The boy next door (Louis Tomlinson fanfic)

Kyleigh is running from her Ex boyfriend James. He hits her and she is tired of it. Thats when Louis comes into her life.

She was walking down the street coming home from meeting up with James to tell him off, but he got physical. So when Louis saw her arms, He got protective of her. Will they stay together or will James ruin everything.


39. not a chapter

Ok, so I know I have a lot of authors notes and the chapters are scattered, but I am trying on that. But on a good note, I'm in a really good mood and no one can bring me down. I hope everyone likes this so far. So what do you all think about James coming back, What about El, who do you think will win this little war. El or Ky. Comment you team El or team Ky!


I would also like to see this book move up in the popular page (: I love where it is at now, It almost been a year since I started to write this book. dang that is a long time.... Ok so I have to finish getting ready for school, but for all of you that read this and love it i'm going to be updating this weekend!


Have a wonderful day my people! (:

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