The boy next door (Louis Tomlinson fanfic)

Kyleigh is running from her Ex boyfriend James. He hits her and she is tired of it. Thats when Louis comes into her life.

She was walking down the street coming home from meeting up with James to tell him off, but he got physical. So when Louis saw her arms, He got protective of her. Will they stay together or will James ruin everything.


25. the scare

I sat there on Louis bed just thinking. I don’t know what to do. I need to get ahold of Amber or Abby, I got my phone out of my pocket and texted them both. I just had to make it a group message.


(K-Ky Am-Amber Ab-Abby)

K- Hey Amber, Abby. I need both of your help on something. Really important.

Am- Sure, whats up?


K- Ok, so. You know about the James thing? Well he took me like 5 days ago and the boys rescued me. But Louis hasn’t been the same since they got me. Any ideas?

Ab-Well, maybe he is scared to touch you because you might flip. You told him all about James. So maybe he thinks something worse happened other than what you told him, and he is scared to find out.

Am- I agree with Abby. Maybe if you tell him what really happened, and don’t leave anything out, he will go back to his normal hyper self.

K- Thanks girlys. I’ll get him up here right now and tell him.

Ab- good luck

Am- good luck girly

I laughed at Amber’s last text, these girls know how to give some good advice. “Louis, can you come up here. I need to talk to you.” I called down to him. I waited for five minutes, he never came up. I got scared, what if James broke in and I just wasn’t paying attention. No, Josh would have come up here looking for me.


“Miss me?” I heard the low voice that could only belong to one person. James. I slowly turned around, but didn’t see him. I looked around the room. Still couldn’t find him. I was freaking out by the time I reached the door. I looked around the corner. I knew if someone would come out I would pee my pants. Because this is not funny. Nothing about James is funny. Why does this always have to happen with me. I turned the corner and I saw Harry’s body laying there. Oh my god. I ran for him and turned him over. He wasn’t moving. My eyes went so wide, I couldn’t move. Next thing I know all the boy’s including Harry jump out and up and it makes me fall back. I sit there not moving.


My eyes are so wide at this point. I feel like crying. I really thought James killed Harry for saving me. “I really thought James killed you!” I yelled in their faces and ran for the door. I don’t care if James finds me and kills me. After what the boys did. “Ky!” I heard all the boys yelling for me. I ran down the street and down some random ones. I came to an ally way and got trapped. So I sat on the ground till someone came up to me. “Why hello there, Long time no see.”

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