One Way Ticket to One Direction

A girl named Lily and her 4 friends go off on an adventure when her mom gets tickets to a One Direction concert. A surprise awaits for them behind a metal door full of drama, adventure, and romance. What can they expect this summer? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


15. Friendly love

    ~Louis' Pov~
   "Hey Boobear." I open my eyes and see Harry looking at me. "What do you want Harry?" I say groaning as I get up. "Let's play truth or dare!" he says happily. I have a bad feeling about this but I nod a yes. "Okay the rules are you have to do the dare no matter how horrible it is and there are no truths allowed."
  "You might as well call it dare." I say hesitating, "I dare you to wake up Cat by jumping on her on the bed." Harry rolls his eyes and runs to the room and jumps on Cat. "Harry! I'm going to kill you!" Cat says slapping him on the arm. Harry runs back and says, "I dare you to... Kiss Lily." he says with a mischievous look. "Harry I'm not going to do that!" I say looking at Lily on the couch sleeping. "I didn't back out on mine so you have to do yours and besides she's in love with you, you might make her wish come true." he says pointing me to Lily.
  I kneel on the floor and lean in close to Lily. "Wait!" Harry whispers loudly pulling me back. "What?" "It has to be 3 seconds long." I roll my eyes and lean in close again. I press my lips against Lily's and held it there for 3 long seconds. "Louis William Tomlinson!" I hear a familiar voice say. I quickly get up and see Eleanor at the door with her jaw dropped.
  "It's not what is looks like Eli!" I say walking towards her grabbing her shoulders. "Get your hands off me!" she says pulling away. "What's going on?" Lily pops up from behind the couch with a smile on her face, "Your Eleanor! Oh my gosh!" "Who is that girl?!" Eleanor ask angerily. "Just a friend Eli calm down." I say backing away. "Who's it gonna be Tomlinson?" Eleanor asks me with a mad look. "Who's what?" Lily asks questioning. "You know!" Eleanor yells at Lily. "Eleanor, she didn't know about this!" I say pointing to Lily. "I guess you chose what you want now!" Eleanor yells as she slams the door behind her.
  "Why is Eleanor mad?" Lily asks walking up to me. "Harry, would you like to explain?!" I yell at Harry as he slowly walks away from the living room. "Louis, I'm so sorry!" Harry says kneeling to the floor. "Someone just tell me what happened already!" Lily yells at the both of us. Harry takes a deep breath, "I decided to play a game of truth or dare and I decided truths weren't allowed so I told Louis to kiss you." "You what?!" Lily didn't sound happy. "And all I did was ruin your relationship with Eleanor." Harry says looking at me. "And Elounor shipping fans too!" Lily says throwing a pillow at Harry.
  "Wait, you shipped us?" I ask raising a eyebrow. "Well you didn't think I was in love with you did you?" she asks with a questioning face. I begin to blush and face Harry with an angry face. "I'm not that kind of fan that would kill Eleanor to date you or something." Lily says walking outside. "Lily, don't tell anyone about what happened, okay?" "Not planning on it." she says slamming the door.
  "Are you mad at me Boobear?" Harry asks putting his arm around my shoulder. "No, I can't stay mad at you Hazza." I say giving him a smile. "Guess what Lou?" Harry asks standing in front of me. "What?" "I think Loly just ran over the Elounor ship." Harry says winking at me. I push him over the couch and run in the room.

   ~Katie's Pov~
  I wake up to yelling of voices from Louis and Harry's flat. What's going on over their? It suddenly gets quiet and Lily barges in face planting onto the edge of the bed where my feet were. "You okay Lily?" I ask while I get up sitting next to her. "Yeah." "What happened?" I ask putting my arm around her shoulder. "I was playing a game with Louis and Harry and I lost so I got mad." "Well, it's just a game Lily." "Its not just any kind of game." she says shaking her head.
   We both walk out of the room and see Vip, Ruby, and all the boys awake. "Hey Katie, Lily!" Louis says walking towards us. "Excuse me." Lily says pushing her way out to the kitchen. "She's still mad about losing." I say walking pass him. "Losing?" he hesitates, "oh right well I'm gonna check up on her." Louis says running into the kitchen.
   I join Ruby at her side as the boys discuss something in a circle. "So, what are we doing today?" I say breaking the silence. "I don't think we have anything planned so we my just kick it off and relax." Liam says popping his head out of the circle. "Well, I'm going to be busy later tonight but I'll chill with you Katie." Vip says smiling at me.
   "Loly? Seriously?!" I look over and see Lily walking way from Louis. "What's Loly?" I ask looking over at the boys. "The Elounor ship sank like the Titanic and Loly is sailing like a cruise ship." Harry says looking over his shoulder. "Elounor broke up?" I think for a second, "Loly?! Their..." Harry cuts me off, "No their not together... Well at least not yet." I begin to think to myself. Loly... Lollipop! I begin to laugh at myself as everyone stares at me weird. "What's so funny?" Cat asks walking in. "Lollipop!" I burst out into tears and laughter. "Oh, I get it!" Harry says laughing along with me. My laugh became so retarded that everyone decided to laugh along. I'm so stupid at times but it's just to funny.

