Romance & Roadblocks

When Ally gets badly injured Austin tries to keep his head up high but when the doctor tells him Ally may not make it what will he do? Sequel to summer & sun tans


3. Dead phones & earphones

Trish: my phone is dead 

Dez: the guy said it was gonna be and hour or two 

Trish: well how are we supposed to get the update on Ally if our phones are dead 

Dez: how about we do this ( kisses her ) 

Trish: omg I liked that 

(goes to the hospital) 

Austin: (thinking to himself) I can listen to all these machines hooked up to Ally I put my earphones in the song I think about you comes on 

          Last summer we met we stared as friends I can't tell you how

          It all happened then autumn had came he were never the same 

          Those nights everything felt like magic I wonder if you miss me 

          Too if you don't its the one thing that I wish you knew I think about 

          You every moment everyday of my life I think about you every morning 

           When I open my eyes I think about  you every evening when I turn out 

           The lights.....

the song started to fade away as I stared at Ally wishing she was awake thinking about all the good times we had together as I slowly drift of asleep 

Adam: Austin wake up! 

Austin: what 

Adam: Ally is out of her coma 

Austin: can I see her ?! 

Adam: no she's not awake yet 

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