Romance & Roadblocks

When Ally gets badly injured Austin tries to keep his head up high but when the doctor tells him Ally may not make it what will he do? Sequel to summer & sun tans


2. Tears & Trent

Adam: Austin its going to be okay 

Austin: how do you know 

Adam: Ally always manages to push through its not your fault Austin 

Austin: it sure feels like it ( he tears up) 

Adam: she's going to be just fine 

(Doctor walks in) 

Doctor: boys Ally has slipped into a coma and now we're not sure if she'll make it 

Austin: what! 

Adam: Austin calm down 

Doctor: visiting hours are also up boys 

Austin: I'm staying with her 

Doctor: okay Austin c'mon Adam 

(they leave)

(the next day) 

(Austin peeks his eyes open) 

Adam: leave this room Trent 

Trent: I was stopping by to check on Ally 

Austin: I have that covered 

Trent: ah he's awake 

Austin: leave! 

(He leaves)

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