One Way Ticket to One Direction

A girl named Lily and her 4 friends go off on an adventure when her mom gets tickets to a One Direction concert. A surprise awaits for them behind a metal door full of drama, adventure, and romance. What can they expect this summer? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


9. More than friends

  ~Vip's Pov~

    I wake up on the couch and find myself next to Niall leaning on my shoulder. He looks so cute sleeping. I slowly get up and go to my room to freshen up. As I get out I see Ruby walking in and jump onto the bed." So how was your night Ruby?" I ask her to break the silence. " Fine I guess," she says putting the pillow over her face. This isn't normal for Ruby and something is definitely up. " What did you do for the rest of the night?" " Nothing just played some music with Zayn and...." I couldn't hear the last few words she said. " What did you say?" Ruby takes a deep breath before she finally says, " And he kinda kissed me when we finished." I see her begin to blush. " Aaawwww! " I say while my voice squeaks. " Please don't mention it to anyone and I'm serious Vip I don't want them to be sneaking up on Zayn and me when we're alone." I nod and pretend to zip my mouth. She nods as she goes to clean up. I head to the kitchen  and grab some food out to make. As I go sit down to eat my food Zayn walks in. He sure looks happy this morning. " Morning Vip." " Hey what's up? What you do last night?" just wanted to see if he says he was hanging out with Ruby in the music room. " Uuhhh.... Just watched Ruby play the guitar." " Sure you did Zayn." I whisper hoping that he didn't hear me. After I finish eating I drag Katie with me into the fun house.


~Lily's Pov~ 

    I wake up and see Ruby just about to leave. "Hey Ruby?" I say getting up to look at her. "Yeah?" "Could you keep a watch on Vip to make sure she's doing okay?" She gives me a quick nod and leaves. After an hour of just laying on the bed I get up to go eat.

     Where did everyone go? I walk into the kitchen and see Liam sitting at the table alone. "Hey Liam. Where's everyone?" "Well, Ruby and Zayn went to the music room, Katie and Vip went to the fun house, Cat is outside, Harry is probably stalking Cat, Louis might be in his room, and Niall is probably still knocked out on the couch." "Oh I thought everyone left me here." "No, besides I think Louis would have woke you up to join us." Liam says giving me a smirk look. I roll my eyes and go find Cat.

      I walk through the living room and see Niall just waking up. "Hey Niall." "Aye Lily. Where's Vip?" I chuckle and say, "I'm doing good thanks for asking and Vip's with Katie in the fun house." I see him blush as I leave.   


~Liam's Pov~

         So tired from watching the movie last night. Hhmmm...... What should I do right now? I go up to Louis room and see him in bed looking at the ceiling. I sit beside to him and say, "Louis what are you doing here alone?" he ignores me and continues to look at the ceiling thinking. "Mate? Are you okay?" I shake him a bit. "Oh, sorry Liam I was just thinking." "About what?" I say raising an eyebrow. "When we leave, will we be in contact with the girls?" I think for a second not knowing what to say. "I really don't know Louis, we still have the tour and we are really busy." he sighs and leaves. What will happen to our friendship with them?   


~Cat's Pov~

         Lily sits next to me while I play the guitar. "Hey Cat." she says smiling at me. "You sure look happy this morning." I say raising an eyebrow. "I think Niall and Vip are in love!" she squeals jumping up and down as I laugh at her. I then feel a hand touch my back. I turn around and see Harry smiling down at me. "Well, I got to go find Vip. See you later." Lily says winking at me as she leaves.

        "Hey Harry what's up?" I say breaking the silence. "Just wanted to come outside and hang out with you." he says winking at me. "Harry do you hit on every girl you see because it sure looks like you do at the concerts." I say to him as I leave."No I don't! I...." I slam the door as I still hear Harry talking.        "You okay Cat?" I turn around and see Louis on the couch looking up at me. "Yes. No. I don't know." I say trying to give a smile. "Uummm..... Cat?" I hear him say. "Yeah?" "Will all of us keep in touch when we leave?" I smile at him and say, "I think we might. Why?" "Well, I feel like I known Lily forever and I don't just want to lose a friend like her." I smile at him and head to the room.

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