One Way Ticket to One Direction

A girl named Lily and her 4 friends go off on an adventure when her mom gets tickets to a One Direction concert. A surprise awaits for them behind a metal door full of drama, adventure, and romance. What can they expect this summer? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


32. I don't enjoy the view down here!

  ~Ruby's Pov~
"Ruby get up!" Lily yells, shoving a pillow in my face.

"Ow Lily!" I throw a pillow back at her, "Why did you wake me up?!"

"I don't know. I just wanted to wake someone up," she smiles.

"Go wakeup Lewis," I lay back on the pillow.

"Good Idea!" she quickly gets up and runs off to the room across from mine. I could hear Lewis yell at the top of his lungs scared to death. I laugh to myself and close my eyes, falling asleep again.


We all dress in our bathing suits, except for me, and head down to the pool. 

"Come on Ruby, the waters fine," Lily splashes water on me.

"Agh! Lily!" I grab a towel and put it over my whole body. I like to swim, but my hair frizzes like crazy, and I have natural curly hair so it's worse. I suddenly feel hands wrap under my thighs and my back, carrying me off the chair towards the pool. "No!" I scream before being thrown into the water.

 I pop my head out of the water and look up to see Zayn standing in front of me, smiling. "You think this is funny?"

"Yes I do," he says innocently.

"Your getting pay back later Zayn," I look up at him and swim towards Cat and Katie.

"Cannonball!" Louis jumps over our heads making a big splash followed by Harry too.

  We all swim around and splash each other every once in a while. It was quiet for a couple minutes. I looked over at Zayn, who was kicking his feet in the water as he sat on the cement floor.

"So, what happened?" I ask.

"I can keep Violet," a smile grows on his face.

"That's wonderful! How did you manage to have Simon say yes?" I remember about how Simon is cruel at some points when he judges on X-Factor.

"I didn't do anything. Violet took over and I guess he liked how smart she was."

"Wait, where is she?" I look around the pool area.

"She didn't want to come so Liam said he'll take care of her while we're here."

"You had me scared for second Zayn," a sigh of relief overcomes me.

"Last one to the room is a rotten egg!" Lily yells, climbing out of the pool leaving a puddle of water behind her.

"I guess we should head in," Zayn offers his hand out to me as I take his hand in mine.

We all get inside and decide pull out a game to play from the lobby.

"Twister!" Violet jumps up and down, taking out the mat and spinning wheel.

  This twister was a new version. I guess because this one had more variety of colors and it was a bigger mat than a regular one. Me, Zayn, Louis, Harry, Cat, Lily, Lewis, and Violet decided to play while Niall, Kalel, Liam, and Katie watched us play.

"Do you all want to do guys against girls?" Kalel asks, lifting the instruction paper showing us a picture of people in teams.

"Sure why not? Girls rule and boys drool!" Violet shouts.

  We all laugh and stand on the opposite side of the mat from the boys. "Okay, girls team is right hand on blue, and boys are right foot on purple." We all put our hand on a blue circle and look back at Kalel for the next one. "Left foot on green and boys right hand on yellow."

  After a while we all ended up tangled in pretty much a knot except for Violet and Lewis who lost when they were trying to move around us a couple turns ago. My bum was in Zayn's face, Louis was literally laying on top of Zayn, Harry was underneath me and Zayn, Cat was between Harry and Louis legs, and Lily was underneath us all, getting a view of...never mind.

"Harry, stop moving your head! Your hair is tickling my arm!" Zayn yells, as his face get more red by the second.

"Yeah, I wouldn't want to be squished by everyone! I do not, and I repeat, I do NOT enjoy the view of Styles' crotch in my face!" Lily shouts from below us all.

  "Don't enjoy the view too much Lily," a chuckle escapes from Harry's lips making Louis' cheeks turn a red shade. Lily slaps Harry between his legs earning a yelp from him. We all begin to chuckle as Harry looks down, making his curls cover his face.

"Okay! Okay! Girls, left foot on orange, and right foot green for boys." Kalel says.

  We all begin to move to our circle until we hear Louis yell, "I'm gonna fall!" I feel my arms start to give up on me as Louis' body presses down on Zayn and me.

"Tomlinson don't even think about it!" Lily yells before being squished by the 5 of us.

 Louis bursts into laughter as he climbs off of us. Zayn gets off of me, then I get up, followed by Cat leaving Harry and Lily on the floor.

"Um Styles...get off me! I had enough of your crotch view." Lily kicks her legs up.

"I would love to but my legs fell asleep on me!" Liam and Zayn help Harry up as Louis helps up Lily from the floor.

"I had enough of games," Lily plops on the couch as we all laugh.

 Everyone gathers around the TV as we begin to watch a movie. I cuddle up next to Zayn as he wraps his arms around me. I could feel his heart beating fast as I rest my head on his chest. He looks down at me, smiling. I never thought in a million years that I would be Zayn's girlfriend.

"I think it's time to go to bed now," Zayn says pulling me with him to the room.

 As I begin to fall asleep, Violet cuddles between us. "Sorry I woke you up Ruby I...just had a nightmare," Violet looks up at me.

"It's okay Violet no apologies are needed."

"Night Ruby," Violet snuggles up against me.

"Goodnight Violet," I say, wrapping my arms around her little body. And with that I drifted off to sleep.

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