One Way Ticket to One Direction

A girl named Lily and her 4 friends go off on an adventure when her mom gets tickets to a One Direction concert. A surprise awaits for them behind a metal door full of drama, adventure, and romance. What can they expect this summer? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


28. Roses are red, Violet who?

   ~Lily's Pov~
      So many people are here in the Disney studios today. "Excuse me miss! Do you have your papers?" The security guard gets my attention as I stop in the traffic. I hand him the papers as he scans them. "Okay, take a left pass that door and another left and it'll be a green door." "Thank you...uh Wilson?" I look at his name tag. "Your welcome." he continues to calm down the crowd as I try to get through the halls.
      I walk around the corner and see a big line from the green door. "Aw man!" I shout as everyone turns to me. "Hi! I'm Roxanne, but everyone calls me Roxy." a girl steps forward from the crowd. "I'm Lily, just plain old Lily no nickname." I shake her hand. "So what are you here for Lily?" "Animation, drawing, and pretty much stuff that has something to do with drawing. What about you?" "Story boards... I just love Disney movies!" "Same here!" We talk on for a while until she gets called up.
      "Next!" I hear the lady shout at the desk. "Hello I'm Lily and..." "Okay head on in!" she sounded annoyed by me. "Miss Hunter?" "Yes, I'm Lily." "Well welcome to Disney Studios!" the man seemed really happy. "Thank you." I smile shaking his hand. "Well Miss Hunter, I've seen your papers from high school and they are a bit down in the B range, but all I could say right now is welcome to the studio!" I made it?! 
      "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I get up and hug him. "Thank me? Thank you for sending in your application and these marvelous drawings." he raises them in the air scanning them slowly. "You can keep those Mr.?" "Call me Marty!" he laughs with a big smile on his face. "So I'll see you tomorrow Mr.... I mean Marty?" "Yes, yes, yes Hunter!" he walks me out to everyone else outside.
      "So what happened?" Roxy comes up behind me. "I'm made it in!" "So did I!" We both jump in the air like little kids as everyone stares at us weird. "Well, see you tomorrow Lily! Oh let me get your number." She hands me her phone as I enter my number in. "Okay bye!" I could never give up my career now! This is the best day ever!
  ~later that day~
      I walk over to Ruby's and see everyone at the door. "What's everyone doing here?" I ask looking around. "Ruby didn't make it into her dream college." Cat whispers. "Oh hey guys...come on in." Ruby sounded really tired. "Ruby, I know how upset you are." I put my arm around her shoulder.
     She begins to cry in her hands. "I bet you made it into your dream job Lily!" Ruby looks up at me and continues to cry in her hands again. I didn't want to make her feel bad that I made it in the studios. "I didn't make it in Ruby." Everyone looks up at me shocked. "Lily, your such a great artist! How did they not accept you?" Katie looks up at me. "My paper work wasn't good enough." I can't believe I'm lying. "I'm so sorry Lily!" Ruby hugs me. "Nah, it's alright. I think I'd rather spend my summer with my friends." I smile trying to hide my guilt.
     "I didn't make it in guys." Cat gives a little smile. "I thought you wanted to go?" Ruby looks straight up at Cat. "Nah...I'm fine." "Well I have some good news!" Viper says jumping to her feet. "What?" we all ask. "I made it into Julliard Arts for dance!" Ruby looked a little upset. "I think it's getting late guys." I start to walk out. "Night Lily." everyone looks up at me.
     After the short walk I run up to my room and get dressed for bed. I just can't stand seeing Ruby upset again. It's been her second time being really upset since middle school. Well, I need to go to sleep for my first day on the job. Right when I hit the pillow I fall asleep.
 ~next day~
     "Good morning Hunter!" Marty opens the door for me. "Morning Marty." "What's wrong?" he puts his arm around me. "I cant take the job." his smile disappears quickly. "Wha...why not?" "It's not the right time right now." I look down at the floor. "Oh... Well, if you change your mind kiddo, here's my card." "Thanks Marty, I'll be sure to keep this." I shake his hand as I leave the studio. I mean... I don't think I have enough responsibility at the moment.
    My phone starts to ring. Kalel.
K: Hey Lily!
L: Hey Kalel, what's up?
K: Me and Katie planned to fly over to where the boys are on tour in a couple weeks. Do you want to join?
L: When did you plan this?
K: 2 days ago
L: Um. Are there any flights?
K: Yeah, we got 6 tickets online in case you guys decided to come.
L: Well I guess so then.
K: I gotta go. Bye!
Lily: Bye!
      I need to pack early since I'm lazy. "Can I come in Lily?" my mom peeks her head in. "Sure." "What's all this?" she raises an eyebrow. "I'm going to see Louis and the boys on tour in a couple weeks." I hope she doesn't say no. "Oh ok." "Your not going to say no?" "Well, your old enough now Lily." "Okay. Thank heavens!" she chuckles as she leaves. I finally get to do whatever I want!

