Romance & Roadblocks

When Ally gets badly injured Austin tries to keep his head up high but when the doctor tells him Ally may not make it what will he do? Sequel to summer & sun tans


4. Awake & Alive

Doctor: Adam Austin you can go see her 

Adam: you go first Austin 

(Austin leaves and walks into Ally's room) 

Austin: Als ?

Ally: Austin!

Austin: (runs over to Ally's bed sits down beside her and wraps his arms around her) I love you I missed you so much 

Ally:I love you too Austin 

( he kisses her forehead) 

Austin: I'm sure Adam wants to see you 

Ally: tell him to get in here 

(Adam walks in) 


Ally: Adam! 

(They hug) 

(Adam's phone starts ringing)

Adam: It's Trish 

(he leaves) 

Austin: Ally I'm so sorry 

Ally: it's okay Austin I'm never gonna love any body other than you 

Austin: same goes here 

(They kiss) 

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