One Way Ticket to One Direction

A girl named Lily and her 4 friends go off on an adventure when her mom gets tickets to a One Direction concert. A surprise awaits for them behind a metal door full of drama, adventure, and romance. What can they expect this summer? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


35. Is it love? (Annoucement at end!)

   ~Liam's Pov~
  "C'mon Liam!" Katie says, pulling me by the hand.

  We decided to leave everyone to just go out to the lobby and just walk around and explore the building. None of us could really leave the front of the building since there are so many fans outside banging on the door. I just want to have a peaceful time with our friends and not be trampled by thousands of fans.

"We just passed the lobby, Katie."

"I know we did silly."

"Where are we going?" I ask.

"I found a place not too far from here that I saw when the girls and I went out for a swim the other day."

"What is is?"

"I don't know but it looked quite interesting."

 We finally arrive at an old, dark, creaky building full of dust and spider webs. It smelled like the sewer. It must be an abandoned place.

"Do you see a light switch anywhere?" Katie asks, feeling the walls for a switch.

I feel around the wall for a while and find a box that must control all the light power. "Found it." I turn it on and see lights shine around the room.
"Whoa! Look at this wall," Katie walks up to it.

"Look at your hand," I chuckle.

"Aw gross!" She wipes her hand on a tablecloth.

"I think this is an abandoned art museum."

"Look at this," Katie gazes up at tall street lights that are in rows outside of the building.

"I think that's suppose to be art."

"That's not art, but it sure looks fun," Katie says, walking off into the lines of street lights.

(A/N: check out the music video in my mumble and/or I'll probably link it to the story. I'm using it for this scene/part! My fav YouTubers did a cover a while back. Okay back to fanfic)

"Oh Darling"- Plug in Stereo *song used*

 I have so many mixed feelings for Katie. I look down at her, making eye contact with her light brown beautiful eyes. I love her laugh, her smile, her personality, everything. Maybe I think of her more than just a friend. Wait, what did I just say?

"Uh, Liam?" Katie looks away from me, blushing.

I take a step closer to her as she leans back a little. I hold her hands in mine, making eye contact once again.

 "Katie, I need to tell you something."

"Wh-what is it?" She stutters.

 "When I'm around you I always feel warm and happy. I love you're laugh, smile, the way your eyes sparkle, your personality, everything. I think what I'm saying is..." I suddenly stop what I'm saying and look up at the ceiling, hearing crackling sounds. "Katie, watch out!" I yell, pushing my hands out towards her shoulders, jerking her back onto the ground as I feel cement hit my body.

"Liam!" Katie cries out.

 That's the last voice I heard before I blacked out...


A/N: Whoop whoop! Sequel coming out to soon! Anyone excited? Probably not :/ I know I said I was leaving before but eh, what the heck, I'm making a sequel! Let me know if your looking forward to the sequel! :)

P.S. Sorry this was short. Next chapter in sequel will be long I promise.

P.S.S. Stay awesome everyone!!!


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