   ~Zayn's Pov~
*couple weeks pass*
      "Thank you Las Vegas!" all the boys shout as girls scream and cry for us. I follow behind the boys offstage. "I think that was a great concert boys!" Liam says. "I agree!" We followed behind our bodyguard, Alberto, to the meet and greet room. 'Harry!' was mostly called by all the girls as they ran towards him almost making him fall over.
      The rest of us boys sat on the couch watching Harry being attacked. A little girl came up to me smiling. She had long dirty blonde hair with a big pink flower in her hair and blue sparkling eyes. "Hi I'm Violet." she had the cutest giggle. "Hi Violet, I'm Zayn." "Can you sign my book?" Violet hands me her sparkling book and pen.
     "You sure like glitter don't you?" she nods her head yes. "I love everything that sparkles!" she giggles at her remark. "My friend would really like you." I thought about the first time I met Ruby with her sparkle shirt. I handed back her book and pen as she gives me a hug. "Thanks Zayn!" She says, skipping away into the crowd.
      All the fans leave the room as we rest on the couch for a while. "Who was that little girl Zayn?" Niall asks. "A fan obviously Niall." he rolls his eyes at me. "What I meant was why did she only come up to you and walk away afterwards?" "I don't boys were sitting right here too." I wonder who came with her.
      "Come on boys." Liam shouts to us as he walks out to the van. We follow behind him and stop suddenly behind him. "Why did you stop?" I look in front of him and see Violet walking around. "Violet! What are you doing here? Are you lost?" I run up to her and kneel on my knees. "I'm waiting till the traffic goes down." I looked at her confused, "Where's your parents?" "I don't have any Zayn. I'm a foster kid." her smile disappears as she tells me.
      "Boys, this is Violet and we're taking her back to her foster house." They all smile at her as they sign her book. "So how old are you Violet?" Louis asks looking at her sitting next to me. "I'm 6." "Why did you come out alone?" "No reason." she hides her face in my chest. "You came without permission didn't you?" I lightly push her away from me. "Yes." she looks down at her feet. "They must be worried about you." I say. She soon falls asleep on me as we arrive at the foster house.
       I knock on the door and see an old aged women open the door quickly. "Where have you been missy?!" she asks Violet angerily. "I wanted to go out for fresh air Mrs. Conner. I'm sorry." "Get in here you little brat!" she yanks Violet away from me. "Hey don't be mean to Violet!" I growl at her. "Talking to strangers Violet? Go clean the toilets!" I see Violet run up the stairs, crying in her hands. "You disgust me teenager!" she closes the door on me.
      I run back to the van and see the boys waiting around. "You guys, Violet is not safe in that place! We need to do something." I shake my head worriedly. "Zayn, we can't do anything to help her." Liam put his hand on my shoulder. "That fucking lady yelled at Violet! I'm not going to let her ruin Violet's life!" I yell in frustration. "You need to calm down Zayn... I know there are many more kids in that house, so are you going to save them all?" Liam sits me on the sidewalk. "I guess not." I sigh as I get in the car. What am I going to do? I need to do something.

