One Way Ticket to One Direction

A girl named Lily and her 4 friends go off on an adventure when her mom gets tickets to a One Direction concert. A surprise awaits for them behind a metal door full of drama, adventure, and romance. What can they expect this summer? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


3. Sleepover Party!

~Lily's Pov~

    After the last day of being a junior, and finally going to become a senior, my friends and I walk down the street to go to our houses. I finally arrive to my house and see my parents in the kitchen sitting at the table smiling at me. After a long silence, my mother finally says, " Your father and I are leaving you here for the summer and your friends can visit and stay over here." I look at her with a sad face.

~The next day~

  ~Lily's Pov~

      My parents have packed all their stuff to leave to Mexico for my dads business trip and for his aunts wedding. I say my final goodbyes while my friends mom puts their luggages in the trunk. My mother gives me a big last hug and hands me a small envelope before she gets in the car. I wave to them as they take off to LAX. I walk back into the house and open the envelope my mom gave me. I read it to myself and the letter says:


 Dear Lily,

I know how much you and your friends like One Direction so I decided to ask my old friend if you could have tickets to One Direction. She will be mailing them in two days and there are 5 tickets she will be giving you. Hope you have fun!

P.S. Keep Vip out of trouble!



      My friends come over for the first day I'm alone at the house for the summer. I hear a bang on the door and get up to answer it. I see Vip, Ruby, Cat, and Katie at the door with a big smile on their faces as they come in. They all pile themselves on the couch while I get out the note to read it to them.


~Cat's Pov~

     As I listen to Lily read the note out loud I have a big smile on my face while I hear her say tickets to One Direction and we all chuckle while we hear her say, "Keep VIP out of trouble." I jump to my feet and give Lily a huge hug as Vip, Ruby, and Katie join me. I look at her and ask, "When's the concert?" she reply's back with a smile and says,"It will be in two days." I look at her with a huge smile on my face.


~Katie's Pov~

     I walk outside to call my boyfriend that my friends don't know about yet. We at least talk for ten minutes until Vip calls me inside for dinner. Vip and Cat decided to make burritos with really good salsa. We sit down at the table while we watch Cat's favorite show The Walking Dead. The only person that knows about the show is Cat, so we all just sit there while Cat cheers and boo's at the TV screen. I finally speak up and say,"Lets play a game." Lily jumps to her feet and says,"Let's play truth or dare!" we roll our eyes and just agree with her.


~Lily Pov~

     I ask Ruby,"Truth or dare?" she picks truth and I look disappointed at her a little but then ask her,"do you have a boyfriend?" She looks at me confused a bit and says,"No? Why do you ask that?" I reply to her and say,"Just wanna be gossipy." She looks at me and just rolls her eyes. Ruby asks Vip,"Truth or dare?" Vip looks at her and says truth. Ruby asks her,"Do you honestly like One Direction? And if you do who's your favorite?" Vip reply's and says,"Yes but not in public and I like Niall." Vip quickly turns to me and asks,"Truth or Dare?" I tell her dare. Vip tells me,"I dare you to go outside and run down your street and yell, I love One Direction." I look at her with a mean look at start to walk out the door. As I run down the street yelling really loud all the neighbors come out to see me act crazy. I run inside and start to laugh my head off with my friends.


~Ruby's Pov~

      After a two hour long game I decided to go to sleep early so I could surprise everyone with breakfast. They all boo at me while I got ready for bed. As I drift off to sleep I hear everyone giggle and hear Lily say,"Let's play a......."That's all I hear before I fall asleep.


      I wake up and see everyone sleeping and Lily must have went to her room to go to bed. I rub my eyes and see paint all over my hand. I quickly tiptoe to the bathroom and look into the mirror. I gasp really loudly and start to wash my face. As I wash my face I hear something in the shower. I don't look but I put water in my mouth and don't swallow it quiet yet. I walk over and see Lily with her iPhone recording, so I thought it was payback time and cover her phone and spit out the water all over her shirt. She has a furious look on her face so I ran towards Katie and jumped on her. Katie starts to scream and I cover her mouth so Lily didn't come toward us. I hear foot steps walk pass by us and another pair of feet walk. I pop my head up and see Cat right behind Lily with a cup of ice ready to be poured down her back. Just as Cat was about to pour it down Lily's shirt Lily quickly turns around with her hands in the air and slaps Cat right in the face. I start to crack up and we all face Vip then look at each other with an evil grin. Lily pulls out the left overs from dinner and gives us all spoons. We each grab different things and start to put it on Vip's face. Katie then finishes it off with poking holes in the tortilla and puts it on her face. We all start busting up and we finally woke up Vip from her long deep sleep. She has a furious look on her face and starts to run after us. After a long ten minutes of running away from Vip we finally take our seats at the table.


~Vip's Pov~

     We all start to talk as Ruby gets breakfast ready. I go into the kitchen and decide to serve myself food since Ruby takes forever. She just rolls her eyes and continues to fill up four more plates. When we go to the table we all start to eat except for Ruby, she just plays with her food for a while since she doesn't eat much. When I finish eating I walk to the couch to watch some TV. As I flip through the channels I see on the news that there is One more day until the One Direction concert. Everyone starts to scream and sing to the background music. We continue to watch TV for a while. Later on that day....

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