The boy next door (Louis Tomlinson fanfic)

Kyleigh is running from her Ex boyfriend James. He hits her and she is tired of it. Thats when Louis comes into her life.

She was walking down the street coming home from meeting up with James to tell him off, but he got physical. So when Louis saw her arms, He got protective of her. Will they stay together or will James ruin everything.


19. dinner, double team, kisses



 “Simon, he signed us babe!” Louis practically yelled. I was so shocked, I mean they are really good, but when I think of it. I think it has more to do with Demi. But I didn’t want him to think I’m jealous. I mean... never mind. “That’s great. I’m so proud of you and the boys.” I hugged Louis, and he hugged me tight. “Just promise no girl will get between us.” Louis pulled away and looked at me. “I’m kidding!” I started laughing. He looked like he was about to say something but the front door opened. “Louis, what room we going to!” Yelled the bradford accented boy. “Family room!” Louis yelled back. “You boys have to much energy.” I told him, he just looked at me and kissed me.


 “This is nothing babe.” Me and Louis walked into the family room to find a smirk on Harry’s face. “So, what movie are we going to watch tonight?” Niall asked. For once this boy didn’t ask for food, what is up with him? “How about we go out to dinner instead?” Liam asked us. We all looked at each other and thought about it. “Why not. I think that’s a great idea. That way we aren’t all cooped up in a house all night.” I told the boys. They all looked at me and smiled. “Did you tell her why we are celebrating?” Harry asked Lou. “Yes I did. She is proud of all of us.” Lou walked over and kissed me again.


I can’t get enough of this. We arrived at the restaurant and got seated right away. I looked over the menu and had trouble deciding on what to get. “Hey Louis, what are you getting?” “Not sure yet, Niall?” “What?” Our little Irish lad asked us. “What are you going to get mate?” Louis asked him. “Oh, the chicken parmesan.” “That sounds really good. I think I will get that also.” I looked over all the boys. Lou was sitting next to me, Niall next to Lou. Liam next to Niall, Zayn by Liam, Harry by me and Zayn. I felt hands on both of my legs, Lou I was use to, I swatted Harry’s hand away from my leg.


 He looked at me with the evil eye, and whispered to me. “Remember me and all the boys are staying at Louis tonight.” I looked at him with the “You wouldn’t” face and he just gave me a look that said that he wasn’t kidding.




 I saw Harry whisper to Ky and it made me wanna know what they are talking about. Then I saw him give her his I’m not joking look. What the hell were they talking about. Ky turned away from Harry, this is my chance to ask her what they were walking about. “What were you and Harry talking about love?” “I told him to keep his little hands to himself and he told me that the boys are staying at your house tonight.” She said that with no problem. “What do you mean you told him to keep his hands to himself?” I asked her while looking over her to Harry.


 “All he did was have his hand on my knee, little below my knee, like right here.” She turned to me and showed me. “Oh.” was all I could say. I feel really stupid now. But ever since the Jack and James things I can’t help but worry that someone will try to steal Ky from me. I looked at Ky in the eyes, I have to say this in front of the boys. They know how I feel about this girl. I have to tell her how much I care and love her. That no one will come between us, that my job will be second to me, she will be first. She is my everything. And I want to show her that.


 “Ky, I love you more than anything in the world. I already know I will love you more than my job. I was going to give you this later but, I’m doing it now in front of the boys. Ky you are everything to me, you will always be first. I promise you that. No one will get in the way of us. I mean no one.” She looked like she was about to cry. I reached into my pocket and got the box that contains the neckless inside it. When I opened it and put it on her, she was in tears. “It’s beautiful.” She sobbed into my shirt and just hugged me really tight. When she let go I kissed her.


 “I love you Lou.” “I love you too Ky.” I kissed her one more time and the food arrived. We got back to the house and just crashed. Me and Ky went up to my room to get blankets and pillows to crash on the floor with the boys. When we got back down there they were already fast asleep on the floor, and couch. They left the love seat for us. So I thew pillows and blankets on top of them and got comfy on the love seat. I patted my lap for Ky and she sat down. We both got comfy and fell asleep.


 ------------------------------------------------------NEXT DAY-----------------------------------------------------------


 “Ky wake up, lets pull a prank on the boys.” I told her. She sprang awake and got up, she went to the kitchen and I followed and put my arms around her wast from behind. “What you thinking babe?” I asked her. “Lets get whipped cream spray them and then hide and have your nerf guns and shoot them when they come looking for us.” I looked at her and just kissed her. “That’s great babe, you get the whipped cream and I’ll get the nerf guns.” I ran upstairs for the guns. I came back down to find Ky with a chocolate bottle and whipped cream.


 “I found this also.” She whispered, I looked at her amazed that she could think of this and she just woke up. We just finished and the boys were waking up. We grabbed the nerf guns and ran. I got Harry and Niall. Ky got Zayn and Liam. Ky got chocolate in Zayn’s and Liam’s hair, I didn’t think of that. Zayn is going to kill her.


“WHAT THE HELL IS IN MY HAIR!” Zayn yelled. I heard someone running for our hiding place. Oh god, they already got us. We are outside, I’m not in my usual hiding place though. “WHO PUT CHOCOLATE IN MY FUCKING HAIR!” We heard Zayn yell again. I’m trying my best not to laugh, but oh god this is so funny. I started laughing and all the boys ran outside. Me and Ky were dying laughing on the ground.


 “Which one put the chocolate in my hair?!” Zayn demeaned. Ky raised her hand, she don’t know what trouble she just got herself in. “I’m going to kill you!” Zayn walked up to her. Her eyes went wide and ran for it. KYLEIGHS P.O.V I ran for the house and decided last minute to go for my house. So I took a sharp turn and stayed on my feel, so did Zayn. He is right behind me, Damn a door. I ran around my back yard and kinda slipped but caught my self.


 “Get your bum over here so I can get even.” He told me. “No, not how it works with me.” And I kept running. “Your just as bad as Louis, get your little bum over here.” “Not until you take back that I have a little bum and say that its nice.” I say and Louis and all the boys are dying of laughter. “Fine, your bum is nice. But I’m still gonna kill you!” “Gotta catch me first!” I yell behind me. Damn I’m getting tired.


 I feel two strong arms go around me and I squeal. “Now its time for pay back.” Zayn whispered into my ear. He wiped the chocolate from his hair onto my face and into my hair. “EWWWW ZAYN QUIT!” I yell at him and laughing at the same time. “No this is fun.” Zayn finally put me down but didn’t let me go. “Now don’t ever put chocolate in my hair again.” “Fine.” I walked into Louis house to take a shower.


 When I got out and went to his room to steal clothes, I saw Zayn topless. I covered my eyes and tried to go back into the bathroom. “Oh hey Ky, I’m almost done, you can turn around, its fine.” I turned around to see him putting a shirt on. I walked over to Louis dresser and got some clothes and went to the closet, but before I could get into the closet Zayn pulled me back and told me, “I liked you from the minute I saw you at the park. You should be with me.” And he kissed me.

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