   ~Katie's Pov~
      "You guys ready?" Lily ask excitedly as we arrive at a big fancy building. Lily, Cat, Ruby, me, Kalel, and her brother came to visit the boys in surprise. We all walk in and see Alberto waiting for us. "Hello girls. Do you have all your belongings?" we all nod our head as we go in the elevator. "Their room is 215." I lead the way and knock on the door.
      "If your a fan that found our room please gives us our privacy." I heard Harry say on the other side. "Well, if you don't want to see your friends then bye." I pretend to walk away. "Cat!" Harry quickly opens the door and runs to Cat making her fall on the floor. "Nice to see your too Harry." I chuckle as he helps Cat up. I walk in and immediately get a hug from Liam. "Girls!" he says as he hugs me tighter. I see Lily and Ruby walk up to their boyfriends hugging them tight.
      "Ew!" All the boys look in back of us and see Kalel's brother Lewis. "Who's that?" Harry asked us all. "This is Lewis, my little brother. I had to watch him over the summer." Kalel said dragging Lewis to her. "You guys are weird." Lewis look at the boys with a disgusted face. "Hi Lewis, I'm Harry." Harry extends his hand out to him. "Your the weirdest one here." Lewis run off to the couch and pulls out his 3DS. "Weird kid I tell you." Kalel chuckles.
      "Hey where's my Irish princess?" Niall hugs the air next to him. "She's in Julliard Arts for dance, but I didn't get a welcome hug." Kalel walks towards him. We all gather around Kalel and Niall and squeeze them in the middle. "You hurting us! I'm hungry too!" Niall shouts as he makes his way out of the hug walking towards the kitchen.
     We gather around in the room and wait for Niall to come back. "So what have you girls been doing lately in the summer?" Liam asks. "Some of us applied for colleges and we didn't make it." "Oh I'm sorry about that." Liam looks at us all. "Viper made it into Julliard Arts, so that's good for her. We thought Lily was going to make into Disney Studios, but I guess not." "You draw?" Louis looked surprised as he turned to her. "Yeah! I've been drawing since I was little and my dream was to work with Disney Studios one day." she looks down ignoring everyone looking at her.
      Zayn gets up and walks towards the door. "Where are you going mate?" Liam gets up following behind him. "None of your business Liam." Zayn walks out of the room. "I'm going to see what Zayn's up to." Liam walks out. "Come on Lily! We should go with Liam." I whisper I as I pull her along. "Liam wait up!" he looks back at us and continues to run out to the front. "You girls stay with everyone else." he stops us. "I don't care what you say Liam we're going!" Lily looks at him straight in the eyes. Liam sighs and then nods.
      "I have a feeling that I know where he went." Liam says driving off. "What wrong?" I ask looking at the rear view mirror meeting his eyes. "We met a fan the other day after a concert..." Oh no. "Is he actually cheating on Ruby?!" Lily hands turned into fists. "No, no, no! He met a little girl from a foster place that went to the meet and greet, so we seen her afterwards again and took her back...Zayn can't stand that she's being hurt by the old lady." I look over at Lily and see her smile had disappeared.
      "Poor little girl...I know a girl from a foster place and they moved her to another one because the one she was in was too full, so I never saw her again." Lily fiddles with her thumbs. "I don't know what Zayn going to do." Liam sighs. "Well, I think we should work things out with Zayn." I suggest. "I've tried Katie...good luck trying." Liam opens the door for us as we walk up to the door.
      Liam opens the door without hesitation and sees Zayn at the desk talking to a young lady. "Liam! Girls? What are you doing here?" Zayn gets up from his chair. "Zayn, I know how you feel, I met a little girl from a foster place in L.A. and they took her to another one." Lily puts her arm around his shoulder. "I would like to see the little girl." Zayn turned to the lady as she nodded her head and called for the her.
      I hear little steps walk down the stairs behind me. "" Lily's jaw dropped to the floor as she seen the little girl come up to us. "Lily!" the little girl yelled. "Violet!" Lily runs towards her and picks her up. "It's really you Violet! I missed you so much!" "Wait, is Violet the little girl that was moved from L.A.?" Zayn asked Lily. "Yes! I can't believe we know the same little girl!" "Zayn!" Violet ran from Lily to Zayn quickly.
      "You know Zayn?" Violet looks back at Lily. "We know the whole band actually." Zayn hands Violet to me and Lily and whispers in Lily's ear something. "Come on Katie." We walk up to Violets room and see other girl playing games. They're so cute!
      "I'm Emily!" a little girl came up to me. "I'm Katie." I smile down at her. "Who's that girl?" "That's my best friend Lily." "Oh...Well, that's my best friend Violet with your best friend." "How old are you?" I pick her up and settle her on the bed next to me. "I'm 5, but I'm turning 6 in a week." "Happy early birthday Emily!" "Thanks Katie!" she was so small and adorable. "Violet tells me a lot about Lily since we became friends...she seems really nice and funny." "She sure is." she giggles as Violet comes over and tickles her.
      "Katie, Lily, Violet, please come down here." Liam looks up at us from down the stairs. "I have to go Emily. Bye!" "Bye Katie!" she runs up to me and hugs me giving me a folded paper. I put it in my pocket and continue to follow behind Lily. "...Is there any way I could adopt Violet?" I hear Zayn ask the lady. "Zayn?! How are you going to take care of Violet? You have the band! I know you love Violet as much as me, but you just can't." Lily covers Violets ears as she talks to Zayn. "I'll make it work." "How Zayn?" Lily picks up Violet and runs back upstairs.
      It stood quiet for a while. "You know Mr. Malik, she's right. How are you going to take care of a 6-year-old while you have your career?" the lady takes out papers. "I will take care of Violet. I'm not letting that fucking old lady torture Violet everyday of her life." Zayn hits the table making the lady jump a little off her chair. I sat on the chair watching Zayn talk with the lady.
      "If you change your mind Mr. Malik, you can always bring her back by 2 weeks." the lady says softly. "I'm not changing my mind Ms. Diaz. Thank you for your time." Zayn walks up to Violet's room as we follow behind. "Violet?" Zayn says softly walking in. "Hi Zayn." Violet is sitting at a little table pretending to drink tea from a teacup with Lily.
       "Violet, are you ready to go?" Zayn asks smiling at her. "Go where?" Violet asked looking confused. "I adopted you Violet." Violet's eyes lightened up with happiness. "Lily! Did you hear that? Zayn adopted me!" she jumps up and down. "That's awesome Violet." Lily glares over at Zayn looking a bit pissed. "I'll help you get your stuff Violet." I walk over to her and grab her things, putting in it in her bag.
       Zayn carries Violet on his shoulder while holding her luggage in his other hand. "So...are you my dad Zayn?" Violet looks down at him. "Yeah, I guess I am Violet." "Okay daddy!" she giggles. I don't even agree with what Zayn's doing either. I hope this doesn't cause any trouble with his career.

A/N: You like??? I need people to talk to me!!! D: I feel like I just write this to myself so I could read it later. Your probably thinking why did Zayn adopt a little girl? I thought it would be interesting in the story and I know I rushed it too much.

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