One Way Ticket to One Direction

A girl named Lily and her 4 friends go off on an adventure when her mom gets tickets to a One Direction concert. A surprise awaits for them behind a metal door full of drama, adventure, and romance. What can they expect this summer? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


7. Having fun

    ~Katie's Pov~
  I walk out of the music room and see Liam calling me over to join him to playing on the 3DS. I grab one that he hands me and start to play Mario Kart for the next hour. As we play I hear him say,"So who's your favorite band mate out of all of us?"

 I look up at him to think for a while and say,"You I guess why?"

 Liam looks at me and says,"Just wondering."

   ~Niall's Pov~
  I see Vip leave the room and I follow behind her to the kitchen. She goes into the refrigerator and grabs stuff to make a sandwich. Vip looks at me and gets two more breads out to make me one too. We were both thinking the same thing to eat. We walk to the couch and watch a movie as we talk for the longest time ever.

  When the movie finishes I get up and drag Vip along to the pool. I stand on the edge and Vip is by my side staring into the pool. I slowly back away and go behind her and push her into the pool. I see her pop out of the water and starts to panic.

She yells," I CAN'T SWIM NIALL!!!" I help her out of the pool and she pulls me in.

"Aye! You tricked me!"

 She giggles as she swims away from me. I swim towards her and grab her waist and pull her out of the water to the grass. We both gaze up at the stars and point out different things we see. Harry and Cat join us and brings a blanket and food to watch the stars for the rest of the night.    

   ~Ruby's Pov~
  When I leave the music room I find Zayn sitting on the couch playing on his phone quietly on the edge. I jump over the couch and sit next to him as he texts. He looks up at me smiling and looks back down at his phone to continue. I get a bit upset and decide to be the first to talk. " you like to...uh....hang out here a lot?"

 He looks up at me. "Yeah, when I want to get away from people I just sit here alone with my phone."

 "Oh should I leave? I'm sorry for ruining your quiet time."

 I get up and feel his hand pull me back down. "No its okay what I meant was to stay away from the boys."

 Oh good I thought I annoyed him at first when I came in.

 "So why did you walk away when I finished playing the cello?" I should have not said that.

 "I just get shy around people sometimes when I'm alone with someone I don't know much," he says trying not to blush in front of me.

 "But you sang in front of me when I was playing." Man I regret saying that all now. I'm so stupid.

 "I felt a little comfortable when I sang while you played the cello."

 "Oh." I say not trying to ask something stupid again. He smiles and gets up to leave the living room. Did I say something stupid for him to leave? Oh well, I guess I should just go find Lily.    

   ~Louis'  Pov~
  We finally go into my favorite room the fun house. Yes the kiddie mazes that you would go into when you would go to the carnival. I didn't tell Lily anything and push her into a ball pit room. I see her through a little hole yelling to get out. I chuckle and pull a lever to lead her to another room. I follow behind her as she walked into the the mirror room. This will be a good prank.

  As she walks through I pop out on a mirror that is farther than me and she freaks out. Then after of having a laugh I jump behind her and scare her into another room which was the the bounce house room. As you could tell this is a huge house we're staying at.

  We enter into the last room and hear Ruby calling for Lily in a different room. I whisper to Lily and we split out ways to go scare Ruby in the ball pit room. I dig under and see Ruby right in front of me and grab her legs when she see's Lily pop out. Ruby is kicking and screaming at my face. 

"This is not funny you guys I'm serious!"

 I chuckle and see Lily right next to me to pull Ruby out of the ball pit room. We all fall on the floor and se pairs of feet in front of us.

  ~Vip's Pov~
  As we look up at the stars Niall looks to me and says," Your eyes look beautiful with the moon reflecting off them." He winks at me and I begin to blush a lot.

 "Do my eyes look beautiful too Nialler?" Harry asks looking at him with puppy dog eyes.

 "Not with ketchup on your forehead." Niall says chuckling.

 "We should head inside its starting to drizzle." Harry says, we all agree to go in.

  As we enter in we see Katie and Liam fighting with the Mario Kart game. We all chuckle as we pass by them. We hear screaming as we enter the hallway. Niall was just about to open the door with random things on it until we see Lily, Ruby, and Louis pile outside of the room.

 "Lily and Louis get off me! " Ruby says trying to get up.

  We all help them off the floor and go back to the living room to sit with Katie and Liam. We all settle on the floor or couch and order pizza for dinner. I hear the doorbell ring and I go answer it while Niall follows behind me. Everyone runs towards us to grab a slice. We head back to the living room to watch a movie.    

   ~Liam's Pov~
  Katie and I have been fighting over who's going to win the race. After a long game I end up beating her. She's so mad at me, but what can I say I come from a family of champions.

  We see Cat, Vip, Harry and Niall walk in chuckling at us while we are still fighting. Later we see the others all come piling on the couch next to us. We had all decided on pizza and a movie. We watched Toy Story which was my favorite. I watch the others eat while I started to get closer to the TV. Best movie ever!

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