One Way Ticket to One Direction

A girl named Lily and her 4 friends go off on an adventure when her mom gets tickets to a One Direction concert. A surprise awaits for them behind a metal door full of drama, adventure, and romance. What can they expect this summer? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


26. Hard times

A/N: haven't updated for a while so I tried making this long. Its 11pm and I need to get up at 6 in the morning...oh well.

   ~Niall's Pov~
      I wake up and see a pair of beautiful green eyes looking at me. Viper. "Morning love." I smile kissing her forehead. "Hi." "What are you doing here so early in Lily's house?" "I wanted to see my boyfriend before I go to school in a couple minutes." "Well you better be going love or you'll be late." She gives me a quick peck on the lips before she stands up and walks out the door.
     I lay back down and close my eyes. I feel Zayn wrap his arms around me holding me tight. "Zayn, what are you doing?" I say trying to push away. "Hhmmm?" "Zayn wake up!" "Whoa!" Zayn falls off the bed trying to pull himself back up. "I love you too mate, but not that way." I laugh. "Ha sorry." he pulls himself back on the bed sitting up.
     "We have to get going Niall, we have an interview at 10." I get up and dress. I'm tired of these stupid interviews we have to go to. After we all dress we head on out to the van. "Do we have to go? I'm hungry!" I whine. "Did you miss breakfast or something?" There was breakfast?! I run inside and see Lily's mother cooking. "Hungry?" she smiles at me handing me a plate of food. "Thank you!" I run back to the van and see everyone going in. "Seriously Niall?" Liam stared at me through rear view mirror. "Yes." I smile shoving some bacon in my mouth. Liam just rolls his eyes.
      After the interview we take off to pick up the girls when they get out. "Where are they?" We all look around the crowd of people coming out of the school gate. "I'm going out to find Viper and the others." I say putting a hoodie and glasses on heading out. "Wait mate! I'm going with you." Zayn follows behind me going inside the school.
      People shove us out of the way getting out. I feel like freaking out because I'm claustrophobic around big crowds. I remember when I was in school and it was nothing like this. "There they are!" Zayn whispers pulling me behind a trash can. "What are you boys doing here?" Viper ducks down beside me. "Picking you girls up." I quickly grab her hand and run towards the van as the others follow.
      We arrive at Lily's house and see her parents heading out. "Lily, we're going out tonight so call me if you need something." Lily nods her head as she walks inside. "So what do you guys want to do?" "Eat!" I shout running towards the kitchen. "Why not?" Lily comes in the kitchen and gets food out from the fridge. "Breaded chicken?" I smile and nod my head as I get up to help her.
      "So when are you boys going back to England?" Lily looks back at me. "Tomorrow in the evening I think." I didn't even think about leaving. "Hey guys." I look up and see Viper. Her eyes, were a bright, emerald-green and seemed to brighten the world. She had on peach colored shorts, a bright blue tanktop, and her long brown hair was down. She was beautiful. I couldn't take my eyes off her.
     "I would like to keep my house stable and not scattered on the floor when my parents get back." Lily whispers chuckling as she goes by. I begin to blush. "Need help?" Viper looks up at me. "I uh...uh... sure." I hand her some plates as we go to the dining room. "I'm starving!" Louis shouts digging in. I sit beside Viper and begin to eat. It was quiet while we ate.
 I looked over at everyone eating and smiling at each other. It was awkward. "How was your day at school?" Louis speaks out looking around. "Good. I guess." Lily looks up, "What about you guys?" "Boring." I answer smirking. It went silent for the rest of the time we were eating.

