Lyric's parents get a divorce when she finally gets where she wants to be in life. She moves all the way to Dover, New Hampshire from Brimingham, England. She is bullied, secerets are kept from her, and things are done to her, and her mother doesn't believe her. She falls in love, and her own "mother" kicks her out of the house, so she moves in with her boyfriend. When they get older, they are still in the same house. Her boyfriend can't support his love, so he goes into the army. But you will have to read to find out the rest of the information. Some chapters will contain adult content.
Self harm, Alcohol, Sex, Depression, Disorders, Love, and Bullying will take place in this story. It most likely be updated once or twice a week, and it will be Lyric's diary.


6. The Past Year

Author's Note: This chapter will take place around two years after the last one. I hope you all like it, and I am really sorry I haven't been writing lately.

Dear Journal,

    I know I haven't wrote in here in a long time, but I just didn't know what to write. People have been even more rude then usual, They have called me more names then I could even remember. Everyday I have wrote the worst words they have called me that day on post-it notes and hang them up on my wall. Melisa saw them on my wall and asked what they were for, but I just ignored her. We have grown more distant since I found out she wasn't my real mum, and when she wouldn't believe me about Taylor.

    Everyday I look at those words on my wall, and just think to myself, trying to convince myself none of those are true. But lately I have found myself starting to believe everyone else. When I get home I go to my room, put in my headphones and get on facebook, that's the only way I can talk to my friends. Taylor has pretty much left me alone, but, him and Melisa have been fighting, a lot. When Melisa gets tired of fighting with him she gets in her car and drives for a few hours, and in that time Taylor comes in my room and beats me.

    I don't know what to do, and I feel that I can tell Jake, but I don't want to bug him. We have hardly talked to each other since he moved, and I haven't seen him since. I'm happy he is doing well, I just wish I could see him. Eighth grade is almost over, and next year I'll be in high school. Two months after schools out I'll be fifteen. which means I will be able to see Jake, that is probably going to be the best part of my summer.

    A lot of stuff has happened since I wrote in here, which is around a year almost two. But way to much stuff happened for me to write in one night, or ever. But I hear Melisa and Taylor fighting again, so I need to act like I'm sleeping before Melisa leaves again.




                                                                                  Lyric <3

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