One Way Ticket to One Direction

A girl named Lily and her 4 friends go off on an adventure when her mom gets tickets to a One Direction concert. A surprise awaits for them behind a metal door full of drama, adventure, and romance. What can they expect this summer? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


27. What's the future going to be like?

   ~Vip's Pov~
     Months passed by so quick this year. It's only March and we haven't even got very many calls or texts from the boys. Probably because of meetings and the tour. I really miss Niall being here with me. We only need to survive till June and we'll be able to see the boys after we graduate.
     "Fudge!" I hear someone yell from outside of the balcony. I peek through the curtains and see Lily coming up followed by Cat. "What are you guys doing here?" I help them up. "Suprise! Wait, where's the box?" Lily looks over the balcony, "Aw man! I'll be back." she runs down to the front and grabs the box. "What?" I look over at Cat as she pretends to zip her lips.
      I plop on my bed with Cat and wait for Lily to come back up. "Open it!" Lily shoves it in my face. I slowly rip off the wrapping paper and tape. My eyes widen in shock. "How did you get these?" my smile went from one cheek to the other. "We have our ways." Cat looks over at me. "You need to take care of them. You can't find it anywhere else." Lily says. This is amazing! I pull them out of the box and place them on my desk. "I'm going to keep this forever. Thank you." I smile giving them a hug. 
      They got me wine corks! Yes, I collect wine corks and don't ask why. "Your so weird Viper." Cat rolls her eyes. "Where did you get these?" I look over at Lily walking by my other corks. "My uncle works for a bar and I asked him to save them since August. And let me tell you many people were drinking when I got to the bar. Some of those are expensive brands that can't be found anywhere else." Lily picks one up and turns it around to the top where there's a stamp of an official wine brand.
      "Well I gotta get going. My parents don't know I'm out right now. I'll probably get busted. See you tomorrow at school!" Lily shouts before jumping off the balcony. "Yeah I have to get going to, but I guess I'll text you later." Cat waves to me before she climbs down the tree near my balcony.
      I take out my computer and start my essay that's actually due tomorrow.  Jeez I'm lazy. "What was that noise in here?" my sister Elizabeth comes in. "Don't come in my room!" I yell at her. "Jeez! Don't need to be pushy." She walks out. She needs to stop coming in here every minute. I continue my work for the next 2 hours.
     I hear my mom pull up the driveway and walks inside the door. A couple minutes later my mom barges in with my sister behind her. "Viper! Stop yelling at your sister!" "You told on me?!" I glare straight at her. "Well duh!" I hate it when she thinks she can get whatever she wants since she's the youngest. "You better not yell at her or else!" my mom walks back out. "Why you little..." "Mom!" "What is it now Elizabeth!" I hear my mom coming up the stairs. "I'm out of here!" I grab my backpack, while going down the tree.
  *Skip walk*
     Where am I going? I walk up to a little bar and go inside. "What is this place?" I mumble to myself. All I see is cigarettes on the floor and people drinking. I walk in further into another room and see people sitting in chairs facing a big red curtain that starts to open. I sit myself in a nearby chair and watch.
     I look at the corner of my eye and see a lady dressed in old colored cloths wrapped around her. "Come my dear." I look behind me and see no one. I point to myself as she nods her head yes. "Sit! Sit! I insist!" Jeez! She likes to rush people. I take a good look at her, she is dressed in cloth that is probably really old, she had on a hair wrap, and she looked quiet young.
    "I'm Martha and I will tell you your fortune. Put out your hands." I put my hands out as she holds my hands in hers, closing her eyes as I do the same. This is getting weird. "Ah...I see a boy. He's with his friends, they are running...from..." It went quiet for a while. "What is it?" I ask concerned. "I can not get a clear image of this boy. It's foggy...oh, oh, oh! I see a silhouette of a girl running...into an ally." she lets go of my hands.
     I open my eyes confused. "I can not get anything else... The future awaits Viper." she smiles at me. "How do you know my name?" Martha puts her finger over her lips and leads me out of the room. "Good luck my dear." I shrug my shoulders and walk out of the little bar.
     A boy...with his friends running away. A girl? What does it mean? I think it over and over while I walk back towards my house. "Hey Viper!" I hear Kalel shout, waving as she comes up to me. "Boy...with friends...a girl?" I mumble looking at her. "What?" she laughs a little confused, "Viper? What are..." Boy and his friends and a girl in an ally. What does this mean?! "Viper!" I shake my head and focus back on Kalel. "What again?" "What are you talking about?" "I-it's nothing. I have to go." I begin to walk away from her house.
    I finally arrive home and sit on the tree thinking...still. What if she lying? I'm mean she probably was drunk since that place was a bar. "Viper! Get in here!" I hear my mom yell from my room looking out at me. "Elizabeth." I mumble to myself while I walk in. "You are grounded missy! Do you have any idea..." I cut her off, "Yeah, yeah, sure whatever." I had my thinking face on. "Excuse me?!" "Oooooo! Viper talked back!" Elizabeth peeks her head in. "Get out! And stop acting like a 6-year-old." And with that my mom kept yelling at me for the rest of the night.

