Off Limits

Off limits: that's exactly what she is. Ellie is the sister of one of my best mates, Louis, who happens to like to take the role of being the protective older brother. But if anything, she's one of the easiest people to talk to. I can tell her anything, except for the fact that I really like her. But if I were to even attempt to go out with her, Louis would kill me. So here's my predicament: I wish I could have her, but I can't.

Copyright © 2013 -> Iridescent Artist


2. Chapter 2




Practice had been hard on my body. It was clear to me after I had gotten home and it was hard for me to take a step without feeling any slight pain in my legs. I was actually starting to wish that I had practiced or something whilst I was gone. But of course, I hadn’t. I was too busy laying by the pool and such.

I sat myself down on the floor, deciding to do some stretches. I started out by bending forward on the ground to touch my feet, feeling the pull of my leg muscles. It was all painful, but it felt good at the same time, you know? I swear it’s one of the best feelings in the world.

I finished stretching, took a hot bath and changed into some joggers, not bothering to dry my hair. I cranked up the music in my room and started on my homework. I figured that if I were to go join everyone else to play video games, I would never get my work done. I felt as though I was a procrastinator, so I would have to start right away on something.

Sitting on my bed, I turned on my laptop and found my maths book. As I waited for my computer to warm up, I realized that my neck and shoulders were still sore, maybe even worse. I groaned, using my own hands to try to get the soreness and the knots out by rubbing in the tender areas.

A knock came through my door, "Come in," I said, not stopping my neck massage.

Niall walked through the door, "Hey, uh, you forgot this in the car." He held up my orange duffel bag, then he noticed what I was doing, raising an eyebrow, "You feeling sore still?"

I nodded, frowning a little bit, "Yeah, the holiday relaxed my muscles too much, I guess."

He chuckled, "Well you look ridiculous trying to give yourself your own massage." He put the bag down next to my bookshelf and started over to me, "Just let me do it."

I complied, moving my maths book over along with myself to make room for Niall on the bed. He sat down next to me, slowly moving my damp hair away from my shoulders.

"Alright, where should I start to work my magic at?" He asked, strumming his fingers along my back.

I smiled at his silly words and shook my head, "Can you start near my shoulder blades? There's a huge knot near one of them that I can't get out."

He positioned his hands on the spot where I asked him to start, moving only once to get a small wince out of me. He chuckled at my response, only to continue on the spot.

“What have you done to yourself Ellie? This isn’t healthy!” He joked.

“I don’t know. How about next time, you go and relax for a week for me instead. Then, maybe, I wouldn’t hurt nearly as much.”

“Oh, it can’t be that bad right now.”

“Niall. I can’t stop wincing when you touch my shoulders and my back. Believe me, it’s bad.” I replied, turning my head a little bit to see him. Okay, maybe I was overreacting over my shoulders and such, but it hurt!

“You should become a masseuse.” I told him, relaxing a bit more.

“Am I really that good?” He asked.

“’re really helping out a lot right now, actually.”  But, I think that’s good, thanks.”

We sat on the bed next to each other, with our legs dangling on the side due to the bed's height. My phone buzzed next to me, with a text message on the screen.


From: Jared <3

Hi I just got home :)


I quickly text back a "hi" and a "how was practice?" text. While I wrote it out, Niall asked, "Who's that?"

I smiled, glancing up, "Jared."

Niall's own smile faltered, for what I could see, pressing into a thin line for only second, then back to a grin, “How’ve you guys been anyway?”

I shrugged, “Pretty good for the most part.

“He’s a really lucky guy, you know.” Niall spoke, breaking our silence.

I turned to him, taken aback a little by his comment, “Why would you say that?”

He looked to his hands, seeing how they were clasped together before turning back to me, shifting his weight a bit to face me some more. He bit his lip but tried to speak confidently, “For one you’re beautiful Ellie.”

I could feel myself blushing, so it was my turn to look at my hands. I tried to hide my shy smile. I honestly couldn’t believe Niall had told me that, being one of my best friends. Okay, not only a friend but a guy friend.

“And you’re smart,” He started, causing me to look back up,” and funny, and the way you wrinkle your nose when you’re upset is pretty cute.” He chuckled.

“Thanks.” I said, not really sure with myself.

“I’m serious El.” He smiled. He then stood up, only to turn around and to mess with my hair on the top of my head, "Now go dry your hair. Your mum said that food would be ready in a little bit." He walked to the door, opening it, and ready to walk out it and to the other boys in the house.

I stopped him, before he was able to close it, "Hey Niall?"

He poked his head around the corner, through the doorway, "Yeah El?"

I smiled, "Thanks...again"

He gave a crooked smile and nodded his head. Closing the door behind him, he left me to my work.

I let my mind wander back to what Niall said moments ago. It was completely unexpected for him to say something like that, complimenting me so nicely. It was actually kind of weird because he was only a friend. And even though he was one of my closest, I found it really strange.

I wasn’t sure if I was feeling my heart beating faster or something, because I was starting to feel anxious.

I got up and wandered over to my full length mirror. I wasn’t ugly, I didn’t believe anyone ever was. But, I didn’t think I was anything special either. My hair was just blonde, maybe a little honey tinted, but blonde and (despite being wet at the moment) straight. My dark blue eyes were a little larger than what most people had, which I found kind of annoying, people always commented on them if they really noticed, saying, “Oh, your eyes are so big.” They were actually exaggerating. The rest of my face was very average: the shape of it was regular with just a normal mouth and lips.

I sighed, running my fingers through my hair, not really sure with myself.

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