One Way Ticket to One Direction

A girl named Lily and her 4 friends go off on an adventure when her mom gets tickets to a One Direction concert. A surprise awaits for them behind a metal door full of drama, adventure, and romance. What can they expect this summer? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


13. Settling in

  ~Katie's Pov~

  Lily, the boys, and I head to the V.I.P. backstage room where Tanya and the girls were. "Liam so you are gonna sweet talk to Tanya while we dress as other girls and over hear your guys conversation." Lily says pulling me to a corner handing me clothes. "Wait! This wasn't the plan!" Liam yells at us as we get dressed.

   We walk in right before the boys came in. "There's Tanya!" Lily whispers to me. We walk towards them as Liam and the others come in. All the girls in the room shriek as they see them. Liam starts to walk towards Tanya. "Hello love, how are you doing today?" "Y-y-your Liam Payne! I love you!" Lily started to chuckle when Tanya hugged Liam.

   "So tell me about yourself love." "Well, I'm always sweet to everyone and I love music." Yeah right. Tanya nice??? Are you kidding me?! "What do you fear the most?" Liam says raising an eyebrow. "I don't like bugs, the dark, zombies and other things from scary movies." Tanya says shaking. "Oh that's interesting. Well, I must go now love have a fun rest of the night." he says giving her a quick hug.

   "I think we have what we need Lily." I say whispering to her as we head out."The plan worked!" she says giving me a high five. We head back with the girls and wait for the boys. "You all ready to go?" we hear Harry say as we nod in agreement. "Wait I forgot something." I say going back to the room. I go towards the room and see Tanya with the girls. I listen to their conversation. "I can't wait till we see those scamps again and show them these autographs we got from One Direction." Tanya says as they all laugh with her. I run to the others and head back to the house.


~Harry's Pov~

   Everyone went to sleep when we got home, so I decided to watch tv. As I walk over to the couch I see Cat on the couch sleeping. Should I take her to her room? I kneel on the floor picking Cat up to take her to her room. I open the door and see Katie and Kalel sleeping. I slowly put Cat down on the bed next to Kalel. "Thanks Harry." I look back and see Cat giving me a little smile before she drifted off to sleep.

    I wake up and head towards the living room to where everyone was. "Harry are you all packed?" Liam asks carrying luggage to the Van. "Yeah let me just bring my luggage down." I say running to my room. I see Cat having a hard time with her luggage, so I go help her out. "Let me help you love." I says grabbing the luggage from the floor. "Harry its okay just go get your stuff." she says smiling and grabbing it from me. I run to my room and grab my luggage and head back down to the van with the others.


   ~Lily's Pov~

    We arrive at the airport and head in to take our luggage. I watch everyone give their luggage to the lady as I just stood there not doing anything. "Come on Lily we need to hurry." Vip says grabbing my stuff. I grab it back from her and put it at my side. "What's wrong?" Vip says not moving. "I-I'm not going." I say looking down. "What? Why?" everyone says turning to us. "Louis, Liam, and Katie already knew about this," I say starring at them, "And I still need to take care of the house." "We don't care what you say Lily, you are still going." Katie says quickly grabbing the luggage from me and handing it to the lady. "Katie, my parents are gonna kill me!" "What, you think im stupid enough to not call your parents and tell them if a family member can take care of the house?" "Katie thank you so much!" I say hugging her tightly. We then all head to the gate and take our flight to England.


   ~Vip's Pov~

     We arrive in England in the afternoon and drive out to the boys flat. "So what's the plan? Who's staying with who?" Lily asks looking around. "Well it could be..." Louis says starting to point at us to the boys, "Cat, Kalel, and Lily with me and Harry, then Vip, Katie, and Ruby with Niall and Zayn." "What about Liam?" I ask looking at Liam across from me. "Well Danielle is going to visit here for a while." Liam says heading to his flat.

     Katie, Ruby, and I head inside of Niall and Zayn's flat. "Do you girls mind if you share a room?" Niall asks leading us to a room. "No we don't and is this your room?" I saying looking around slowly at every little object there was in the room. "Yeah... Why?" "Oh just wondering." I say giving Katie and Ruby a mischievous look.

     "Yes! We can finally rest comfortable." Katie says jumping on the bed. "Who said the bed is yours?" I say raising an eyebrow. "But there is the floor." Katie says looking at me and Ruby. "Not it!" Katie and I yell. "Nooo!" Ruby yells kneeling to the floor, "Ugh! Why do I end up on the floor!" Katie starts to crack up as we all unpack our things. We all then head to Harry and Louis' flat to hangout


.   ~Ruby's Pov~

     Today has been a hectic day for all of us so far. When we came to Harry and Louis' flat we watched a movie, played games, and did more crazy things like competitions with the boys. "It's getting pretty late you guys, so see you in the morning." I say walking out with Katie and Vip. "No, no, no! Remember you were the last to say not it?" Vip says pointing to the floor. "Ugh. I hate this." I say throwing some sheet on the floor.

     After a couple of minutes Katie and Vip had already knockout while I just lied on the floor hearing them both snore. Why did they have to be so tired?! I get up and head towards the living room and jump on the couch. "Couldn't sleep?" I hear someone ask me. "Zayn?" I was a bit startled that I jumped, "Yeah I couldn't sleep." "Same here." he says taking out his phone. "Do you mind if I sleep here?" I say looking up to him. "No, but do you want me to pull Niall over here so you could sleep comfortable?" "It's fine I'll just sleep here." I say tiptoeing to the room to get a pillow and a blanket. Right when I hit the pillow I knocked out.

     I suddenly wake up in a room lit up from the window. Where am I? I jolted up and went out to the kitchen. "Morning Ruby." I hear Katie whisper loudly. "Where's Zayn and Niall?" I ask walking towards her. Katie points out to the living room couch where two sleepy boys were. I walk over to the couch and see them both sleeping. I bend down to give Zayn a light kiss on the cheek as I whispered to him thank you. I feel a hand grasp my wrist, "No problem." I look down to see Zayn smiling up at me.


  ~Louis' Pov~

     After a night of fun the girls decided to go to sleep. "Sleeping already?" I say whining. "I'm staying." Lily says sitting next to me. "Well if your not going to sleep right now the floor is all yours." Cat says shutting the door. "Aawww man! I didn't think this through." "You could sleep on Harry's bed." I offer Lily pointing at his room. "Are you kidding me? Who knows how many girls have been in that bed." I chuckle at her. "Hey!" Harry shouts at Lily. "Well she has a point Harry." I say looking at him as he gives a pouty face.

     "So what are we going to do?" I ask looking at her. "I thought you would have something in mind." "Do you still have that marker?" she nods as she goes to the room and comes back out with it. "Harry get over here." I say motioning him to come towards us. "No!" he yells as he runs away into his room. "I'm not going in there." Lily says backing away from his bedroom. I roll my eyes and enter the room.

       "Harry, where are you?" I trip over a bump on the floor. "Ow!" I see Harry run out of the room back into the living room. "Lily get him!" I yell chasing him around the living room. "I think we should give up Louis." Lily says as she lies on the couch. "My marker!" Harry says jumping over Lily grabbing the marker from her hand. "There's always revenge Harry... Revenge." Lily says before she drifts off to sleep. "I think we should go to sleep now." I whisper to Harry as we walk into his room.

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