Things Change For A Reason

Sapphire is a junior highschool, her boyfriend is Brad from TheVamps hes a senior and theyve been dating since she was a freshmen. Then One Direction the biggest boyband in the world comes to their school, will things change for Sapphire??


3. Chapter 3

So we get in my car and start driving to the address they gave me, Jade obviously just realized we are actually going to their flat and she started jumping up and down and screaming. I must say it was very loud screaming, i just brushed it off and started laughing at her she looked like she had some problems but it was adorable, we finally get there, and sat in the driveway gawking at the house. It was huge and beautiful, but after that we went to the front door and rang the doorbell and heard some running...

Niall's P.O.V

The lads and i were so excited, you could tell we all had a crush on Sapphire but i never get the girl and i want her. I feel in my heart shes my princess. We were all chilling and wondering what we were going to do to win her heart and soon the doorbell rang and i sprinted for that door like no other. After i fixed myself i opened the door to fine "The Gems" as they call themselves it was a adorable nickname i must say. Well i invited them in and they gave all the boys hugs and i got mine and she smelled like strawberries and vanilla. So we were all sitting around it was awkward ...

i hear the gems giggle at each other and they got up screaming "AWKWARD DANCING !" and they flew up dancing, the lads and i just laughed are asses off and soon turned music on and danced too. After that died down i guess Sapphire found my guitar and looked at me "May i?" "you play?" i said with a smirk on my face "of course i wouldnt be asking if i didnt" she laughed and playfully hit my arm, she sat down and looked at Jade and they smiled at each other i was wondering what those to were up too till she played the song "change your life by little mix" then she sang and noone spoke then jade cam in and i relaized why they called them "The Gems" that was their name, they looked almost like sisters and their voices were like angels..

Sapphire P.O.V

After we finished singing the boys were cheering their heads off and it was sweet, then niall took the guitar, he played "What Makes You Beautiful" by them of course and they wanted us to sing again and we did and soon they joined in and we sounded so amazing. After all the singing we finally settled down, i checked the time and it was 11:00 at night and i had a million text messages from Brad and alot of followers on twitter. I gave Jade a look and she looked shocked to cuz she had alot new followers, we look and the boys followed us but they tweeted the video of us singing and pictures of us together. Im so in trouble right now

"hey guys thanks for a really good time we had loads of fun but we really have to go" I said witha smile

"awe please stay you could stay the night" Zayn said with puppy dog eyes, and soon enough the boys all gave me puuppy dog eyes, I looked at them biting my lip wondering if i should, but then my phone rang..


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