Lyric's parents get a divorce when she finally gets where she wants to be in life. She moves all the way to Dover, New Hampshire from Brimingham, England. She is bullied, secerets are kept from her, and things are done to her, and her mother doesn't believe her. She falls in love, and her own "mother" kicks her out of the house, so she moves in with her boyfriend. When they get older, they are still in the same house. Her boyfriend can't support his love, so he goes into the army. But you will have to read to find out the rest of the information. Some chapters will contain adult content.
Self harm, Alcohol, Sex, Depression, Disorders, Love, and Bullying will take place in this story. It most likely be updated once or twice a week, and it will be Lyric's diary.


2. It All Goes Down

Author's note: Sorry I haven't kept my word, on how I was going to update ever day or every other day. I have been busy after the first chapter. So much for an explanation, here is chapter two, and please comment on what ya'll think I would really love it if ya'll would.

Chapter Two

    Lyric's mom and her were in Nottingham for the long weekend, and had just got in the car, and were driving home. Her mom asked her "Lyric would you be mad, or upset if I devorsed your dad?" She explained to her that she wouldn't be mad but, she would be a little bit upset, it was kind of quiet after that, so Lyric's mom turned up the radio. With out knowing it, Lyric's dad called them three times, Lyric looked down at her mom's phone and saw her dad called, "mom, dad called you three times."

    Immediantely  her mom turned the music down and called him back. The whole ride home she sat in the front of the car crying in silent, as the words "I'm done, I haven't been happy for sixteen year, I can't do it anymore I'm divorcing you" played back in her head, over and over. Devorce. she looked at her phone, and had a texted for her older brother, Jake.

Jake: hey wats goin on

she texted him back saying,

Lyric: mom and dad r getting a devorce

Jake: omg r u serious

Lyric: yes :,( im scared

Jake: wen r yall goin to be home?

Lyric: in about an hour or 2

Jake: ill see yall then :,( bye

Lyric: ok bye

For what felt like hours, she sat and didn't say anything. When they finally got home Lyric walk into the surprising quiet house. She looked at the dinning room table where her brother was crying, she walked over to him as he stood up, she grabbed him in a tight hug and started crying into his chest.

    The next week of school was ok, it was the ending of the school year, and she got to see her boyfriend and all her friends. On the last day of school she smiled, laughed, and had a lot of fun. When school was over for the summer, she spent the first, four weeks with her dad, then she got to see, and kiss Mikey one last time, and told him she was moving. She packed up, and her brother, her mom, and her moved to her aunts house.

Author's note: So the only reason I was able to write this today is because I'm grounded, not goin to go into details and I know it is short but I am a little destracted. But I hope you all like it, and don't forget to comment what you think please, it think I might write another chapter tonight but I'm not sure yet.

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