Mid-Summer's Dream

City girl, Brina Paige Mc'Kelly finally convinced her stubborn parents to let her go to a small town in Ireland, by herself, for the whole summer. If she likes it there, which her parents are 100% sure she will not, she could go to school there for her last year in high school. But what Brina's parents and Brina herself did not plan on happening was falling in love with Irish country boy, Edmond(Eddie) Finn Kennedy.

Romance, heartbreaks, and little old lady's?

Read to find out what happens.
Xx EmilyPaigexX


3. 1) Daddy Love Me



"But... But it's not fair!" I screamed as I ran past my dad.  My parents thought I would run into my room, they were wrong.  I hid behind the stair wall to listen to my parents.

"Richard...I think we should let her go... It will be good for her.  She can meet new people, get new friends.  Really it would be good."  YA! Mom to the rescue.

"Yes, she will meet new people, but then when she comes back for the school year she will leave them all behind."

"Richard... Why won't you just let her go to school there?"

"I... I don't want my baby leaving...." My dad said awkwardly.. AW!! He didn't want me to leave! I just stand the worry of a parent, but can't they or more like my dad see that I'm not happy here.  I have no friends, the cloest thing to a friend is my math teacher.

"Fine... I'll let her go but if she doesn't like there," he said, "which she will, she comes back here for the school year." My dad said extra loud.  I guess he knew I was listening.... Oh well, I WAS GOING TO IRELAND!!!


"Yes, yes dear.  But I am willing to bet you hate it there." Wow, my dad bet on something.  He never bets.

I looked over to my mom and she was just smiling.

*At the ariport*

"Okay, baby girl.  Just call if you need more money in your account or if you want to leave the place."

"Okay dad.  But I'm pretty sure I will like it there for at least two weeks."

"Fine, but your plane is loading. Go. Be safe. Have fun."

"Thanks daddy. Bye mom."

"Bye sweet heart." my mom called out as I was bording the plane and making my way to my first class seat.  My dad may not approve of me going to Ireland but he always makes sure I'm treated like a princess; he always said I was meant to be one.

My father come from a long line of royalty but his mom left and moved to California to have a normal life.  Just like I want.  So tecancially I am a princess.  By dad would be a king, making my grandmother a queen before she left.   But what my dad couldn't see is why his mom left the royal life, just like he doesn't understand why I want to leave... I want to live a simiply, normal, or somewhat normal, because I will be living in an old castal, life for at least once.  And that's why I am moving to Ireland and leaving sunny California behind.

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