   ~Liam's Pov~
      I ditch the others and sit outside on the patio. "Hey Daddy Direction. Mind if I sit?" I look up and see Katie looking down at me smiling. "Why not..." I scoot over as she sits down next to me. "So what's your story anyway..." I ask, looking at her. "I live with my mom, younger brother, and older sister that hasn't moved out yet. My mom and dad didn't work things out when they would fight, so they split. Not much of a good story I guess. What about you?"
      What was my life like? "The band pretty much... I don't really see family much when on and off tour. Management won't let us go back home until we finish business." Don't get me wrong here, I love hanging out with the boys, it's just I miss family too. "Oh that sucks."
     We sit outside for a while talking about what's happend in our lives since the beginning. We must've been out here for hours I bet. I found out that her mom was fighting custody for her and her brother when she was in middle school. Her mom also would let her anger out on her mostly when she would get back home from work.
     "I wish my life was like yours...happy...with loving parents." Katie rests her head on my shoulder. I feel tears seep through my shirt. "You okay Katie?" I wipe her tears with my thumbs. "Yeah. I'm okay." she sniffles. I couldn't stand looking at her cry. "My life's just been so hard these past 17 years and I just want to move out of this state, country, or even this planet." she buries her face in her hands. I pull her in a hug and hold her in my arms.
     I lift her chin up slowly as my eyes meet hers . "If you ever need anything just ask me. Anything." I give her a smile. "Thanks Liam." she comes in for a hug. I want to stay in this position forever. She slowly pushes away looking up at me with her hands still on my chest. "Uh. We should head inside." I push away feeling my cheeks heat up. "Right." Katie looks away. I offer her my hand and pull her inside and join the others.
     "You guys sure came in late." Lily looks over at us. "Night!" Kalel runs out waving followed by Cat, Viper, and Ruby. I plop myself on the couch as I wait for Zayn to talk to Lily. "Well, I gotta get going. Night Liam." Katie extends her hand out to me as I shake her hand. "Goodnight Katie." My eyes follow her as she goes out the door.
     I turn forward again and see Lily standing in front of me, smiling. "Jesus Lily! You scared me." I get up starting to walk towards the room. "I see how you look at Katie Mr. Payne." Lily smiles cheekily. "It's nothing." "Oh really?" she raises an eyebrow. "Yes really." "Whatever you say." I roll my eyes and shake my head as she walks away. I make my way to the room and immediately fall asleep.
     I wake up really early in the morning and head out to the couch. "Morning Payne." Lily passes by me. "What are you doing up so early?" "I always get up at 5 because I start school around 7 and I'm walking." she walks over to the kitchen and takes out food. "Hungry?" "I'm fine." After she finishes, she heads back to her room.
     I pull out my phone and see Tweets from fans. I reply back to some of them for a while. "See ya Payne." Lily walks out grabbing her bag. "Need a ride?" I offer. "I'm fine. Thanks for the offer anyways." I wave to her as she leaves.
     I turn on the TV and flip through channels the whole time. "Have you see these pictures of Louis Tomlinson from One Direction with this mystery girl?" "Oh no." I mumble to myself. "Yeah it looks like they are in a fight right there in some concert backstage. Fans and paparazzi also got pictures of her with Niall's girlfriend and other girls when they were out in England singing." the other host says. "Eleanor Calder went right back to her photo shoot after she went to go see Louis for only a day." "I think Louis found another girl that will probably stay unknown for a while." This is not good. I quickly turn off the TV and head back to the room.

   ~Ruby's Pov~
     The 1st bell rang as I walked in the school gates. I quickly pace myself towards my class across the campus. "Hi Ruby." I suddenly stop and look back and see one of my classmates following behind me. "Hey Amelia." "So how's it going?" "Good. I guess. Uh... I don't want to sound rude, but why are you talking to me?" "I just want to hang out with one of my classmates." "Oh ok." "I mean if you don't want me to talk to you it's okay. I understand." Amelia stammers walking away. "No, no, it's just I didn't think you would talk to me besides in class. Do you want to sit with me at lunch with my friends?" Her eyes light up with happiness as she looks up. "Definitely." We both walk in class as the teacher starts to talk.
      "Amelia do you have a pencil I can borrow?" I whisper leaning over to her. "Yeah I have plenty. Here take these." she hands me a hand full of pencils. "I just need to borrow one, but thanks anyways." I smile and hand back the pencils keeping one to use. She's being so nice to me. I wonder why.
      I went through 2nd, 3rd, and 4th period really quick today. "Class dismiss." I quickly get up and head towards the lunch line. "Eewww! Get away Measles!" I look in front of the line and see Tanya yelling at Amelia. "I... I'm sorry Tanya." Amelia stammers looking down at the ground. "You better be!" Tanya slams Amelia's food to the ground knocking her glasses off too. "Tanya, what the hell?!" I yell running toward her, "Leave Amelia alone!" I look down at Amelia. "Watch it next time Measles!" Tanya barges away. "You didn't have to help me Ruby. Really I'm fine." she looks away. We walk back in line and I pay for her lunch.
     "Amelia, don't let Tanya ruin your day." "I wish I didn't have to see her every Friday." "What do you mean?" "S...she's my cousin." she sighs. "Tanya's your cousin?!" I can't believe it. "She doesn't like me. Tanya is a popular person and I'm more of what she calls me a nerd." "Why don't you tell your parents?" "Tanya acts sweet in front of them and they wouldn't believe me anyways." "Oh." I didn't know what to say.
      We walk towards the tree and see everyone sitting in a circle. "Hey guys, you know Amelia right?" They all nod and smile looking at her, "She's going to be hanging out with us." "Welcome to the group!" Lily extends her hand out to Amelia. "Lily, right?" "Yeah." Amelia sits between me and Lily for the rest of lunch.
      After school ended I walk with Lily and the others to her house. "Hey, where's Amelia?" Lily puts her arm on my shoulder. "I don't know. After class ended she just took off." I wonder where she went. "Hey! There's Amelia!" Katie points her out of the crowd. "Amelia!" I shout trying to get closer to her. She quickly looks to the floor and keeps walking. "Come on guys!" I shout back at everyone still following Amelia.
     "Amelia wait!" I grab a hold of her wrist pulling her back to me, "Didn't you here me call you?" "N-n-no." She's shaking. I look up at her eyes that were red, puffy, and swollen. "Amelia are you okay?" "I'm fine." she looks around quickly not paying attention to me. "Your coming with us to Lily's house." I pull her with me towards the girls. "Are you okay?" everyone asks her as she nods her head yes. "Amelia's coming over if it's fine with you Lily." I look over at her as she nods. Something's wrong with Amelia.

