The boy next door (Louis Tomlinson fanfic)

Kyleigh is running from her Ex boyfriend James. He hits her and she is tired of it. Thats when Louis comes into her life.

She was walking down the street coming home from meeting up with James to tell him off, but he got physical. So when Louis saw her arms, He got protective of her. Will they stay together or will James ruin everything.


9. movie night



I got home and I was about to take a nap, then my doorbell rang. Ugh, I wonder who this can be. As I was walking to the door I saw that it was only 6pm. Well, this day needs to go by faster. I got to the door and looked out the pep hole. Damn I love these things, they help a lot when I'm trying to stay away from people. I finally saw who it was and it was Louis. Well this is going to be fun to see what he wants. I opened the door and there he stood. "Hello love, I was wondering if you wanted to come over to my house with me and the boys and have a movie night. Any movie you want." "Well, okay, i'll come over for one movie. Lets watch something Disney!" I exclaim. He looked at me with a big smile on his face. He took my hand and led me across my front lawn and onto his. I wonder if he knows that Niall was talking to me the whole time we were at the park. Oh well, that was earlier today. We got into his house and I saw all the boys on the couches, they left the love seat for us. How sweet of them. I wanted the couch to sleep on. Damn, oh well. Better luck next time. "Zayn, put in a Disney movie please." I said nicely. "Sure babez" I looked at Louis and he had that look on his face that said "Back the hell off, shes my girl" Zayn didn't need Louis to say anything, he got the look and what it meant.


As the movie started Harry turned off the lights. Looks like Louis was getting comfy because he laid down and put me on top of his chest. Louis started to play with my hair, I looked down to see him smiling. "What?" I ask him, but he says nothing just pulls me closer and tightens his grip around my small fram. The first movie ended and Zayn put in the other movie in. I started to fall asleep. "Its ok, you can go to sleep if you want to." Louis told me. That was the last thing I heard, his voice was the last thing I heard. God I love his voice. 



A few minutes after the second movie started I heard Kyleighs quite snores. She is so cute and she is all mine. I'm so glad I have her. She is the most gorgeous girl I have ever laid eyes on. I didn't want her to sleep here on the love seat so I told the boys that I was going to go lay Kyleigh down in my bed and come back down. I picked her up and went to go upstairs, when her phone went off. I decided to leave it. Her mum and dad knows where she is. I called them before I got her. It has to be one of her friends. So I just leave it be.


I set her down on the bed and take off her shoes and pull the covers over her. I went to walk out the door when I heard Kyleigh say something. "Don't leave me, I'm scared that he might find me and hurt me, please don't leave me alone." "I would never leave you Kyleigh, I was just going downstairs to tell the boys that i'm going to bed. I'll be right back up, promise." With that I went down the stairs to see the boys crashed on the floor. Okay looks like I don't have to tell them. I went back up the stair to see Kyleigh laying on the bed fast asleep. She looks so peaceful. God I think i'm in love with this girl.

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