One Way Ticket to One Direction

A girl named Lily and her 4 friends go off on an adventure when her mom gets tickets to a One Direction concert. A surprise awaits for them behind a metal door full of drama, adventure, and romance. What can they expect this summer? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


10. Funtime's


 ~Zayn's Pov~

     After eating breakfast I go join Ruby in the music room. "Hey Ruby why didn't you eat?" I ask looking down at her. "I wasn't hungry." "Oh ok." I smile at her and walk towards the piano."So what do you want to do?"she says looking up at me. "Well we could see what everyone is going to do today and maybe join someone." "Uuhhhh..... Sure." We head to the living room and see Louis and Lily on the couch thumb wrestling.

     "Hey Lily and Louis, what are you guys going to do today?" Ruby says jumping over the couch inbetween them. "Hold on Ruby I'm about to beat Louis." Lily says pushing Louis' arm down. "OW! No your not Lily!" Louis says pulling Lily to the floor with him. "Ahhh! Okay! Okay! You win Louis!" Lily says pushing away. "So what were you saying Ruby before Lily had rudely interrupted you." Louis says chuckling at Lily as she makes a pouty face. "What were you guys planning on doing today?" "Oh well we're planning on going to Six Flags when Vip, Katie, Liam, and Niall are out of the fun house." Louis says walking towards his laptop. "We bought the tickets online so we don't have to wait in line all day. Do you guys want to join us?" I look at Ruby as she nods in excitement. "I guess it's a yes."

     We head to our rooms to get ready to go. "Hey what about Harry and Cat?" I ask looking at Louis. "I couldn't find them anywhere." Hmmm... That's strange. "I'll go find them." I walk out and head towards Ruby's room. "Hey Zayn, what's up?" Lily says walking back and forth  carrying things in her hands. "Do you know where Cat and Harry are?" "I haven't seen them since last night, but I'll give Cat a call right now." I smile and head towards the fun house room.

       I open the door, "Liam, Niall, Vip, and Katie we're leaving in an hour!" I shout looking around to find someone. "Okay Zayn we'll be out shortly." Katie says walking pass me. "Where's everyone else? Is Cat or Harry in here with guys?" I say following behind her. "Everyone hid from me so I don't know where anyone is." "Katie I have an idea follow me." I whisper as I pull her into a room no one knows except for me and Katie now. "What's this?" she says looking around. I cover her mouth as I look through a hole in the door. "When they walk by here we're going to sneak behind them and pull them into here two at a time." she smiles in agreement as she looks through the hole.

       We tiptoe behind Cat and Liam covering their mouths and pulling them into the room. We head out again and get Niall and Harry leaving Vip by herself. "What was that for?!" everyone yells at me and Katie. "Well you guys ditched Katie!" they all laugh looking at Katie. "It was Vip's idea." Cat confesses looking at me. "Well we're going to have to mess with Vip a bit more aren't we?" I say raising an eyebrow at Katie.  


~Vip's Pov~

       "Let's ditch Katie you guys!" I say whispering it to Niall as he whispers to the others. We all start to run towards another room as Katie turned back to close the door. "Vip! Why do you keep doing this?!?!" I hear Katie yell as we keep running. "Keep doing this?" I hear Liam say. "Yeah I always ditch her when we're hanging out." I say opening the next door.

        After a while of walking into rooms I turn around and see that no one is behind me. Where did everyone go? As I'm walking towards to another door the lights turn off. I run to the door and start shaking the knob. I hear laughters around me coming closer every second. "Stop you guys! I'm sorry Katie for ditching you!" I yell as I start swaying my hands side to side to find someone. I feel hands grab my waist and pulls me towards the door.

       "I thought you were on my side Niall." I say giving him the puppy eyes as he lets me go. "Not this time Vip." he says looking at the others. I roll my eyes and see Lily, Ruby, and Louis walking our way. "Are you guys ready to go?" Lily says tossing me the car keys. "Ya!" we all shout running to the cars.        "So I guess it's going to be Lily, Katie, Niall, and Louis with me and Ruby, Cat, Harry, and Zayn with you." I say looking at Liam. We all agree and pile into the car. "Hey Niall do you mind scooting in a bit more?" Lily says looking at me with a smile as Niall scoots closer to me. I roll my eyes and follow Liam for the next two hours to Six Flags.

