Romance & Roadblocks

When Ally gets badly injured Austin tries to keep his head up high but when the doctor tells him Ally may not make it what will he do? Sequel to summer & sun tans


1. Injured and Iced

Austin: I can't believe you Ally! 

Ally: Austin he kissed me! 

Austin: yeah right Ally! 

Ally: I can't believe you don't believe me

(Ally starts walking away a tuba falls and hits her head) 

Austin: Ally! 

(Austin picks her up and sets her on his lap) 

Austin: Ally! Ally! You can't take her! No!

(Adam runs in) 

Adam: Austin? 

Austin: Adam call the hospital 

Adam: okay ( pulls out his phone) hello yes we have a girl here she just got knocked out by a falling tuba and she's barley breathing 

Austin: oh my Ally what did I do to you 

Adam: they'll be here in 5 minutes 

(goes to Trish and Dez on the road) 

Trish: aww there's a roadblock we'll never be back in time for Adams party 

(Trish's phone starts ringing) 

Trish: hello 

Austin: Trish Ally's in the hospital she has a minor concussion and she's barley breathing please get back soon 

Trish: we'll try 

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