Mid-Summer's Dream

City girl, Brina Paige Mc'Kelly finally convinced her stubborn parents to let her go to a small town in Ireland, by herself, for the whole summer. If she likes it there, which her parents are 100% sure she will not, she could go to school there for her last year in high school. But what Brina's parents and Brina herself did not plan on happening was falling in love with Irish country boy, Edmond(Eddie) Finn Kennedy.

Romance, heartbreaks, and little old lady's?

Read to find out what happens.
Xx EmilyPaigexX


1. Hello There

To all that read this....

First off, hello.  How has your day been?

Second, I am having a brain block or know as writers block.  I have these quite often... I'll start a story then drop it.  SO on that note.... If any of you guys reading would like to pick up or co-author, Love Me, Love Me Not just let me know. 

I thought of this story idea while doing a Geography project.... Sadly, I had to redo it because my teacher said it was suppose to be a journal, not a story book.

I'll try to update as soon as I can.  But I do have school, school projects and other stuff.



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