Off Limits

Off limits: that's exactly what she is. Ellie is the sister of one of my best mates, Louis, who happens to like to take the role of being the protective older brother. But if anything, she's one of the easiest people to talk to. I can tell her anything, except for the fact that I really like her. But if I were to even attempt to go out with her, Louis would kill me. So here's my predicament: I wish I could have her, but I can't.

Copyright © 2013 -> Iridescent Artist


4. Chapter 4




"Alright, ten sprints and then we're done for the day!" Coach yelled, blowing his whistle after we got on the end line. I definitely wasn't the fastest on the team, I knew that. Liam and Louis probably were, usually finished first and second every time. But I still was in the top five or six at least.

I huffed my breath, trying to keep it steady at the same time while I ran. By the time I reached the last one, I felt like my lungs were going to burst. I collapsed on the ground, breathing hard when I finished.

"I swear, he's getting harder on us every day." Zayn panted.

"Of course mate, he's trying to push us to be our best." Louis said, being his competitive self.

"Or just trying to kill us..." I added.

Louis got up and reached his hand down to me to help me up, "You riding with me or?"

"Nah, I'll just drive tonight."

We walked to the locker room, drinking water and already taking off our shirts if we hadn't already. Everyone got out of there quickly after showering, wanting to go do other things as soon as possible.

I waved to Louis and Liam goodbye, knowing that I'd see them later. I tossed my keys from hand to hand as I walked over to my black jeep. It wasn't anything special, but it wasn't a piece of crap, being in still good condition.

I threw my bag in the back and was ready to start up the jeep when I heard Jared calling to me, "Niall! Wait up!"


"You going to Ellie's now?" He asked, getting me to nod my head, "Could you give me a ride? My car is in the shop right now."

"Sure, no problem."

"Great thanks."

To be honest, I didn't really want to. But Jared wasn't a bad guy, so I really couldn't say no. And if I were to be rude or mean to Ellie's boyfriend? That's a big no, a bad idea.

We headed off to the house, blaring whatever music was on the radio -- I wasn't really paying attention to it.

I turned down the radio after a couple of minutes, "How are you and Ellie doing?" I asked, trying to start a conversation...and I was curious.

"Pretty good, I guess."

"You guess?"

He shook his head lightly, "I know that you're really good friends with her, so don't say anything, okay? To be honest, for the past couple of weeks, it just hasn't been the same lately. I don't know why, maybe we need something to send a spark through our relationship again, but I dunno. I want to fix it though."

His words made my hearing perk up, which was morally terrible. I shouldn't, no I definitely should not be happy about that at all. If Ellie's relationship failed, she would be incredibly sad about it. In any relationship, I wouldn't wish upon her to have a bad breakup, even if I never get to be with her.

I could tell somewhere within his tone that he wasn't saying something that needed to be said, but I didn't want to ask about it. I didn't want to upset him more, "Sorry about that man. I hope you guys work it out."

He nodded, "Thanks."

Later pulling up to Louis and Ellie's house, we both got out, walking inside.

"Ellie in her room?" Jared asked Louis when he saw him. He nodded his head instead of saying anything -- his mouth was full of crisps.

As Jared left, I followed Louis downstairs to where everyone else was sitting.

"Okay Liam, you're done playing Black Ops, I swear to God!" Zayn shook his head, slightly annoyed I guess? Liam did usually end up accidentally killing his teammates from time to time.


⇐ ::::::::::::::::::::::::: ⇒


"Alright guys, I gotta use the toilet." I mentioned before leaving for it. I was also kinda curious about how Jared was handling things with Ellie, if he was talking to her about it all. I hadn't heard him leave yet, so I assumed everything was going well. But I would not eavesdrop on them.

I went up the stairs to use the bathroom on the main floor, but after finding that it was currently occupied by someone else -- most likely Johanna, Louis and Ellie's mum -- I had to go use the one upstairs.

I swear I was just going straight there, I really was. But when I passed Ellie's room, I could hear that Ellie and Jared had raised their voices inside the room.

"...maybe that's just it," Jared's voice said through the door. "I didn't want to believe it, but El, you're fooling yourself."

"I do not Jared! Don't do this. Please, you're making things up that aren't true!"

