The boy next door (Louis Tomlinson fanfic)

Kyleigh is running from her Ex boyfriend James. He hits her and she is tired of it. Thats when Louis comes into her life.

She was walking down the street coming home from meeting up with James to tell him off, but he got physical. So when Louis saw her arms, He got protective of her. Will they stay together or will James ruin everything.


23. rescued by my hot bf



 I just want Ky to be safe, I just want her in my arms again. “We will find her Louis, we promise.” I looked at all the boys and just gave them a fake smile. “Mate, look. We will find her even if we have to stop recording and doing photo shoots just to find her. We won’t let anyone get away with this.” Liam was telling me, trying to get me to smile. I love these boys, but nothing will make me smile until I know Ky is okay. “Boys, I won’t smile until we have Ky back.” And just then my phone went off, I picked it up and looked at it. After I read it, I read it aloud for the boys to hear. “Don’t call the police like you did back 5 months ago, or we will have some major trouble with your girl. Have fun on your scavenger hunt boys ~ J.” Who the hell is J and why the hell dose he have Ky.


 “Wait 5 months ago, we put her ex in jail for abuse to her. What the hell was his name!” Harry is off cursing again, he is really upset about this. God I feel bad for him. “Wait, J. Her ex was named James. What does he want from us?” “I don’t know, but I am going to find Ky if its the last thing I do.” I walked out of the room and to her house, I went up to her room and looked for what I needed. Her diary. I know I shouldn’t look though it, but I have to to know where to find her. I went to the first page and found James last name.


 I looked though the phone book and found where I needed to go. I ran back over to the house and told the boys the plan. “Boys, look I found her diary and found out James’s last name. Then I found where he lives and I think that is where Ky is. We need to go find her NOW. I can’t live without her, I really mean that. She is my world, lets go!” I told the boys. I ran out to the van and jumped in. “You boys coming or what?!” I called to the boys, I saw them run out and they jumped into the van. I drove to the house and looked though a window and saw a basement with Ky in there.


 I knocked on the window and saw her look around, she isn’t tied up like I expected. I knocked on the window again and she looked over to the window and saw me. I waved her over to the window, but she didn’t move. She kept shaking her head no. “What’s going on?” Harry asked me trying to see what’s going on. “She wont come to the window.” I told the boys. Harry moved me aside and tried to get her to come to the window. She just would not come.




 I watched as the boys tried to get me to go to the window, I knew if I did James would come in. I wanted to go to the window and see Louis but James would come in. He always knew when other guys were around me. I’m so scared that they will get hurt. I watched as Louis looked at his phone and you could see the deviation on his face. He put his phone in his pocket and looked at me though the window, he mouthed the words; “Please Ky, come to the window, I need you, I can’t liv without you. You are my everything. I can’t live with myself if I knew you were hurt and if I knew he is the one that hurt you because I felt you all alone. Please.” I had tears in my eyes. Thank god I know how to open the window without making a sound. I ran to the window and threw it open. Louis gave me his hand and I climbed out as fast as I could. Right as I was about to close the window in ran James. “Fuck.” I said under my breath.


“You little slut get your ass back inside this house if you know what is good for you!” He screamed out the window, thank god I know the neighbors and they know the situation. Its wonderful how they have their windows open and I could hear them on the phone with the police. I moved down the street from my old house because of James. Look where dating him got me. Locked in a basement, but got rescued by my hot boyfriend and his best mates. I am thankful for them and not giving up. “How long have I been down there?” I asked the boys once we got into the van. “Um, 5 days.” Louis told me. Damn, I have been down there long time, it felt like forever before someone got me.


 Louis put his arm around me and I flinched. “Babe, what did he do to you?” Louis asked once we got to his house. Liam parked the van in the garage so James wouldn’t find us. “I’ll tell you once we get upstairs.” I told him and looked into his eyes. “Fine, but I want to know everything he did. You don’t have to go into detail with it, but I want to know.” Louis told me, I looked up at him and had tears in my eyes. We walked up the stair and got into his room. “Now, tell me what he did to you Ky.” Louis said as he was closing the door. “Okay...... James........ He, he.......”

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