Things Change For A Reason

Sapphire is a junior highschool, her boyfriend is Brad from TheVamps hes a senior and theyve been dating since she was a freshmen. Then One Direction the biggest boyband in the world comes to their school, will things change for Sapphire??


2. Chapter 2

so i text all the numbers and found out its the boys i literallly face balmed, i asked them how they got my number and they said Jade. I was gonna punch her in her thigh for this, i cant believe she gave 5 random boys my number when those 5 random boys are the biggest boyband ever and i have a boyfriend. i never texed them back and they just kept text bombing me. I wanted to scream with rage. so i did the reasonable thing any girl would do call her bestfriend, but i was gonna yell at mine.


*ring ring ring ring*

click "hello" jade said

"hi jade we need to talk like now come over?" i said very calm

"oh sure ill be over in 5 minutes" she said before saying goodbye

Jade only lived down the street thats why we were such a bestfriends and she could come over when ever, but after i waited for 5 minutes she finally came, I let her in and we sat on the couch she looked scared

i laughed "so you gave a stranger my number but not just one stranger but five strangers and not just any strangers but the biggest boy band ever in the world !" i said a little annoyed

she looked at me with pleading eyes"but Sapphire they looked at me with puppy dog eyes, asking for your number they all fancy you so much and im very jealous of you because i just firgued one would like yo but all five! you dont even like them its not even fair" she said a litle sad

"awe babe i didnt know im sorry ill try to get them to talk to you" i said huggin her, i then walked over to the phone and saw i had an incoming phone it was probably Brad so i picked up


"Hi is this Sapphire" the stranger said which did not sound like Brad

"um yeah may i ask whos calling?"

"oh finally!" i hear five voices say, so i started freaking out

"um who is this?"

"oh sorry its one direction" they said all in unision, i rolled my eyes and looked at Jade, she mouthed "what" and i said "One Direction is on the phone" she sqealed of course so i put it on speaker

"well the gems are here" me and Jade sang which surprised the boys cuz i guess we were really good

"um you guys sounded beautiful!" i heard Niall say

"thanks, so what did you need exactly" i said

"oh we were wondering if we could hang tonight at our flat you know you and Jade" Harry said "we wanna hear your voices" Niall said

i was in denial for like a minute then Jade finally made me say yes, what was brad going to think ? well he shouldnt freak out im not doing anything to cheat on him or anything. So i said yes and they sent me their address and me and Jade were on our way to the boys flat

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