One Way Ticket to One Direction

A girl named Lily and her 4 friends go off on an adventure when her mom gets tickets to a One Direction concert. A surprise awaits for them behind a metal door full of drama, adventure, and romance. What can they expect this summer? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


22. Just give love some space

   ~Austin's Pov~
      We arrive at their place and walk in. "Nice place you got here." I say looking around. I imagined the boys having a big mansion because of the money, but I guess they rather spend money for family. I hardly knew anyone in this room besides from Kalel. "Well, I gotta head home now. It was nice meeting you all." I wave as I leave.
       "Hey Austin, wait up!" I look back and see Kalel following behind me, "What happend about meeting at the cafe like you said earlier?" I totally forgot about that. "Do you want to head over right now?" "Sure! It's not too far." We begin to walk over to the cafe to have some coffee.
       After we order our drinks we sit outside and enjoy the sunset. "How long have you lived here for?" Kalel looks up at me. "Well, I moved here last year since my father grew up here. I really didn't have a choice to stay in the United States because of family issues and stuff so now I'm living here with my parents." "Oh, well its nice to live in a beautiful place like this." "Yeah I guess you can say that. Besides from having no friends I like it here." "No friends? Your such an amazing person though!" "Thanks." I smile up at her.
       Kalel seems so different from other girls I met before. She's sweet, beautiful, and I love everything about her. "I think we should head home now, it's getting late." We walk back to the boy's flat and say our goodbyes. "It was nice to just relax and see the beautiful sight of England." she smiles up at me. "I agree." I lean in close to her and stare into her eyes. 
       "Harry! Just stop!" I quickly back away and see Cat barge out of Harry's flat. "Oh, hey guys." she walks down the stairs. "Cat, please." Harry soon runs out following behind her. "Well, maybe we can talk later?" I say walking down the stairs. "Yeah, sounds good." she walks towards Niall's flat and goes in. I quickly walk down the stairs and head home.

   ~Lily's Pov~
      I'm so lonely here in the living room. Where did everyone go? I walk towards the kitchen and hear a thud hit the wall. I peek my head in and see Cat talking to Harry. "Why can't you just live with it Harry?! I'm not the only girl in the world here." "Your different Cat and that's what makes you special to me." Cat walks towards the door just when Harry kisses her. "Harry! just stop!" Cat quickly runs out as Harry follows behind.
      I bet Cat won't forgive Harry before we leave in 2 days. Man, I can't believe summer went by so fast. I hope school goes by quick like this. What is everyone doing at Niall's flat?
*Lily checks phone*
Louis: Hey where r u?
Lily: In ur flat just laying on the couch.
Louis: Why don't u come over here?
Lily: It's too far.
Louis: We're only next door.
Lily: I know but I don't want to walk.
Louis: Just come over here. Hey, where's Harry and Cat?
Lily: Uuhhh... I don't know nothing! \(•.•)/
Louis: Okay then why is Kalel saying that Cat was walking away from Harry?
Lily: ....
Louis: got nothing.
Lily: Nope.
Louis: Cat is just a hard to get isn't she?
Lily: I guess u can say that. Well, she won't have to deal with him anymore since were leaving in almost a day.
Louis: Harry will be stressed and sad for her when we leave for the tour at the end of December.
Lily: I know he will but I think she's just waiting for the right moment. :/
Louis: Well, just come on over here.
Lily: NO.
Louis: Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Lily: ugh fine.
        I begin to walk over and see Cat on the porch standing looking over the edge. "Hey, how you doing?" I join her side. "I don't know. I think I'm just ready to go now." "You ready to get through this last year of high school?" I tug at her. "I think I rather be a school then being stalked by Harry." "I thought you liked him?" "Yeah I do but just as a friend." "Well let's head inside before they get worried." We both walk in and see everyone watching a movie.
       "Hey Louis." I whisper joining his side. "So what happend with you know who?" he looks over at Cat. "She's just ready to leave now." I shrug my shoulders giving a weak smile. "I hope Harry can just understand." "I don't think he will." "I'll go talk to Haz." he gets up walking towards the door.
       After the movie ended Liam, Kalel, Katie, and Vip went to bed. "I'm going to bed now." Cat gets up walking to the door and suddenly meets eyes with Harry. "Cat," he takes a deep breath, "I just want to say..." "Don't say anything Harry." she cuts him off running to the flat. "Harry, just give her some space please." I pat his shoulder following behind Cat.
       I join Kalel and Cat in the room as they get ready for bed. "Uuhhh... Cat?" "What?" she snaps. "Nite." I sigh and walk out towards the couch and set up my bed. "Louis just... Don't." Harry walks in with Louis behind. "Harry, I know you want..." Harry slams the door, "Can I at least have my clothes?" Louis look back at me shrugging. "Yeah, I don't want to stay in the room with Cat at the moment." "I was kicked out of mine, so I guess I'll join you." he smiles joining me on the couch. After a couple of minutes we fall asleep in each others arms.

