One Way Ticket to One Direction

A girl named Lily and her 4 friends go off on an adventure when her mom gets tickets to a One Direction concert. A surprise awaits for them behind a metal door full of drama, adventure, and romance. What can they expect this summer? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


14. Love n problems

  ~Kalel's Pov~

     In the morning we all get together in Harry and Louis' flat to have breakfast. "Hey guys so what's today's plan?" I ask looking around. "Well the boys have practice for tonight's concert, so we might end up going out later to shop or something." Katie says joining me at my side. "Maybe we could meet you girls when we're done with practice." Zayn says entering the kitchen. "That sounds good." I say joining Lily on the couch.

     When the boys left we decided to go visit some beautiful sights in England. "So where are we going first?" Cat ask looking a Lily. "Well I was thinking we should do some window shopping and then go to see some sights." Lily says jumping in the taxi.

     After a couple of hours of shopping we head to Big Ben. "This is so beautiful!" I say looking up at Big Ben. "We should go on the ferris wheel!" Lily yells running towards it. "Excuse me ladies you will need to wait till the next round." a man says pushing Lily back towards us making her trip over her feet. "Ow! You could of just said wait!" Lily yells back at him. "Lily don't even try to fight with him." I say helping her up. "These girls are with us sir and I believe you owe her an apology." We look behind the man and see... The boys?

     "What are you guys doing here?" I ask walking pass the man. "We finished early, so we wanted to join you girls." Louis says stepping in the capsule. "Right this way and sorry madam." the man says looking at Lily. We all enter in and look out at the beautiful sight of London. "This is amazing! I wish I could live here." I say looking around. This is so fun!


   ~Niall's Pov~

     I love the sights of England but I also really love my home in Ireland. The one thing that is keeping me happy here is Vip. "I love England especially the food here." Vip says walking next to me. "Have you tried that restaurant down there?" I ask pointing down at a little building. "No I haven't." "Maybe uuhhh... We could go there tomorrow night if your not busy with your friends." I say looking at her waiting for her reply. "Sure Niall." Vip says smiling. We exit out of the capsule and head home.

      "We are off to the concert girls be back in a couple hours." Zayn says dragging me behind him out the door. When we arrive at the concert we hear screaming fans that end up blocking us from the entrance. The door files open as I fall to the ground. "Where's Niall?!?!" I hear a voice yell from a distance. I look up and see a girl looking down at me smiling. She looks familiar with that orange curly hair and bright green eyes. I take a closer look at her necklace that says 'Tanya' in cursive. Where have I seen her before?

     I feel hands grab my arms dragging me into the building. "Are you alright mate?" Liam asks helping me up. "Liam!" I burst out covering my mouth quickly. "Whats wrong Niall?" he asks holding me still. "T-that girl! S-she's out there!" I say stuttering. "Who? What girl?" "Tina! I think that's her name." I say trying to remember the name I saw on her necklace. "You mean the one that was mean to Katie? And Tanya is her name." "Yeah that girl." I say looking back at the door. "Wait, she's here?!?!" Liam gasps. I nod as I open the door slightly to find her. "Katie is not going to be happy about this." I says slowly closing the door. "We have to tell Katie and the others that she's here." Liam says. "Well now is not a good time we're on in 10 minutes!" I yell looking back at him as I run into the dressing room.

     "Niall! You look like a mess!" Zayn says following behind me to the stage. "Quiet Bradford bad boy!" I say chuckling a bit as I begin to run to my spot on stage. "I don't say that anymore!" Zayn says mumbling it into the mic. We wait for the other boys to run onstage and begin the concert.


~Cat's Pov~

     As the boys left to the concert we start up a movie in Zayn and Niall's flat. "Hey Lily." I say sitting next to her on the couch. "Yeah?" she says looking up at me from her phone. "When you guys had Liam help you with the Tanya problem didn't you say you guys were going to get revenge?" "Idiot!" Lily says hitting herself on the forehead. Ruby chuckles as she joins me and Lily on the couch.      "What movie are we watching?" I ask breaking the silence. "The best movie ever of course!" Kalel says shouting from the kitchen. "And which one is that?" Vip asks walking towards the tv. "No, no, no, no, no, no, no,!" Lily says holding up the box. "What is it?" I ask trying to peek over her shoulder. "Paranormal activity?!?!" Katie says as her jaw drops to the floor. "Yes!" I say giving Kalel a fist bump.

