Now and Forever




5. short chaptah

"I love you too. Like REALLY LOVE YOU! I've been waiting to tell you this but... Do you know how long its been since I've wanted to say that?"

I shook my head no.

"Since I saw you that day in the parking lot when it was raining. When I brought you back home to the boys i couldn't wait to spend time with you. And when you went out with Harry I was heart broken. And I only went out with Lexu because i needed a rebound. Im sorry for hurting you Em. Im sorry for everything I've done. But will you please pretty please! Be my girlfriend?"

Okay not the reaction i was expecting ...but this works too!

"Of course Lou! I love you!"

"So are we going to tell the there or keep it a secret?"

"Let's tell them. They deserve to know."


"So yeah......what do you think about the relationship?" I cautiously asked the group after explaining out relationship.

"Finally! I've been shipping you guys for , like, Ever!" Aly squealed!

"Yeah Louis GET SOME!" Harry and Zayn yelled.

"Yeah. Your welcome." Niall piped in. If it wasnt for him then i would still be loving from a distance.

Liam didnt say anything through. I thought he would be happy for us?

He left the room and i instantly followed him.

"Liam whats up?"

"Dani broke up with me. Something about too much hate on twitter and she can't take it anymore. I really loved her Em." Liam cried on my shoulder. I sat there paying his back, who could have broken up with this perfect guy right here?

He is childish but serious at the same
Time. He is love able and weird, with just a pinch of originality that makes him who he is. Liam can't stop the hate on twitter. And neither can i. But I know that I DO miss payzer. And I will miss having Dani around to help when Liam is picking on me. But for all i know, fate could be taking a break. If they are meant
To be together, they will find their way back.


Just as Louis and I did.

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