Things Change For A Reason

Sapphire is a junior highschool, her boyfriend is Brad from TheVamps hes a senior and theyve been dating since she was a freshmen. Then One Direction the biggest boyband in the world comes to their school, will things change for Sapphire??


1. Chapter 1

Hi guys, Im Sapphire im a junior at ColdsWorth High and i have the most amazing boyfriend ever whos the lead singer, Brad, from TheVamps. My bestfriend is Jade "hahaha" i know what your thinking, when were together at school people call us the gems. Its our nickname around the school.


so i wake up to the sound of my alarm singing to me, i really dreaded this day because One Direction is coming to our school they wanted to lay down for awhile so they came here of all places to settle down and finish school. Which bothers me, most people hate me for not being excited that One Direction is coming to our schoo, even my bestfriend Jade would glare at me everytime i groaned with the mention of one direction. It makes me laugh out loud everytime, well i got up and got ready for school i decided to curl my hair and wear some tie dyed distrested high waisted ahorts the colors were tuquoise and hot pink together i thought theu were so cute, i then piced out my white croped top shirt saying "i love food" in the hot pink color like the color on my shorts and wore my turqouise vans i know im very colorful. I walked downstairs to see Brad making me breakfeast i smiled and snuck up behind him hugging him behind the waist.

"goodmorning babe" he said turning around wrapping his hands around my waist and kissing my forehead,

i blushed and kissed his nose " whatcha making?" i asked curious looking over his shoulder

"eggs and bacon" he said turning around finishing a last few touches and put some on two plates and gave me one plate.

we ate talking about homework and what we were going to do for the weekend, we finished and we drove to school, we got out hand-in-hand. i saw Jade walking up with Brad's bandmate, so we started walking together and jade just babbling on and on about One Direction, and just my luck when she was about to shut up they come walking into school their eyes watching me and checking me out i rolled my eyes and kept walking. Since i was a office assistant i had to show the boys around which i hated but i put on a fake smile and showed them around the whole school it better than going to class i thought to myself, i got kinda awkward and i hate that so i started a conversation..

"so you guys are One Direction" i said which i regretted saying it was a stupid convo started nut the curly haired one didnt think so.

he gave me a cheeky smile " yeah but we want to be normal like you, and i never caught your name love ?"

"oh im Sapphire, abd yes like the gem and my bestfriend is Jade so people call us The Gems when they see us walking around"

"haha thats so adorable" the blonde one said

" well im Zayn, thats Niall (pointing to the blonde one), Harry (the curlly one), Liam (the one with wavy hair which i also heard was Daddy Directioner) and that right there is Louis (the one chowing down on carrots)" zayn said

i laughed when i saw louis chowing down "you have a beautiful laugh by the way" Niall said i blushed a little.

so we came to the end of tour and i told them id see them around which would never happen because i can already see Brad getting jealous as i waved bye to the boys and walked over to him he pu his arm around my waist and gave them stare-at-my-girlfriend-your-dead kinda look. I laughed at how silly he was being, but we walked to lunch i havent seen Jade and she would usually be with Brad or his bandmates and i couldnt find her and right when we walked into the cafeteria she was talking to the biys giving them a piss of paper and skipping over to me, i gave her a confused look and she just shrugged so i ignored it. The rest of school was boring and creepy cuz all the boys kept giving me googly eyes where i seriously wanted to throw up, but me of course ignored it. Then brad drove me home and went to his house to practice a new song and i wouldve went but i had loads of homework nut then i got 5 text messages from alll unknown numbers...

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