   ~Amelia's Pov~
     Ruby drags me along with them to Lily's house. I don't want to go at all. We walk up to her door and wait for her to open it. I stood there looking at the ground fiddling with my thumbs. "Come on in." Ruby pulls me in sitting me on the couch. "Friend of ours are coming in a bit so make yourself comfortable." Lily smiles down at me walking into the kitchen.
     Cat turned on the TV flipping through the channels trying to find a movie. "Any suggestions Amelia?" I look up at her and froze. "I don't really watch TV." "Oh." she looks back at the TV and continues to flip through. I am much of a nerd. I mostly study, do homework and I do everything I'm told. No wonder Tanya hates me.
     It was quiet for a while since Cat was still flipping through channels. I thought I was going to fall asleep. After about 10 minutes of just sitting I hear people outside making noises while they get closer. It must be Ruby's friends. "Lily!" I hear a British accent shout behind me. "No Louis!" I look back and see someone jump on Lily. "Hey boys. This is Amelia." Ruby points to me. I slowly look back and see...One Direction?! My jaw drops to the floor as they smile at me.
      I kept my eye on Harry as he winked at me. I'm totally fan girling right now. "Hi Amelia!" Louis shouts at me from the floor. They're so nice. "Come on boys we have to pack." Liam says walking to a room. The others follow behind him to the room.
      "You like One Direction?" Kalel smiles at me. I nod my head smiling in excitement. "Wait, so if you know them are two of you their girlfriends?" I might be a nerd, but I do read some magazines. "Yeah. I'm Louis' and Viper is Niall's..." Lily says. "And I'm Zayn's." Ruby finishes off. "Your with Zayn?" "Yeah. We're keeping it a secret. Just don't tell anyone that we know them." I can't believe I met them! I thought I would never meet the British/Irish boy band.
      "We gotta get going girls." Zayn says walking out of the room with his luggage. "Already? I thought your flight leaves at 7?" Ruby hugs Zayn. "It was at 7, but they had to change planes because it broke down in England." Everyone goes into a group hug as they look at me. "What?" "Your part of the group aren't you?" Ruby smiles, signaling me over. Me? Part of a group? I end up walking over to them and join in. I feel like I'm actually being wanted here.
     "Well, we'll see you girls at the end of tour." Harry says. "It was nice meeting you Amelia." Liam shakes my hand. They all walk out and head towards a black tinted van. I just met them and they're leaving. I'm kind of sad now. They wave goodbye as they take off to the airport.
     We all walk back in and sit in the living room. "Amelia, I know you didn't get those scratches and bruises from falling so tell me honestly." Ruby looks straight at me. "Tanya...she hates me." I could feel my eyes getting watery. "We need to do something about this." "No! I guys didn't say anything when she hurt you in England." I quickly cover my mouth. "How do you know Tanya hurt us?" Cat shoots her eyes to me. "She butt dialed me and I heard everything. It's not like your going to stop her from hurting you all." I mean it's true and I'm not lying.
     "Let's get you patched up." Lily pulls me over to the kitchen and bandages me up from head to toe. "Lily, I don't need bandages." "Do you know how much germs can get into your scratches?!" "Yeah, yeah, yeah." I roll my eyes looking to the ground. Why can't they just stay out of my life problems. "Amelia...just talk to us if anything goes wrong. You can't suffer like us." Ruby puts her hand on my shoulder. "I don't need to talk about anything Ruby! I can take care of myself...I'm not a kid." I get up from my chair and head out towards the door.
     Ruby cares for me too much. I wanted to make friends not therapist friends. "I just worry Amelia." Ruby stops me. "I wanted to make friends...I don't want therapists." I calm down. "Friends worry for each other." Psh... I didn't know how it was like to have friends. I thought she was going to stop talking to me after school ended. No one's ever lasted this long with me before.
     Ruby signals me to sit next to her on the door step. She takes in a deep breath, "Amelia...I went through bullying like you. I mean, I still do get bullied, but with friends who care about me. At my old school in elementary people called me names, I was pushed around, and it was because I wasn't myself." "Why weren't you yourself?" I suddenly get interested in her story. "Well, I wanted to be a pop star when I was in elementary, so I wanted everyone calling me celebrity names and stuff. Now I think it's stupid and funny what I did." She chuckles a bit.
     We sit quietly looking around until I finally spoke, "So what are you trying to tell me?" Ruby gives me a weak smile, "I just wanted you to know I've been in your place and I know how it is...Let's go inside now." Ruby opens the door leading me in with the others in the living room.

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