just a girl, she doesn't comprehend the real-life," said a really good-looking guy with piercing green-hazel eyes. I was actually 16, but they thought I was younger; worked for me as long as I didn't get killed. However, the gu with the misterious eyes seemed familiar. The lady with the dark hair started untying me from the bed I was roped too.

"Do you realize she will get us killed if we don't kill her? Are you out of your mind?" he asked in a really irritated voice.

"She is too young to understand all this, no need to kill her if what she's heard so far has come through one ear and left through the other," he said rather camly.

"Who cares for her life? I don't, I want to live." he yelled.

"I want to live too, don't you think she wants to too": he said, losing patience.

"Her life is not as important!" he barked. I stared rubbing my stomach, the lady had finished untying me and was now staring at me, deciding if she should tye me up again or let me loose.

"Well If you're not gonna kill her, I WILL!" yelled the guy. And at that he pulled out a knife from his pocket and started walking towards me.

"You're not getting near her," said green eyes. And in the bliink of an eye, green eyes grabbed me by my waist and carried me towards a window. When he toucheed me, I recognized who he was, it was Leo; my ex-boyfriend, who loved me, yet hated me. My thoughs were distracted by Leo putting me down and telling me to cover my face. And with that, he threw me out the window.

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