    ~Lily's Pov~
   I walk out with Katie into the living room and see almost everyone awake. Oh great, Louis. I quickly push my way through the living room to the kitchen. "Lily I'm sorry." Louis says grabbing my hand. "For what?" I ask looking up at him as I sat on the floor leaning against the wall. "For... Kissing you." he says sitting himself across from me. "Yeah things are getting awkward between us now." I say looking away from him.
   "Can I ask you something?" Louis says scooting closer to me, "how did you not feel me kiss you? Just curious." "I'm a heavy sleeper." I smile back at him as he helps me up. "Well Elounor just sank and Loly just came in." he says chuckling. What the heck? "Loly? Seriously?!" I run out to the back patio.
   "Loly? Really?" I say pushing him back. "Well I kind of ship it." he says smiling at me. I begin to blush. "C'mon Lily you must ship us too." I hate admitting that it's true. "I guess I could say I slightly like you too." Louis smiles and grabs my hands leading me inside with the others.
    "Did Loly finally ship?" Harry says looking up at us. "What do you mean finally?" I look at him raising an eyebrow. "Well you were going to end up getting together anyways." "You set this whole thing up?" Louis questions looking at Harry. "No! Okay I did but just the Dare that was it." "And the 'she's in love with you.' ?" Louis says lightly punching Harry on the arm. "Well, he's a keeper Cat." I say winking at her.

    ~Niall's Pov~
    It's almost time for my date with Vip. I think it's a date though. "I'm ready!" Vip says walking down the stairs. We get into the limo and head off to the restaurant. "So... Do you like it here in England so far?" I ask her breaking the silence. "Yeah the sights are beautiful here." she says looking up from her phone. "Oh look we're here." we get out and walk towards the restaurant.
    "Oh no its closed." Vip says looking up at the sign. "Hmmm... Let's go grab some patties and chips instead." I say looking at her. We walk down a couple blocks and settle in. "Sorry Vip, I thought this was going to turn out more interesting to try something new." "Well as long as your here it'll be fine." she says smiling up at me. "So I'm guessing Viall is shipping?" I mumble softly. "What?" "Nothing!" I quickly say starting to blush, "so did you enjoy the patties at least?" "They are actually better here." "Your a girl that is not afraid to eat huh?" I say smirking. "Yup!" we both have a little laugh and enjoy the rest of the night.
     "I hope you had fun Viper." I say grabbing her hands in mine. "Yeah I did." she says giggling. I stare into her eyes and lean in closer to her.  "Niall, who is this girl your with?" I quickly push away from Vip and see paparazzi surrounding us. "Back off everyone!" I say pulling Vip along with me through the crowd. Cameras flashed everywhere around us as we ran. We couldn't see anything as we ran down the streets.
    "Niall watch out!" Vip yells as she tries to slow me down. I suddenly run into someone and hit the floor. "Get off me you... Viper?!?!" the person says looking towards Vip. "Tanya?!" Vip says helping me up. Uh oh. "Why are you here rascal?!" Tanya yells at Vip. "Whoa! Don't be calling people rascals and besides Viper is a better person than you!" I say growling at her. "I'm going to ruin your summer little rascal and your friends too!" Tanya yells running off the other direction. "Does she really hate you guys?" I question looking at Vip. "Well, she's never been this mad before." Vip says pulling me to the flat.
   "Are you guys okay?" Katie looks up at us as we quickly shut the door. "Uuhhh... Yeah! We did not just run into Tanya and make her angry enough to ruin our summer. Ahahah." Vip says faking a smile. "You seen Tanya?!" Katie gasps in disbelief. "It's not bad really!" Vip says trying to calm Katie down. "How am I suppose to get revenge on Tanya when she knows we're here? I'm not blaming you guys its just I'm now worried." Katie says plopping on the couch.
   After Vip calmed Katie down we decided to watch a movie. "Sorry about dinner love." I say putting my arm around her. "Well let's just forget what happened back there." "Agree... But you know I still owe you something." I lean in close and land my lips on hers. "Room!" We quickly pull away and see Lily at the door. "You've kissed Louis why are you saying eewww?" Vip says looking at her. "Technically he kissed me and I didn't know so... Eewww!" "Whatever!" Vip says throwing a pillow at Lily as she runs out. We watch the movie and fall asleep in each others arms.

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