One Way Ticket to One Direction

A girl named Lily and her 4 friends go off on an adventure when her mom gets tickets to a One Direction concert. A surprise awaits for them behind a metal door full of drama, adventure, and romance. What can they expect this summer? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


12. Let's have fun!


~Liam's Pov~

        "So now what?" I say looking around. "Something's up with Katie and it doesn't sound good and its not like this is the craziest dare she's ever done before." Lily says. "Well I got to get some rest for our last concert tomorrow. Goodnight everyone." I say getting up from the group. As I walk towards the stairs Katie runs into me. She's crying. "Are you okay Katie?" I say grabbing her arm. She pulls away and runs up stairs. "Whats wrong with Katie?" I say looking at Lily. "I'll go check up on her." she says running past me.

      I walk towards my room and see Niall at my door. "So I seen that you really wanted to kiss Katie." Niall says with a smirk. "No I didn't and besides I'm with Danielle." "Right." he says rolling his eyes. "Oh there's some left over Nandos, but I ate the rest of it with Katie and it was sure delicious." "My baby! You monster!" Niall yells running downstairs to the kitchen.

      "Hey Liam can we talk to you for a second?" Lily says dragging Katie with her. "What's up?" "Well we are having a problem with Tanya and since she's going to the concert tomorrow we wanted to know if... Nevermind I'll go ask Louis." "No wait. What did you want to ask me?" "We wanted you to help us get revenge on Tanya for hurting Katie." Lily says. "Uuhhh... Why?" "Well to make the story short, her boyfriend was cheating on her with Tanya." Katie is the so sweet why would he hurt her?! "So what's the plan?" I say looking at them both. They smile and begin to talk about the plan.


~Niall's Pov~

        I was knocked out last night from all the fun we had yesterday with the girls. I open my eyes and see Vip staring down at me. "Did you have a good rest in the kitchen?" Vip says giggling. "What?" I look around and find myself on the kitchen floor with food at my side. "Well if I slept with food then yes." We both begin to laugh and head to the living room.

      "Morning guys." Cat says stretching on the couch. "I thought you were up stairs in the room." Vip says jumping over the couch landing next to Cat. "No, I was here with Harry watching a movie." "Doing what?" I say raising an eyebrow. "And eating some delicious food that I never had before." "Was it in a box?" "Uuhhh... Yes. Why?" Cat says. "Harry!" I begin to yell as I see him standing in front of me. "Uh-oh!" he says beginning to run. "You better run curly!" I begin to chase him for a long time until Vip stops me.

      "Niall its just food." "No it's not!" "Okay well you can keep chasing Harry while I eat some Nandos." "Hey!" "I saved it for you silly." Vip says rolling her eyes handing me the box of food. "Oh uh thanks." I say smiling at her as I walk into the kitchen.


~Louis' Pov~

        We had to leave the girls alone in the house so we could practice for our last concert in the US so we can head back to England at finish off our tour. "Hey Louis you alright?" Liam says joining me backstage. "Me? Oh yeah I'm totally fine!" I say trying to give a little smile. "Are you sure your not sad because Lily's not going to England?" "Wait, how did you know?" I say raising an eyebrow. "I'm helping Lily and Kaite with something and Lily ended up telling me." "Oh." "Well we should head back outside with the others to practice." we walk out and start to practice.


   ~Cat's Pov~

        After the boys left we drive home to pack for our vacation in England. We first head to Lily's house to drop her off and pick her up after we got our things. "Hey Kalel, your still coming with us right?" I say looking her way. "Ya! I also really appreciate you guys being so nice to me." "Well we are friends right?" Katie says getting off the car. Kalel smiles and jumps out with Katie.

       "Hey Vip when are you getting with Nialler?" Ruby says giggling. "I don't know and I wouldn't want to rush anything anyways. Niall is probably just being friendly with me." Vip says getting off the car. "Oh come on Vip it's kinda obvious he likes you back." I say getting out after Ruby. We all split our ways to our houses to pack.


