Lyric's parents get a divorce when she finally gets where she wants to be in life. She moves all the way to Dover, New Hampshire from Brimingham, England. She is bullied, secerets are kept from her, and things are done to her, and her mother doesn't believe her. She falls in love, and her own "mother" kicks her out of the house, so she moves in with her boyfriend. When they get older, they are still in the same house. Her boyfriend can't support his love, so he goes into the army. But you will have to read to find out the rest of the information. Some chapters will contain adult content.
Self harm, Alcohol, Sex, Depression, Disorders, Love, and Bullying will take place in this story. It most likely be updated once or twice a week, and it will be Lyric's diary.


7. After

    After Lyric was done writing in her journal, she closed it and stuffed it under her pillow. She looked up at the wall across her bed, the wall with the post-its, she sat a stared at the wall for what seemed an hour. She looked at her hands, they were all beat-up for trying to fight back Taylor. She stood up and walked to her mirror, looked at herself, and took off all her clothes and stood there.

    She looked back at the wall, and at the mirror. She couldn't help but to cry, "I'm not fat, yes you are and you're a ugly bitch that no one loves, " she argued with herself. As she talked back to herself, she started to see why everyone hated her, she walked over to her desk and pulled out a bloody blade. She pulled on some PJs' and sat on her bed, she cleaned the blade, when she was done she set it down on her bed and looked at her left wrist, it was covered in old, new and fresh scars and scabs.

    She was still cry when she pulled the blade up to her wrist, her heart started pounding as she tried to look away. She pressed the cold metal blade deep on her wrist and pulled it slow, but fast enough for her to not feel the pain. Lyric did this about tens times. When her phone rang, her eyes opened wide and she ran to her phone, it was Jake, she dried her eyes and clear her throat before she answered. "Hey" "hey, what are you doing?"

    She paused for a split second and said "getting ready for bed, why?" she saved herself "oh just because I need somewhere to stay, David and I got in a argument" "really? Come over, you're always welcome here, and I miss you?" " I know I'm on my way I'll be there in five minutes" "ok see you soon, bye." She was so excited, she ran and cleaned her room a little, then went to her bathroom and cleaned her wrist, and pulled on a long sleeve shirt.

    She was sitting in her room, playing on her phone when she heard the arguing. Stop. "Oh no" she heard the front door slam shut, followed by the car door, and then the car drive away. Taylor was screaming and throwing things, when he slammed open Lyric's door, she jumped up off her bed and he walked over to her.

    The smile on his face was full of lust and Lyric knew what was about to happen. Taylor lifted up a hand and slapped her across the face, she fell to the floor. As he grabbed her by her hair lifting her to the bed, she was screaming, he threw her on the bed. She got up and ran as fast as she could, but he was to fast, he grabbed her throat and had her pined up on the wall, fist raised.

    "STOP!" he heard a voice and turned his head to see who it was. Lyric was fighting for air "put her down!" Taylor laughed and dropped Lyric on the floor "and what are you going to do about it........hm?" Lyric was lying on the floor gasping for air "I called the police" Taylor looked paniced. Jake ran to Lyric's side, as she was trying to get up, he put a hand on her arm and she jerked away and weakly crawled till her back was on the wall.

    When she relized it was Jake, she broke down into tears. Taylor was gone, he tried running, Jake picked Lyric up, she held on to him like she was three again and in her dads arms. He walked into her bed room and they both lied there. Lyric was finally calmed down enough "Lyric?" "hm?" she mumbled tiredly "is this the first time this has happened?" she hezatated to answer him "n-n-no" Jake was disappointed that she never told him this till now.

    She cuddled close to him, and he held her to make her feel comfortable. "Lyric what has he done to you?" again she hezates "h-he rapped me and he abuses me when he's mad." "Why didn't you tell me this?" "I-I don't know, I'm sorry" "shhhhhh get some sleep" he kissed the top of her head. She quickly falls asleep he stands up slowly and starts searching her room and finds........her journal.

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