(A/N: blah blah blah...I don't know what to write!!! I'm gonna just skip to June and stuff alright? Alright I take it as a yes ;D I sorry's! I just have so many ideas after they graduate. Oh and Viper hasn't told anyone about that night at the bar. While I'm any bros? If you are Brofist! BYE)

   ~Kalel's Pov~
      I can't believe that it's almost time to graduate! Time went by so fast since we last seen the boys. Prom was fun while it lasted even though we didn't have dates. The day before prom, Austin sent me a bouquet of flowers. They are so pretty! I haven't seen him since the day we went out for coffee back in England.
      "Kristen, we need to talk you for a second." my parents come in my room. "Sure what's up?" "I know that your planning on going to go see those friends of yours in England for the summer. We are both going to travel to New York because the business wants us to help them over there... We need you to take care of Lewis." "Carol?! Dad? Didn't you say something?!" "Kristen, we both agreed on this." "What if I'm going to college?" I didn't really want to go to college though. "I know your not planning on going to college, so you need to take care of Lewis." "I'm 18 for heaven sakes! I'm old enough to live on my own and have no kids in my way!" "You are taking care of Lewis and that is it!" my dad leaves in anger leaving Carol beside me.
       Carol looks up at me trying to say something then looks back down. "Carol, can't you understand?" I calm myself down after dad left. "I'm sorry but the business needs us and family members are too busy to take care of Lewis, so your the only choice. Can you just do it for me?" she puts her hand on my shoulder. "I guess Carol." I sigh as she leaves my room. I'm already going to graduate and I'm planning on moving out soon. What am I going to do?
I get an incoming call from Katie. Katie=Ke Kalel=Kl
Ke: Hey Kalel!
Kl: Hey what's up?
Ke: I need you to come over right now.
Kl: Why?
Ke: Just come over now!*hangs up*
      I grab my phone and head to the front door. "And where do you think you are going?" I look back and see my dad standing, tapping his foot. "I'm going out to see my friends. Where else do you think I'm going?" "You are not going out this late." "Dad?! It's only 8 and I've been out longer with your permission!" "Danny, please..." Carol comes up behind my dad whispering in his ear. My dad sighs and look back at me, "You can go." I had a big smile on my face while I walked out.
     After a short walk I arrive at Katie's house and see the rest of the girls. "So why did you call me to come?" "Okay, so I was thinking that we should all get an apartment here in L.A. after we graduate. We could split the rent." "We're going to share in 2's right?" Ruby asks. "Yes! So are you guys in an agreement?" I wasn't so sure about it though. "I can't do that." We all look back at Amelia.
      We all sit down in the living room. "Why?" Ruby looked at Amelia. "You should know that I'm a straight A student and I want to go to college." "I'm planning on going to college too guys." Cat looks up. "I don't think we should share apartments. I'm actually planning on moving up to San Francisco." We look at Lily shocked. "What?" "You know I'm into drawing and Disney. I still need to decide you guys." "So you guys are not going to England?" I ask everyone. "I still don't know." Viper answers. "I'm not sure either Kalel." Ruby shrugs her shoulders.
      Everyone is leaving! What am I going to do? "If it makes you happy Kalel, I don't even know if I could get into what I want to do for a career." Lily gives me a little smile. I still wish they don't have to go. "Well I gotta get going." Amelia gets up to leave. "Kalel, do you want to share an apartment?" Katie breaks the silence after everyone left. "I don't know Katie."
      "So if they all end up going to college and stuff, do you want to go with the boys on tour?" I forgot about that. "Yeah! Maybe we...I can't go Katie." I just remembered earlier. "What? Why?" "My parents are making me take care of my brother." "Why can't you bring him with us?" "No! He's always getting into trouble and my dad will say no." "I'll help you with him and I'll convince your parents." This is not going to work.

   ~Cat's Pov~
      "Congratulations to the class of 2014!" Caps go everywhere as everyone cheers in happiness. "Cat!" Ruby shouts running towards me. Everyone soon comes in a group hug as we smile for the cameras. I'm so happy that school is finally over! Well, I might end up going to college though. "Text you later guys!" I say my goodbyes to everyone.
   ~next day~
      I walk up to a big building with people swarming around the halls every minutes. "Hello, my name is Spencer and I'll be here to help you with anything." I smile up at him as we walk into the building. My first day at a college! I hope they will take me in. People are so nice here even if you say something wrong they forgive you.
     "Looks like your next Cat. Good luck." Spencer opens the door for me as the office lady signals me in. "Hi welcome! So I'm guessing you want to join this college... Am I right?" "Yes, here's my papers." I hand them to her as I wait patiently. "Okay, Mr. Burt's office is right over there." I look around and spot his office.
     I slowly open the door and see a tall bald man with a dark blue suit on. "Miss Jones, I see you are very excited today..." "Yes I am!" I smile big. "Well, do you want to hear the good news or bad news?" "If you don't have any dorms I can just rent an apartment." I say frowning. "It's not that. Miss Jones, you actually didn't qualify for our college." My smile suddenly disappeared. "Wha- I'm a straight A student." "We can't just take you right now... Try again next year." A smirk appears on his face. "I don't understand. Am I..." "I think it's best for you to leave Miss Jones." The office lady leads me out to the hall.
      Why did I not get excepted? "Hey Kitty Cat! How'd it go?" Spencer appears beside me. "I wasn't accepted." I stood there starring at the floor. "Aren't you a straight A student?" "I told him that and he just kept saying no... You know what? I didn't even want to get accepted into this fuckin school!" "Cat, you need to calm down." Spencer hold my shoulders. "I'm fine...I'm better then fine I'm great! Finally! I'm free!" "You need to sit." he pulls me over to a bench. "I never wanted to come to college in the first place Spencer! See ya smart ass!" I walk away with a smile on my face.
      I arrive home and head to my room cheering. "What's all the commotion about?" my brother comes in. "No college!" I run up to him, hugging him tight. "I thought you wanted to go?" "I had no plans for it in the first place." "Congratulations I guess?" "Yes!" I sounded like a 5-year-old excited for candy. "What's all this shouting about?" my mom comes in. Oh great, here comes the talk.

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