Mid-Summer's Dream

City girl, Brina Paige Mc'Kelly finally convinced her stubborn parents to let her go to a small town in Ireland, by herself, for the whole summer. If she likes it there, which her parents are 100% sure she will not, she could go to school there for her last year in high school. But what Brina's parents and Brina herself did not plan on happening was falling in love with Irish country boy, Edmond(Eddie) Finn Kennedy.

Romance, heartbreaks, and little old lady's?

Read to find out what happens.
Xx EmilyPaigexX


2. Getting to Know the Characters

Hello my little ferries!

I had some idea's for what the characters look like.  Normally, I would encourage people to image their own characters to fit their personalities (the characters) but since Brina is based off of me.... So the person playing Brina is.....drum role please... is Emma Watson!! Eddie is played either by Hunter Hayes or Jake Abel...

Let me know which guy you like better with her.


Getting to know the characters:

Brina Paige Mc'Kelly- 17, city girl, shy, rich, senior in high school, animal lover, always loved the outdoors

Edmond (Eddie) Finn Kennedy-18, country boy, out going, middle class, home schooled, animal lover

Maura Kennedy- Mother of Eddie, little old lady, says what she's thinking, widowed (Betty White)

Kayla- 17, snobby, rich(but not as rich as Brina), thinks she is better than every other girl, wants Eddie (Ashley Benson)

Kenneth Mc'Kelly-Father of Brina, business man, stubborn (Leonardo Dicaprio)

Emily Mc'Kelly-Mother of Brina, house wife, sweet, understanding (Anne Hathaway)



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