Mr. Know-It-All. (1D FanFiction)

Andrea Sotelo is your normal 19 year old girl. Except, with a little bonus. She has the looks. She has the money. She has the house. She has the car. But the thing is, she doesnt have Mr. Perfect just yet. When she scores a job as Zayn Malik's personal assistant she thought it was a miracle since she had a crush on him cos well, he's just simply perfect. They end up as a happy couple, but when something comes and Andrea was forced to work at America, everything was less perfect. Especially when Andrea heard something that crushed her. When she comes back home to visit Zayn, she sees something she wish she never saw. Years later Andrea had a new and better job at America, and when Modest! company comes to her and asks her for help, she helps them right away. And when the two meet again, let's say it didnt turn out very well. Join Andrea as she takes this bumpy ride that Zayn makes her ride. And the crazy ride Andrea makes Zayn ride.


1. First Day Of Work.

Andrea's Outfit ----->

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I sat up on my bed and thought "What a wonderful day" Yeah, okay, its monday, whatever. But to me, this really is a wonderful day. Why? You ask? Well, today I going to be working for THE Zayn Malik! Im gonna be his personal assistant! Yup, I Know I have money, but I have nothing to do really. And plus Zayn is HOTTT. I looked to my left to see my Zayn Malik posters. "Just a little bit more babe." I talk to my posters, so what? Every girl does it, wink wink. Anyways. I stood up, my feet hitting the carpeted floor. I ran to my bathroom which was connected to my room and stripped off my clothes. I Hopped in the shower and took a 15 minutes shower. I got out and dried myself, then my hair, putting it onto a bun thingy with a braid on the side. I walked in my walk in closet and got some white tank top that had a cross on it, some black leather jeans, a cropped leather jacket, some combat boots, and also picked up some black scarf with skulls on it. I slipped into what I picked and looked in the mirror. It was missing something.... I looked in my accessories closet, yes a closet for accessories I love accessories, I picked some flower headband and put it on. I walked back to the mirror and was impressed with what I put on. Wow, I actually look kinda pretty. Sike. I put on my usual pink lipgloss and looked in the mirror again. Nice. I Grabbed my keys and my phone and headed off to my car. I drove for about 15 minutes til I arrived at the company thing. I walked in and hopped in the elevator. While it was closing, someone blocked it and came in. They pressed the same floor I was supposed to press and as soon as they turned around my eyes widened. ITS ZAYN FRIGGIN MALIK! I Tried not to scream and just took in his appearance. "Who are you?" He asked me. "Excuse me?" "I Said who are you?" He repeated. "Andrea Sotelo" I told him. "I Meant why are you here." "I Work for you now" "Ohh" He mumbled.Once we got to the floor We both hopped off. "Follow me" He demanded. I did as he said and we walked into his .. Office? "Get me some tea" He ordered me. I nodded and smiled then took off. I started to make Zayns tea when three people came in. I turned to see a girl and two boys. They seemed nice. "Oh, hey! You must be the new girl!" One of the guys said. "My name's John Rae, but you can call me tonight" He joked me. I chuckled at his pick up line. "My name's Andrea" I introduced myself. He smiled and the other guy came. "My name's Carlo, sorry for my retard friend." He held out his hand and I grasped it. "Andrea" I said. "Im Zoila!" the girl said. I smiled at her and said my name again. "so you working for Zayn? I used to work for him. Tsk tsk, that guy is too much too handle" Zoila told me. I chuckled and went back to making Zayns tea. After I was done I decided to make a note and stick it on Zayns tea. It read; There's Always Sunshine After The Rain =). 

I Went back to Zayn's office and set it down on the table beside him. I stood there and smiled at him. He smiled at me sarcastically which probably meant he wanted me to leave. I did as he pleased and went back to the snack room and just sat on the chair. It was silent until I heard footsteps coming. I saw Zayn come through the door way and I swear, my heart was beeping 149271730497230947 beats per second! I stood up to help him wash the cup he drank from but all of a sudden he turned while I bumped hard to him. The remains of the tea got onto his shirt. "shit" He muttered. He took off his shirt showing his perfectly toned body. "Like what you see?" He winked. I rolled my eyes. "Noo" I lied. But Inside I really did. Seductive wink time. ;). I walked to the sink and got him some paper towels. "Im gonna go to the loo" I announced. He nodded. "Lock the door." He demanded. My eyes widened. "W-What?" I stuttered. He was really fast at this relationship! I didnt even know we had a relationship! "Lock. The. Door" He said again. "B-But.... Here?" I managed to choke out. "Lock the door when you leave" He specifically said. I sighed in relief. He shook his head "tsk tsk" I went to the door and locked it behind me. This is just a great first day of work! 




That sucked but tune in for more :) !! X Lotsa Loveeee <3



Appreciation Thursday ;

*Happiness Isnt Getting All You Want, It's Enjoying All You Have. <333333

-Dont Give Up, Keep Swimming <333 

+Life Is An Uphill Battle, But Just Stay Strong. We Can Get Through This Together. <33333

^Life Is Tough, We Just Gotta Be Tougher Than It. <33333

@Things Will Get Better, I Promise <333

#Live Life To The Fullest. Dont Let B%!#&!@ Hold You Down <3333

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