Now and Forever




1. Forever and Always


I shouldnt talk like that. It makes me sound like a druggie......

Anyways here u go beautiful!!!! *NOTICE I CHANGED A FEW PARTS SO BEWARE!!!*


Living on a tour bus ith the boys, and Aly...Isnt the greatest. Its a double decker bus and us girls get the top floor, and the boys get the bottom. They are slobs and never clean up. I am regretting ever even agreeing to this.

"Em U hungry?" Yelled from down stairs, I haven't really been talking to them....because of Lexi.


"Come on Em, atleast tag along? Its not the same with out you." Niall whined.

"Will you freaking shut up If I do?" I Screamed, they have been the most annoying,  then Harry, an Zayn and Liam.

"WE PROMISE!" They all yelled.

"Em lets just go because they are giving me a migraine." Aly sighed. its true, they made her take medication for it too. I was getting worried about her.


*week later*

"FINE JUST LEAVE US ALONE, IF YOU SHUT UP I WILL FORGIVE YOU!" I screamed down stairs. They have been non stop complimenting me and trying to get on my go side but they are making me bitchy.

"WHOO HOO! LOUIS YOUR PLAN WORKED!" Harry shouted. Hold da fuck up. This was LOUIS' IDEA?

"LOU MAY I HAVE A WORD WITH YOU?" I call, this better be good. HE ran up the stairs, almost falling because the bus went over a manhole

"Yes Em?" He looked s relieved after I told him I forgave him.

"Was it your idea to annoy the heck out of me?" I look right into his eyes. He beautiful blue/grey eyes that you can get lost in.

"Yes it was. I couldn't stand not being able to have you there. Do you know why I call you Em all the time Emily?" His eyes were filled with love. A huge grin on his face.

"No, I always thought it was just a nickname..." I stood there beside my bed, confused.

"Its because the remaining letter, ily stand for I Love You. I love you Em and I always will, forever and always. Like a best friend, or a brother."

"I love you too Lou, and I never hated you. I was just disappointed that you didn't believe me." I give him a smile. A  genuine smile. Something I haven't done for a while.

He leans in, and hugs me.....I was expecting a kiss...but I guess this will do. I am really head over heels for this guy.

"QUIT MAKING BABIES AND GET DOWN HERE SO WE CAN HUG!" harry shouted. damne by has to ruin everything. I know I loved him before, and I still do. But im love...with him. get it? no? deal with it.

"SCEW YOU!" Aly shouts down for me.

"HOW HARD?" Niall shouts back up. Noboy know but me, but Niall looks at Aly they way I look at Louis. with love, and want, and need. I should really set them up. THEY WOULD BE SO CUTE!

I grab Louis' han in mine an we walk ow the steps to meet the boys an they tackle us. when I\m hugging Niall, he whispers something in my ear so ony I can hear it.

'Meet me at Nandos in 20, I have to tell you something important.Ì nod slightly an act like it never happened.


*20 minutes later at nandos*

Èmily, I have to tell you something that I have come to notice within the past few days, well week. When you got back from touring with Olly. I have to get it off my chest, no matter how much drama it brings, I have to tell you.'he grabbed my hands and stared into my eyes. They are a pretty blue, but I don't think of him that way.

Wait, could I have been wrong? when he was looking at ay, could he really have bee looking at me? no no no no this cant be happening.'

''Emily. I love-''


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