        After a long drive we finally arrive to the gate and get out of the car. "Yes! I can finally ride my childhood ride!" I hear Lily say running towards the entrance as we all laugh at her. "Wait boys we need our caps and glasses." Liam says running back to the car with the boys behind him. We all look at each other confused and just stood still. The boys come back dressed in funny caps and glasses. We all burst out in laughter as we walk together to the entrance.  


~Louis' Pov~

        We all decided to go on Tatsu, then Batman, and then Lily begged us all to go on Green Lantern, and any other rides we decide to go on after these first three rides. "I bet I can beat you to the line of Tatsu!" I hear Lily yell as she starts to run towards the line. Lily suddenly stops halfway  in front of a group of girls. They all point and look at Lily and me laughing.

        "Well, isn't it the scamp and one of her nerdy friends." says the one in front of the other girls which I'm guessing is the leader. "What do you want Tanya?" Lily says crossing her arms taking a step back. "You know how you love One Direction?" she says looking at Lily straight in the eyes as Lily nods. "Well, I got front row tickets to see them tomorrow night with Nancy, Jessica, Mia, Danielle, and Kalel." "And why do I care?" Lily says stepping forward. "I also got backstage passes to see them in person." she says pushing Lily to the floor as all of her friends laugh with her except the one with blue hair.

        As I help Lily up Tanya pushes me to the ground next to Lily as they leave. Vip and Liam run over and help us up. Just before we leave I see the girl with blue hair come up to us. "Are you guys okay?" she says looking at us. "Wait, why are you being so friendly with us Kalel?" Lily says pushing me back. "I'll be honest I don't like Tanya much either she always makes fun of me too." "Why do you still hang out with her then?" I ask as I try to hide my face. "Well, I didn't want to end up being called a nerd like when I was at my old school, so I changed myself. It wasn't the best choice I had made after all." she says looking back towards the girls.

       "I'm sorry, I thought you were like the rest of them Kalel." Lily says looking at her. "It's okay. Well, I got to go before they leave me. Oh and by the way it's okay Louis I won't tell anyone that you guys are here." she smiles and starts to walk back over to the girls. We then all head off to our first ride of the day.  

 ~Ruby's Pov~

       After we went on a couple of the rides we decide to take a lunch break and have pizza. Lily and Cat went to go order the pizza while the rest of us went to go find a table. Why is it taking so long? The pizza is usually ready fast here. I walk over to the line and see Lily and Cat with of course the girls. "Hey! Back off Tanya, you don't have to be such a drama queen about it." Lily says pushing Cat in back of her. "What happened Lily?" I say walking towards them.

        "Clown face over here ran into Cat while she had food in her hands and blamed it on Cat for ruining her clothes." Lily says pushing Cat to me. Tanya moves closer to Cat and shoves the rest of her food on her. "What the heck!?!?" I yell in Tanya's face. "Oops. Accidents happen right?" she laughs. "Tanya just stop being such a jerk for once and it was your fault for running into Cat." Kalel says stepping over with us. "Kalel?! Why are you next to these scamps?" Tanya says pointing at us. "They're my friends." "Ahhh! Girls let's go." Tanya says leading them the other direction. "Let's get you cleaned up Cat." I say taking her to the restroom.

        After Cat got all cleaned up we went to go join the others and have pizza well, except for me. "Hey do you guys mind if my friend Kalel joins us for the rest of the day?" Lily says turning to the boys. "Uhhh.... Sure." they all say looking at each other. "Ruby, why aren't you eating?" Zayn says tugging at me. "I don't feel like eating." "You haven't ate since last night." "I'll be fine Zayn don't worry." I say giving him a for sure look.

         We stay the rest of the night going on rides until they closed the park. This was so fun! "Hey Zayn, do you mind if Kalel stays over until we leave?" he nods as he walks to the boys in front of us. "Kalel, do you want to stay with us?" "No, you guys been to nice." she says giving us a slight smile. "Come on, you made Tanya back off on us when we were in line." Lily says giving her a light punch on the arm. "I guess I could go." Kalel says smiling as we all run to the car.

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