One Way Ticket to One Direction

A girl named Lily and her 4 friends go off on an adventure when her mom gets tickets to a One Direction concert. A surprise awaits for them behind a metal door full of drama, adventure, and romance. What can they expect this summer? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


11. Surprise and problems

  ~Kalel's Pov~

   After a long drive, we finally arrive at their house. Wow, I didn't think the house was this big. Cat leads me to her room to settle in and rest. "If your hungry you are more than welcome to join me and the others in the kitchen to have a snack." Cat says smiling as she walks out of the room.

   "Kalel!" I look back to see Louis and Lily running towards me and jump on top of me. "You guys get off me!" I yell trying to push them off. Louis grabs me by the feet and drags me to the living room where everyone was in a circle. "What was that for?" I say slapping Louis arms. "It was Lily's idea." Louis says chuckling. "No it wasn't!" Lily says pushing Louis next to me.

   "So why did you decide to pull me over here with you guys?" I say turning to Lily. She shrugs her shoulders not knowing either. "Well, we all know that you guys are out of school for the summer so, we wanted to know if you all want to come with us to England and spend the summer with us." Liam says looking at all of us for answers. I'm so speechless, but I just met them all and their inviting me too? "I would really like to go, but my parents put me in charge of the house." Lily says staring down at the floor. "Well, if Lily's not going then we're not going either." Vip says as the rest of us nod in agreement. "I'll be fine alone you guys it's okay." "We're not going to have fun without you." I say trying to get her attention. She rolls her eyes "Fine I'll go." we all cheer with excitement hugging in a big circle.


~Lily's Pov~

    When we all finish hugging I step outside and pull Louis out. "I'm so happy that your going to....." I cut him off before he got more excited, "I'm not going Louis." "Wait what?" "I need to take care of the house." I say trying to not look at him. "But you just said yes." "I'm sorry Louis, but you can't tell anyone that I'm not going. Promise?" he sighs and nods in agreement.

      We walk back in and join everyone in a circle. "Let's play truth or dare!" Louis yells out, "I'll start! Niall truth or dare?" "Dare." "Hmmm... I dare you to switch your clothes with Zayn and keep them on for the rest of the game." They walk out and later come back with each others clothes on. Not much of a entertaining dare that Louis would think of, but oh well. "Okay my turn now," Niall says pushing Louis out of his way, "Liam truth or dare?" "Dare!" "I dare you to kiss Katie." Niall says with a mischievous look. "No!" Katie yells quickly. "Why not?" Niall says looking at her. "Oh look my phones ringing I'll be right back." Katie says running outside. "What was that about?" Niall says looking at me. I shrug my shoulders not knowing what to say.


   ~Katie's Pov~

 *On the Phone*

 Katie: Hello?  

Drake (Katie's boyfriend): Hey where have you been? I miss you.

Katie: I miss you too and I've been with my besties.

Drake: Thats good, so when are you coming to see me?

 Katie: Oh about that. Uuhhh... I don't think I'll be back till the end of summer.

 Drake: What?!?! Why?

Katie: I'm sorry Drake it's because I'm always with you and I miss them.

 Drake: So what are you saying???

Katie: Drake, what I meant was...(Drake cuts off Katie)

 Drake: You don't like me anymore?! Katie: Yes I do! Just listen to me!

 Drake: After we've been together for five years Katie! Five freakin' years!

 Katie: Drake!

 Drake: I'm done.

 *hangs up*

      "You stupid jerk!" I yell out bursting into tears. I run inside not paying attention and run into Liam. "Are you okay Katie?" he says grabbing my arm. I look at him and run to the room not stopping for anything. I jump on the bed hiding under the covers crying. Why Drake? Why!

      I feel a hand tug at my side. "Are you okay Katie?" I pop out of the covers and see Lily. "No." I say wiping my tears away. "What's wrong? Do you want to tell me?" "Not really." "Well I have something to confess Katie." "What?" I say looking at her. "I'm not going to England." "What? I thought you said yes?!?!" "I did but the house can't be left alone." "Then could I stay with you?" "Why? You should go have fun with the others." I stare at the floor twiddling with my thumbs "I have something to confess that I've been hiding from you guys for a long time. I Uuhhh..... Had a boyfriend." "Who?" Lily says. "Drake." "Drake?!" she whispers loudly. "I knew you were going to get mad." "I not mad, but you were with him? How long?" "For almost five years." "Well I know for sure he must of not loved you back for half of your relationship time with him." "Why do you say that?" I say raising an eyebrow. "He's been dating Tanya for the past two years!" "What?!" "Drake must have been using you so Tanya could know your weaknesses so she can get back at us." I can't believe that jerk! "We need to get back at Tanya Lily." "I have an idea." Lily says with an evil grin. I never seen this side of her before.

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