       "You scared?" I ask leaning down to Lily on the floor. "No but are you?" she ask looking up at me. "No, why would I be......" "BOO!" I hear a deep voice yell as I scream in terror. "Ahahah! You should of seen your face!" Lily says laughing at me. "I thought you weren't scared love." I look back and see Harry chuckling. "Messed up Harry!" I say looking back at the movie.

       "Movies over girls Katie and Lily we need to talk." Liam says motioning them towards him into the kitchen. "What's wrong?" I ask Harry. "Tanya's here." he whispers loud enough for the other girls to hear. "Are the other girls here?" I ask walking towards the kitchen to hear Liam's conversation. "I don't know but Niall might know." he says pointing to Niall's room.

      I walk towards the door trying to open it. "Niall are you okay?" I ask yelling from the other side of the door. "I'm never coming out!" he yells. "Well you have to eat sometime." He slowly opens the door and walks towards the couch stealing a bag of cookies from Lily as he jumps on the couch. "So what happened at the concert?" I ask sitting next to him. "Well, I fell on the floor and seen Tanya above me and I have a feeling she knows your here with us." "Ummm.... You kind of..... Nevermind." I say turning to Harry to see if he knew what I was going to say.

     "Yes!" we all look in the kitchen and see Lily and Katie dancing around happily as they both yell 'yes'. "What are you two happy about?" I ask raising an eyebrow. "Revenge!" Lily says smiling. I guess they are getting revenge on Tanya here in England.


   ~Zayn's Pov~

     After Lily and Katie finished up their silly dances we decided to play truth or dare. "I'll start! Louis, truth or dare?" Harry asks. "Dare!" Harry looks around the room to get an idea. "I dare you to swap a clothing item with the person on your left." Harry chuckles as everyone looks at Lily. "I'm not switching clothes with Lily and thats final." "Come on Louis, at least I don't wear dresses very often." Lily says dragging him to the restroom. We all chuckle as they walk away and comeback in each others shirts.

     "Niall, truth or dare?" Louis asks as he joins me by my side. "Truth." "Do you have a crush on someone in this room and who?" "Yes I do and... it's Vip." Niall says trying to hide his blushed face. "Ruby, truth or dare?" Niall asks. "Uuhhh... Dare." "I dare you to kiss Zayn." he says smirking. I feel a rush of electricity run through me as she leans in on me. Just as we were touching noses Ruby kisses her hand and lightly slaps my cheek. "You didn't say what kind of kiss Niall." Ruby says backing away winking at me.

      "I think we need to go to bed you guys." I say getting up. "Why? You nervous to get another dare like that again?" Louis asks chuckling with Lily. "No, but you both will end up switching every clothing item." I say chuckling at Lily blushing. "Hey I want my shirt back." Louis says looking for Lily. "But it's so comfy and my shirt suits you." she says running off to the room with the girls. "Mate, I don't think you'll get that back, but I do agree with her." I say chuckling. "Hey Zayn, I'm a Bradford bad boy." Louis says trying to sound like me. "I don't say that anymore!" I say tackling him down.

      "What happened to sleeping?" Ruby asks throwing a pillow at me. "We could stay up more can't we?" "Can you at least get off my bed so I could sleep?" "Yeah we should go to sleep. Goodnight everyone." I say opening the door for Louis, Harry, Kalel, Cat, and Lily. "Night." they all said at the same time.

      "You're not sleeping on the couch Ruby." I say joining her by her side. "And why not?" "Because I'm not a Bradford bad boy anymore." I say confidently as she giggles at me. "That doesn't mean you always have to be nice." she says putting covers on the couch. "Oh really?" I say grabbing her by the waist. I lean in and kiss her lightly on the lips. She puts her arms around my neck as we stay kissing in the middle of the room. "Get a room!" we break away and see Lily come in. "Haven't you heard of knocking?" I say looking at her. "No, but have you heard of a room?" she says grabbing her shirt from the floor that Louis wore earlier. "We need to learn more things I guess." I say chuckling as she leaves. I join Ruby on the couch and we fall asleep in each others arms.

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