Lyric's parents get a divorce when she finally gets where she wants to be in life. She moves all the way to Dover, New Hampshire from Brimingham, England. She is bullied, secerets are kept from her, and things are done to her, and her mother doesn't believe her. She falls in love, and her own "mother" kicks her out of the house, so she moves in with her boyfriend. When they get older, they are still in the same house. Her boyfriend can't support his love, so he goes into the army. But you will have to read to find out the rest of the information. Some chapters will contain adult content.
Self harm, Alcohol, Sex, Depression, Disorders, Love, and Bullying will take place in this story. It most likely be updated once or twice a week, and it will be Lyric's diary.


8. The Next Day

    Jake reached his hand under the pillow, he was just leaning on, and felt something hard and cold so he pulled it out, it was a journal. Lyric's journal, he opened it and read the first page and he could tell that she has been keeping this since her third grade year. He read the journal all night and cried, wondering why she never told him. He would never look at her the same anymore, but she would still be his little baby sister.

    The next day he woke up and Lyric was still asleep and Melisa was still gone, but when he walk into the kitchen, there Taylor was making coffee. Jake hated his guts for hurting his life, Lyric. He walked up behind him "what are you doing here?" Taylor jumped a little and turned around "um.....this is my house" "not anymore." "Oh really? we'll see about that" "your damn right we will" with that Jake lifted a fist and fit him, Taylor looked at Jake and fit him in the cheek bone. Back and forward they punched and kicked each other, and didn't even realize how much noise they were making "STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT!"  "GET OUT OF HERE AND NEVER COME BACK!"  Taylor was in the dirt in the front yard covered in blood and bruises.

    "Morning baby girl," Lyric had tears running down her face and she was desperate for a hug. Jake limped over to her and wrapped his arms around her "ouch" "you're really hurt" "no I'm fine" "no you're not, come on lets go clean you up." She helped him walk to her bathroom and cleaned all the blood off him "what was the even about?" he looked at her "about you" she was shocked. "What do you mean?" "well I-I found your journal last night and...um" he rubbed the back of his neck "YOU READ IT!?" she screamed at him.

    "Well, yes" "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU, WHY WERE YOU GOING THROUGH MY STUFF!?" "I had to make sure you were okay" he argued "I'M FINE, OKAY, JUST STAY OUT OF MY STUFF!" He wanted to make her see she wasn't okay, but he needed her to feel safe so he just said "okay, I'm sorry I didn't know."

    They stayed home all day in the big empty house, and watched movies till Lyric fell asleep. She fell asleep around noon, after she was asleep Jake had to break his promise and look through her things some more. When he sat in the chair next to the couch, where Lyric was asleep like an angle, he had her journal and a few other things. He noticed a few red spots on her left sleeve that was hanging off the couch, so he stood up and walked to the edge of the couch and kneeled down.

    He slowly pulled her sleeve up trying not to wake her, he was heartbroken at what he had seen. His little baby sister has been hurt so bad, she was left to hurting herself to make the pain go away. His heart hurt so bad, he fell crying not knowing was to do. He recovered her arm and sat back down in the chair, he couldn't move so he just sat there, when he wasn't so hurt he stood up and put all the stuff he ad back in her room right where they were before.

    Lyric woke up and said she was going to go clean her room, so she did, about an hour passed by and Melisa got home. Jake pulled her into the dinning room so he could talk to her. "what is it sweetie?" "well mom it's Lyric.......I don't know if you know this but...um Taylor h-he raped Lyric" he said very quietly because he didn't know if Lyric wanted her to know. "Oh no not you to...did she put this up to you" Jake seemed a little confused "no...what do you mean did she put this up to me?" "well she tried telling this one day, an-" "and what, why would you not believe her, I mean mum, why would she lie about this? Why?" he said super angry at his mum.

    "I don't know I just wasn't thinking, and do you know what those words on her wall are about?" she answered feel sorry, and quit worried about Lyric. "Word on her wall?" he said confused because last time he was in her room there was no words on her wall.

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