~Zayn's Pov~

            After a long morning of practice we finally go home and rest. "I'm hungry!" Niall yells across the hall. "Niall just make food!" Harry says face planting onto the couch. "Well I could of had more leftovers of Nando's if you didn't eat it with Cat!" Niall says jumping on Harry. "Get off me Niall!" Harry yells while pushing Niall on the floor. "You guys stop! Niall go sit down while I make something to eat." I say helping up Harry.

       When I finished making food the girls arrived with their luggage. "Let me help you guys." I say grabbing Ruby's, Katie's, and Lily's luggage while Harry got Cat's, Kalel's, and Vip's. "Thanks Zayn." Ruby says giving me a smile. After I dropped off the girls stuff I head back into the living room with the boys.

       "I think we should get ready for the concert guys." Liam says walking to his room. Lily comes in with Cat to join us. "Hey guys aren't you supposed to get ready?" Cat says joining Harry at his side. "Yeah  but we don't want to wake up Louis because he doesn't like to be wakened up when he's really tired." "Could I wake him up?" Lily says jumping to her feet. "Sure but good luck." Harry says. She runs to her room and comes back with a marker. "Lily he's not going to be happy." I say giving her a frightened look. "Don't worry I know how to get it off easy."

         After a while of Lily drawing on Louis face he wakes up. "Good afternoon sleepy head." Lily says giggling at him. "What?" Louis says getting up from the couch. "Just go get washed up." I say smirking. We all begin to laugh after he leaves to the restroom. A couple minutes later Louis comes down running towards Lily. "Lily! I'm gonna kill you!" he says jumping on her. "Well good thing I still have the marker!" Lily says slashing it across Louis face. "You two knock it off! I'm going to take this away." Cat says grabbing it from Lily. "Aawww!" Lily says pouting at Cat. "You better get this off me Lily!" Louis says dragging her upstairs.

        "Hey could I see that marker?" Niall says grabbing it from Cat. "Wait, what are you doing Niall?!" I say backing away. "Giving you a mustache." he says getting closer. We suddenly hear a somewhat girl like shriek from the restroom. Louis comes running down towards us. "Louis what happend to your face?" Harry asks ducking next to him. "Well he didn't want to use rubbing alcohol so the next choice I had was glue." Lily says running after Louis. "So why is his face red?" Harry asks calming Louis down. "I let it dry and then I peeled it off fast and pretty much we got to this point where he is hiding from me." We all burst out laughing at Louis. "I've learned my lesson to never sleep outside of my room again." Louis says laughing along.


   ~Lily's Pov~

         We all head to the last concert here in L.A. for this tour. I can't believe we are actually friends with One Direction! "So I'm guessing we are staying backstage and entertaining ourselves?" Vip says jumping on one of the chairs.  "Uuhhh... Yeah pretty much sorry." Liam says. "But we are doing the V.I.P. thing after the concert right?" I say looking at Liam and Katie. They both nod in agreement as the boys head out.

      "So what are we doing for the next two hours?" Katie says jumping on the couch. "Well we could play a game or watch a movie or something else." Cat says bringing out a board game from a shelf. *coughs* "What is that Cat?" I say backing away. "I don't know a game or something." "Yeah let's just put it away." I say pushing it away from me.

      "Hey look some.... costumes?" Kalel says looking through a big chest. "Ooh! Let me see!" I say joining her side. We all then pull out some kind of costume and put it on. "I look like a prisoner." Katie says frowning. Cat had a crayon costume, Ruby had on some random clothes on which made her look like a gangster, Vip was wearing a ketchup bottle costume, Kalel was wearing boy pajamas, and I was wearing a carrot costume which may belong to Louis I'm guessing.

      After having fun the boys come back all tired. "Is that my carrot costume?" Louis says pointing at me. "I figured that this was yours." I say taking it off. "Why are you guys wearing our costumes?" Zayn says jumping on the couch. "We wanted to have fun since we were bored." Kalel says joining me on a beanbag. "Well I think it's time." Liam says signaling Katie and me outside. Revenge is so sweet!

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