   ~Liam's Pov~
      "I'm going to bed guys." I head over to my flat and plop onto my bed. What did Tanya mean when she told Katie to leave me alone? Does Katie have feelings for me? I mean Katie is sweet, but I shouldn't be thinking about Katie and I have Danielle anyways. Why hasn't Danielle call me? I pull out my phone and dial her number.
Danielle: Hey babe
Liam: Hey Dani, why haven't you been calling me?
Danielle: I've been busy with photo shoots and dance practice.
Liam: Oh I understand.
Danielle: Um Liam?
Liam: Yeah?
I don't have a good feeling about this.
Danielle: I don't think this long distance relationship is going to work out between us. I hope you understand.
Liam: I-I understand Danielle we're both busy with a lot of things.
Danielle: We can be friends still right?
Liam: Yeah. Well, I have to go goodnight Danielle.
Danielle: Night
       I had a feeling it wasn't working out with Danielle, I just didn't want to believe it. Well, I think it was time for us to just stick to being friends. This is are second time splitting up, so i don't think we're meant to be. After thinking over this for a while I finally fall asleep.
      I slowly open my eyes and see the morning sunshine peep through the blinds. I look over at my phone and see 5 missed calls from Niall and Zayn. Why are they calling me if they could just walk over here? I quickly dress and head over to Zayn's flat.
      "Morning boys." I say as I enter in looking over at the kitchen where I find Zayn and Niall with papers scattered on the table and floor. "Hey Liam, what took you so long to wake up?" "I didn't sleep till an hour after I went to my flat." I scan the papers they have scattered all over, "What are these papers?" "The schedule for our next tour." Niall says getting up from his seat to pick the papers up. "They already planned it?" That was sure quick. "Yeah." Niall sighs plopping back on the chair.
       "Hey guys." Katie comes in yawning and stretching out her arms. "Morning Katie." the boys continue to look at the papers. I couldn't help but stare. "What?" she looks up at me with her beautiful brown eyes. "Nothing." I look away as my cheeks heat up. "I was thinking... today's our last day and maybe we could all go out somewhere." "As long as Harry and Cat are far from each other then we're fine." We all look towards the door and see Lily and Louis walk in.
       "What happend?" "I don't want to give false facts, but what I think what is happening is Harry wants to win Cat's heart and he doesn't want to leave her alone." Lily plops herself on the couch. Harry is taking this too far now. "Well, for sure Cat doesn't want to see him for a long time." Louis joins us in the kitchen. He's going to end up getting with another girl anyways when Cat is gone. I mean that's how it always goes right?
       We all sit and have little chats as we wait for the others to wake up. Vip, Ruby, and Kalel later come in and join us. After a while of talking Harry suddenly barges in looking around the kitchen and living room. "You alright mate?" he stops on his tracks and looks towards me. "Don't even care about me Liam, care about Katie because she seems to like you and you should care for her! As goes for you all too!" he snaps running back outside. I turn back to Katie as her face flushes red.

   ~Harry's Pov~
      I feel anger rush inside of me as I leave Zayn's flat. I just don't want to accept that Cat doesn't want me to be with her. What the hell were you thinking Harry? I shouldn't be letting out my anger on everyone because of what I've done. I should go back and apologize.
      I walk back in, everyone is staring at me. "I'm sorry for letting out my anger on you all it was totally uncalled for. Will you all forgive me?" I wait patiently for answers from everyone. "Of course we'll forgive you Harry, it's just you need to give Cat some space for a while." The smile on my face suddenly disappears when I hear Liam say that. "I understand." I settle on the couch and wait for everyone to finish eating.
       After waiting here for a while Cat comes in and joins Liam, Viper, and Niall in the kitchen. I slowly slide my way down from the couch seat to the floor hiding. "Hey Cat." Lily smiles up at her. "Hey guys, where's Harry?" Cat plops herself on the couch next where I was ducking. "He's uh..." Lily look down at me then back up to Cat, "he's probably still in his room." "Harry, I know your here. I can see your hair from when I first came in." Cat gets up moving next to Ruby on the floor.
        "Let's watch a movie!" Louis breaks the silence. "The Avengers!" Lily shouts. Everyone comes into the living room and watches the movie. I really didn't take interest in the movie this time. When the movie ended, everyone decided to watch another movie.
         After the last movie ended all the girls head to the room to pack. I wish they didn't have to leave, Niall has finally found his true love, Louis has someone that likes to have fun and spends time with him a lot, and Zayn looks happy with Ruby. I say my good nights and walk back to my room to sleep.

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