"Maybe we..." I couldn't listen anymore because it wasn't any of my business, so I left to the toilet like I had originally planned.

Minutes later, after I had done what I first intended and made a pit stop in Louis's room to grab his phone, I started back. I just saw the very back of him, but I saw Jared leave down the stairs. He hadn't heard me, I knew that.

But if he was leaving now...that meant there had been no way for him to work things out with Ellie that quickly. Was she okay? Did they break up or just fighting?

I wasn't entirely sure if she would want to see me, especially after a break up or fight. She would more likely want to see Hayley over anyone else.

But what if she was hurting? Something would have to be wrong if Jared left so suddenly. So, I mustered up the courage to knock softly and open the door, "Ellie?" I opened to see her sitting cross-legged on the bed, with a tear-stained, flushed face.

"What?" She asked. What surprised me the most was that she looked like she wanted to see anyone but me.

I closed the door and stepped closer cautiously, "What happened?" I asked.

"You." She muttered.


She shook her head and turned to look out the window, "Never mind."

"Did you and Jared have a fight?" I asked softly, sitting on the be next to her after she moved her knees to her chest.

She looked over to me then lowered her eyes to her arms around her legs, "Yeah." Her voice cracked lightly then.

"Do you want to talk about it? What was is about?"

Shrugging, "It was...nothing. It was over something dumb. He's just assuming things that aren't true..."

I noticed that her breathing had slowed, so she was starting to calm down, "You going to be okay?"

Raising her face, "Niall, why am I such a screw up?" She hiccupped, tears slowing coming back to her eyes.

"Whoa! You are not a screw up! Jared didn't tell you that, did he?" I pulled her in so her head was resting on my chest. Holding her tightly, I combed my fingers through her hair.

She hiccupped again, "He didn't have to..."

"Ellie, I don't know what happened between the two of you, but it's going to be okay, I promise." I hated seeing her like this, sad and confused. She was assuming things about herself that were pretty much the opposite of the truth.

She didn't say anything for awhile, just relaxing into me, resting. Then out of nowhere, "We're taking a break now." Her voice still seemed weak. 

I didn't ask why because it wasn't any of my business, but I figured it was the distance thing that Jared was talking about earlier. Then again, what they were fighting about earlier didn't sound like it had very much to do with them feeling distance from each other lately.

"You're always helping me Niall. Whenever I need help or anything, you're always there without question, and I feel like I never return the favor to you. I'm sorry." She spoke. But this wasn't true at all. She always helped when needed it. Homework, home stuff, anything. She was there as well.

"Ellie, you do return the favor, always."

"Okay, well then I don't return equally."

"Do you want me to text Hayley for you?" I asked, thinking that she probably wanted to see her best friend at the moment.

She smiled, "No, I'll do it myself. Thanks though." She started to lightly laugh, kind of nervously, "Think about how weird it is Niall. I'm going to text my best friend to come help me because her own brother and I broke up. I kind of understand why Louis was so against me dating him in the beginning now."

I nodded, "Yeah that's strange." I said, more off-handedly than first intended. If I were to ever date Ellie and we broke up, I would never be able to come over to the house normally again. I think it's different between guys and girls though. For Ellie and Hayley, they would be fine, I was sure. But for boys, there's a protection factor, so Louis and I wouldn't ever be the same around each other again.

Eventually Hayley showed up, allowing me to go downstairs like I had originally planned, "What've you been doing for the last hour? Do you have my phone?"

I tossed Louis his phone, "Ellie and Jared broke up I guess and I heard crying coming from her room so I went to go see if she was okay. I was just helping her out for awhile."

Louis was pursing his lips, "I'm going to kill him." He grumbled.

I shook my head a raised a hand to him, "No, no need for that. She didn't sound angry at him."

He nodded, "Well thanks for helping my sister mate, I owe you one."


Ok you guys, here's a birthday present for both you and me!! I finally got past my writer's block, even though I was planning on this whole thing on happening later...but I think it all worked out pretty good! 

I'm finally 18 as of today!! I was planning on going to buy a scratch ticket (because I can buy them now) but I forgot to get one before I left town to go home, so there went that idea! (I live like 15 miles away from where I go to school)

Have awesome days today!! Love you guys :)

-Gabby xxx

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