Off Limits

Off limits: that's exactly what she is. Ellie is the sister of one of my best mates, Louis, who happens to like to take the role of being the protective older brother. But if anything, she's one of the easiest people to talk to. I can tell her anything, except for the fact that I really like her. But if I were to even attempt to go out with her, Louis would kill me. So here's my predicament: I wish I could have her, but I can't.

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5. Chapter 5





"Sorry my brother's such a dick," Hayley said to me whilst we ate spaghetti on my bed together. I was so happy she was here now, "I honestly can't believe him right now."

"He's not a dick. It's just..."

"Ellie, if he's actually  going to say something like that to you, then yes he is. Sadly, I'm actually related to him."

"Well maybe he," I knew I was going to regret saying this, "wasn't entirely wrong." I whispered.

Hayley's mouth literally dropped open; thank God there wasn't any food in there. But then she grew a huge grin, "I knew it!"

"Oh shut up Hay."

"I feel like I should be mad or something because Jared's my brother, but oh my God! You like Niall!" She exclaimed, still smiling with wide eyes.

I threw my hand over her mouth, "Shh! He's still here!" I said quietly, "And, I don't really know how I feel."

"Do you still love Jared?" She asked.

I nodded, "Yes of course. But then I might have feelings for Niall and Jared was right about everything," I could hear and feel my voice becoming weaker by the second. "I wasn't really sure about it until he started accusing me of everything." I shook my head, looking down.

I was honestly feeling ashamed of myself. I shouldn't be having feelings for Niall whatsoever! When he came into my room earlier to see what was going on, I felt like I was going to through up. Because there he was again, ready to come in and save me like always. I wanted to tell him to go away, then and there. But I couldn't get the words out. Even the one side of me was feeling like it was going to puke, the other was grateful to see him, but I know I didn't show that side. 

What was wrong with me?

My chest ached for Jared. How could I do this to him? Have possible feelings for someone else when I knew I loved Jared?

I knew Hayley could see me slowly start to break down in front of her, based on the fact that she pulled me in for a hug, "Even if you do have feelings for Niall, I still think my brother's a dick," She said. We pulled away, "El, you guys have seemed distant lately, I have been able to tell. For example, when was the last time you two went on an actual date together?"

"We've been busy."

"That's not an excuse babe. Maybe it is actually time to let things go." She was being soft about everything, not wanting to hurt me. I wasn't sure how I felt about her words though. 

My vision started to become blurry from the tears that were forming, "What if I don't want to? I don't want to lose Jared!" 

"Well, how do you fix it? You said you could have feelings for Niall and I doubt you'll be able to ignore them. I mean, you see him everyday."

Then I realized, "Maybe I should distance myself from him. That'll help, right?" It made sense. The farther I was away from Niall, the less I would feel something for him.

Hayley bit her lip, "I don't think that's such a good idea..."

"That's what I need to do," I said, ignoring her. "I need to distance myself from Niall a little bit."




I was feeling hesitant about staying away from Niall. He was probably one of my best friends, and even though I gave him a death glare when he came in my room earlier, he still stayed to try figure out what was wrong with me. Of course, it didn't take very long for me to spill everything to him, but still. I wasn't sure.

I mean, how do I just stay away? We were in almost every class together and we sat next to each other as well. Plus he had a charm about him that was hard to say no to. I didn't know how anyone could.

I sighed, running my fingers through my hair. 

I just needed to sleep and get ready for it. I flipped over in bed, rolling to my other side. It was currently four after twelve and I seriously needed to rest, but I couldn't sleep. 

Hearing my phone buzz on my bedside table, I reached for it, finding a text from -- speak of the devil -- Niall. 


From: Niall

U awake?


To: Niall

Yes unfortunately.


From: Niall

Are u ok??


No, to be frank. I was trying to mentally prepare myself for tomorrow, when I would try to distance myself to show that I truly loved Jared and didn't like that. 


To: Niall

Yeah, I think so. I just need to rest.


From: Niall

Ur a liar, I can tell when ur lying silly


To: Niall

How can you tell that I'm lying???


From: Niall

U always put periods at the end of your sentences when ur texting when ur upset


Was I really that obvious?


To: Niall

Maybe I'm just using good grammar!


From: Niall

Im you need me? Like are u really ok?


To: Niall

Yeah I'm fine. Don't come check on me or anything ok? 


From: Niall

Too late........


Huh? What did that mean? I was confused and was about to send him back another text when I heard something hit my window. 

And another thing.

And another.

I took off my warm blankets to walk over to see what was going on. I looked out the window, only to see Niall with a hand full of...pebbles? He was throwing pebbles at my window, how cliché. 

I picked up my phone to call him, not wanting to talk out the window and possibly wake someone. When he noticed the phone in my hand and the noise that was coming from his pocket, a playful smile traced his lips. "What are you doing here?" I asked. Not only was it chilly out, it was late.

He shrugged, "I wanted to make sure you were alright."

I shook my head, "You're so weird, Horan."

"How am I weird?"

"Well, you're here and it's late."

"I'm not being weird Ellie, I being...a friend?" He scratched his head, "Can I come inside to be sure you're okay?" 

"No!" I half whispered. I couldn't let a boy in my room when it was this late and he wasn't even supposed to be here. What if he woke someone and they caught him in my room? Check mark grounded.

"Well can you come out here?" He asked, sounding innocent. 

I had to stick to my idea of staying distant. I had to stay away, I did. Jared meant a lot to me so I could do this for him at least. But looking down at Niall, seeming harmless as ever, I started to remorseful. I had to at least say goodbye to him in someway. I guess that would be by spending real time with him one last time.

But this was reckless and I would get into so much trouble if I was caught sneaking out, "I can't."

"Why not?"

I said the same thing as before, "It's late!"

He shook his head, "Ellie, it's a Friday night and we both know you don't have to get up for anything early tomorrow morning. You're not going to get caught either because everyone in your family could sleep through a train going by the house if it did. Now, get down here so I can be sure that you aren't too upset anymore." Niall was being very adamant about everything, kind of shocking me because although he wasn't at all shy, he never really took charge in a lot of situations. "Please."

I sighed, "Fine. Give me a minute or so." I turned to grab a sweatshirt, but that didn't mean I didn't see the small fist pump Niall did from the corner of my eye. I laughed quietly, he was being his usual joyful self, which almost radiated onto me even though we weren't near each other at that moment.

I looked for my light blue Puma one, eventually finding it on top of my freshly cleaned pile of clothes that still needed to be folded. I threw it on and straightened out my black leggings after finding some shoes. 

I was feeling a little nervous, assuming because of the whole situation of this probably being the last time Niall and I would hang out. It kind of scared me: I was going to lose a relationship to keep one. To be completely honest, I wasn't sure how I felt about that, really. 



Hey guys!! I'm finally getting my writing skills back because OH MY GOD WRITING GOT FUN ALL OF A SUDDEN!! The writers block should be gone for a long while now though :) hope you enjoyed the chapter and are excited for the next one...I am too!! If you have any questions, just ask below or ask on one of my social networking things, which you can find on my bio on my page :)

-Gabby xxxx

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