The boy next door (Louis Tomlinson fanfic)

Kyleigh is running from her Ex boyfriend James. He hits her and she is tired of it. Thats when Louis comes into her life.

She was walking down the street coming home from meeting up with James to tell him off, but he got physical. So when Louis saw her arms, He got protective of her. Will they stay together or will James ruin everything.


16. first real date



 I went home to make reservations for 8 o’clock at this new Italian restaurant. I told Ky to look nice. So I better get ready my self. I went to go take a quick shower. When I got out I dried off and went to my closet. I found my favorite red chinos and my favorite blue and white stripped shirt. I found my white TOMS. I messed up my hair a little bit. Looked in the mirror and I was good to go. I looked at the time and saw that it was only 6:30. Half an hour. Looks like I can chill and think about the date. I went over everything that I was going to say and what I was hoping that would happen. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 7. Yes I get to go get Ky.




I got home and ran for the bathroom. Thank god I am an only child. I get the bathroom to my self. I jumped in the shower with my music on, and MINE came on by Taylor Swift. So I started singing the lyrics..............


 Uh oh oh Uh oh oh


You were in college working part time waitin’ tables Left a small town,


 never looked back I was a flight risk with a fear of fallin’


Wondering why we bother with love if it never lasts


I say "Can you believe it? As we’re lying on the couch?"


The moment I can see it.


Yes, yes, I can see it now


 Do you remember, we were sitting there by the water?


 You put your arm around me for the first time.


You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter.


You are the best thing that’s ever been mine


 Flash forward and we’re taking on the world together,


 And there’s a drawer of my things at your place.


You learn my secrets and you figure out why I’m guarded,


 You say we’ll never make my parents’ mistakes


 But we got bills to pay, We got nothing figured out,


When it was hard to take,


 Yes, yes, this is what I thought about


 Do you remember, we were sitting there, by the water?


 You put your arm around me for the first time


 You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter


You are the best thing that’s ever been mine


Do you remember all the city lights on the water?


You saw me start to believe for the first time


You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter


 You are the best thing that’s ever been mine


Oh, oh, oh, oh


 And I remember that fight Two-thirty AM As everything was slipping right out of our hands I ran out crying and you followed me out into the street


 Braced myself for the "Goodbye"


‘Cause that’s all I’ve ever known


Then you took me by surprise


You said, "I’ll never leave you alone."


 You said, "I remember how we felt sitting by the water And every time I look at you, it’s like the first time I fell in love with a careless man’s careful daughter


 She is the best thing that’s ever been mine."


 Hold on, make it last Hold on, never turn back


You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter


You are the best thing that’s ever been mine.


 (Hold on) do you believe it?


(Hold on) we're gonna make it now.


(Hold on) and I can see it,


(Yes, yes) I can see it now


(see it now, see it now...)


 I jumped out of the shower and dried off, then I ran to my room and found what I was wearing tonight. Louis said fancy so I picked out a nice outfit. I’m not a dress person, but I have like 2. So I picked my dark blue one it was strapless and it had sparkles. I found my black 4 inch heals. I did my make up natural with concealer, pink blush, chap stick, smoky eye shadow, and little bit eye liner. Then I made my hair look wavy and little curly.


 As I finished my doorbell rang. Wow, its already 7. I took along time to get ready this time. I grabbed my phone, purse, and little black jacket. I ran for the door, impressive in heals I must say. And opened it to see a really cute Louis standing there with flowers. “Hey babe, you look amazing.” He told me while handing me the flowers. “Awe, thanks babe. You don‘t look bad yourself. Let me put these in some water and we can go.” I kissed him on the cheek and went to go put the flowers in a vase.




 I walked up to Ky’s door and waited for her to open the door. I stood there for a good maybe little under 3 minutes and she opened the door. Wow, Kyleigh looks stunning. She is so beautiful. Damn and she is mine. How the hell did I get so lucky. “Ready to go babe?” Ky asked me. I must have zoned out. “Yep, lets go have fun.” I told her. After dinner I’m taking her clubbing. This is going to be a great date.




“Want something to drink babe?” I yelled over the music to Ky. “Sure.” “I’ll be right back.” I walked over to the bar and got me and Kyleigh something to drink. When I walked back to the table she wasn’t there. Where the hell did she go. I set the drinks down and went to look for her. I saw he pushed up against the wall a with some stranger. But I saw something that I knew that she didn’t want me to see.


 I walked over to her and pulled the guy off of her. I was so mad right now. “Hey buddy get off of my girl.” This guy told me. “She isn’t your girl, she’s mine. Now leave her alone.” I looked at Ky and I saw fear in her eyes. So I mouthed to her, “Its going to be ok.” I put my hand on her arm and took her away from the guy. “Hey. Get your ass back over here. This isn’t over yet.” He grabbed my arm, that pissed me off even more. “It is finished.” I punched the guy, grabbed Kyleigh’s hand and left the place.


 I walked to the car and didn’t say anything to Kyleigh on the way home. I was so pissed off, not at her. But at that guy that did that to her. She is to scared. I grabbed her hand while we were driving and she jumped. I had to say something to her. “Kyleigh.” She didn’t look at me, she didn’t say one word. “Kyleigh, look at me please.” I was begging her by this point. “Kyleigh, please, look at me.” I pulled into the driveway and she didn’t move. “Kyleigh, you look like you saw James.” Thats when she looked at me.


 “That was James.” I looked at her with complete shock. It all makes sense now. “You are staying here. I’ll give you one of my shirts to sleep in and you can wear some on my clothes tomorrow. I’m not letting you out of my sight. Got it?” I asked her. She shook her head yes and we walked inside. I looked around the front yard to make sure James didn’t follow us, and locked every door and window in the house.

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