One Way Ticket to One Direction

A girl named Lily and her 4 friends go off on an adventure when her mom gets tickets to a One Direction concert. A surprise awaits for them behind a metal door full of drama, adventure, and romance. What can they expect this summer? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


24. We miss you... Surprise!!!


~couple days past~
   ~Zayn's Pov~
      It's been only 4 days since the girls left back to L.A. and I really miss Ruby. I wish she was here so I could have some alone time with her. I could just memorize how she looks with her beautiful brown eyes, long dirty blonde curls, her perfect smile, everything about her I remember.
     "Zayn we gotta go!" I hear Louis shout back at me as he runs out to the van. "Where are we going?" "We have a meeting with Simon." meetings are my least favorite thing about being famous. We all have to be bossed around by bodyguards where ever we may be at while on tour. I hop in the van as we take off to Simons mansion.
      "Hello boys, sorry for the last minute meeting. We are here to talk about the tour plans..." I begin to zoom out and look down at my phone every few minutes to text Ruby.
Ruby: I miss u Zayn ;(
Zayn: Miss u 2
Ruby: When are we going to see each other again?
Zayn: I don't know. I hope soon though.
Ruby: How r u boys doing?
Zayn: We're doing well. Having a meeting at the moment.
Ruby: Shouldn't u b listening instead of txting me?
Zayn: I rather be with u than listen to Simon talk forever ;)
Ruby: ;D
       "... right Zayn!" I suddenly jump a little when Liam looks at me. "Yeah... right." I had no clue what I was agreeing to. "Right what?" Simon looks at me suspiciously. "Uh..." "Zayn!" Niall grabs my phone from my hands. "I'm sorry! I just get bored at these meetings." I shrug my shoulders grabbing my phone back.
Zayn: Gotta go. Love you ;)
Ruby: Love u 2 :)
      "We will get to that later then." Simon goes on talking about tour dates and of course I didn't pay much attention again. "Well, I must head off now boys." Simon walks us out, "See you in a couple weeks." We all get in the van and head home.

   ~Lily's Pov~
      This first week of school wasn't to bad I guess. Tanya pushed us around but not like she usually does. "Bye mom! I'm going over a friends!" I yell as I walk out of the house. Mark doesn't live far, so I decided to ride my bike over and carry my guitar on my back. "Hey Lily, come on in." Mark smiles down at me leading me in.
       We walk out to the backyard and sit on the grass. "So... What did you plan on singing?" I open up my guitar case and tune it up. "I was thinking you should play some songs we like and pick one that sounds good. So let's get singing!"
       None of the songs we were playing sounded good so I was here for a good 3 hours playing songs. "What about the new song Jason Derulo  released?" he suggested. "Oh! I know that song!" I begin to play as he starts to sing.

*towards end of song*

[Lily & Mark:] Tonight,
Take me to the other side
Sparks fly like the Fourth of July
Just take me to the other side
I see that sexy look in your eyes
And I know we ain't friends anymore
If we walk down this road
We'll be lovers for sure
So tonight kiss me like it's do or die
And take me to the other side

(Lily: Whoa)
[Mark & Lily:] Take me to the other side
And take me to the other side
Kiss me like it's do or die
And take me to the other side

      I look up at Mark and smile, "I didn't think a football player could sing." "Well, I guess I can... can I?" Mark smiles as he slowly leans in close to me. I back away looking down at his lips and back up to his eyes. "Well, I gotta get going." I quickly say getting up to my feet. "Oh right, it's getting late." He scratches the back of his head following behind me out the door. "See you tomorrow Lily." "Okay." I say not looking back at him. Was he about to? No, your just going crazy at the moment. I arrive home and head up to my room.

   ~Katie's Pov~
      I was all by myself this weekend because Ruby went to a wedding, Cat went to a family reunion, Kalel is shopping with her cousin from Italy, Lily is practicing with Mark, and Viper is just sleeping and eating at home. Now I know why Niall likes Viper. What could I do in the meantime? Maybe I could do my nails or watch a movie.
  *beep* *beep* *beep*
      I get an incoming call on Skype from unknown. I might as well talk to this unknown caller if I'm gonna just sit here all day. "Hellooo... Liam?"  Why is he calling me? "Hey Katie! How you girls doing?" "It's good I guess you can say." Besides from being pushed around by Tanya and her new friends. "That's good." "Just wondering, how did you get my Skype and why are you calling me? I'm not trying to sound rude." "I got it from Viper and I had nothing to do today since we have a break." "Oh." It went silient for a while.
     "So what have you boys been doing since we left?" "We had meetings for our next tour and for future music videos." "That's nice I guess." I bet it's boring sometimes. "Hi Katie!" Louis pops up behind Liam. "Hi Louis." I smile and wave at him. "Have you told Katie?" Louis whispers into Liam's ear. "I was just going to tell her until you came up behind me." "Oh good can I tell her!" I chuckle at Louis sounding like a little kid begging. "Fine."
     Louis waits for Liam to say yes as he jumps up and down, "We're going to L.A. to see you girls!" "Really?! I thought you guys were too busy to go to places with all the meetings you have." "We managed to have Simon hold up some meetings so we can take a break, but we will have at least 2 meetings when we're there." I'm surprised Simon said yes. "When are you boys coming?" "We're leaving tomorrow morning." "Oh Louis! You could watch Lily perform when you get here!" "Lily perform? How? Why?" "Someone we know wanted one of us to perform with him in an ally competition thing." Louis' smile went from one cheek to the other.
      "Liam! Louis! We gotta go to an interview!" I hear Zayn yell from outside of the room. "Well, I guess we'll talk later?" I ask him. "Sure. Oh and don't tell the others we're going, but make sure they are not busy when we get there." "Sure thing... Bye boys." I turn off my laptop and plop myself on the bed. I can't believe they're coming to see us! I wonder what we'll do when they are done with interviews.

A/N: (._.) won't be able to update for like a week but I'll try to write and post from my phone while I'm on vacation. ^_^ STAY AWESOME EVERYONE!!!

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