The boy next door (Louis Tomlinson fanfic)

Kyleigh is running from her Ex boyfriend James. He hits her and she is tired of it. Thats when Louis comes into her life.

She was walking down the street coming home from meeting up with James to tell him off, but he got physical. So when Louis saw her arms, He got protective of her. Will they stay together or will James ruin everything.


6. Hes back



We got to school finally. I went to open my door and I heard Louis yell... “NO! I GOT IT!” “Ok, ok.” I put my hands up in surrender and laughing. He ran around the front of the car and pulled my door open. “Here you are babe.” “Why thank you babe.” Once I got out of the car he grabbed my books and grabbed my hand. We walked into the school holding hands. “Ky, I see you have a boyfriend finally. Looks like he is in the group now.” Jack said, he looked kind of depressed. “Jack it looks like you can’t tell her now.” I heard Abby tell Jack. Tell how what? God I wanna know now. But I’m not gonna be all nosey. I’m not like that. Who am I kidding I’m totally like that. I look at Jack and Abby and say “Who can’t Jack tell?” “Ohh, nothing don’t worry Ky.” Abby said. “Ok then. Who wants to do something tonight?” “ME!” They all screamed. Well that settles it then. “Ok, my house 8 o'clock, movie night.” I told them. “Louis, your coming also?” I asked him. “Of course babe. Why wouldn’t I?” “I don’t know.” I told him honestly. The bell rang and we had to go to class. I have one class with Louis and Amber. We start to walk to Mr. Hill when I get a text from James.


 “Hey babe, normal place park no one this time, got it.”


“Do I have a choice?”


 “You know the answer.”


With that said I locked my phone. God do I want him to leave me the hell alone. “Who was texting you?” Louis asked. “Um...” “Ky, tell me now.” He demanded. Amber looks at me and says with worry in her voice. “Was it James?” I hesitate by say “Yes.” “Thats it. I’m done with this guy. I’m going with you tonight and I’m telling him to quite texting you or I’m having four of my friends from my old school come down here and helping me with this guy.” I looked at him and he wasn’t joking. He was serious. “You don’t have to.” I tell him. “Its my job, I’m your boyfriend not him. You don’t have to listen to him.” I look at Amber for help on this one for explaining. “Actually, Louis is right. If he tries anything you can go to the police with it.” “Amber you know I can’t do that. You know how dangerous he is. He can try anything and if I go to the police I get hurt.” Thats when Louis exploded. “HE WILL NEVER LAY A HAND ON YOU. Got it. I won’t let it happen. If it does then I will get ahold of him with my other friends.” “Ok, but I don’t like this.” We reached class and took our seats just as the bell rang.




What is up with this guy and trying to get back with Ky when she doesn’t want him back. He has hurt her so much that its not even funny. I barely know the guy and I hate him for what he did to her. I will never let her go see him alone ever again. I hate that I know I won’t be able to protect her at all times. But I am surely going to try. I’m not going to let him hurt he again. If he does we are going to the police. I don’t care if I have to bring all my friends. That reminds me....


“Hey Harry. Tell the boys to meet me at the park down the street from my new house.”


“Hey Lou! And may I ask....Y”


“U know I’m dating this girl named Kyleigh. Well her ex boyfriend won’t leave her alone and if I have anything to do about this I need all of your help.”


 “K Lou! Telling them now..... Be there soon”


 “Bye Hazza!”


“Bye Lou!”


 I was walking with Ky to the park when all of a sudden we heard someone walking behind us.

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